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Count Answer
1 1944 American film noir directed by Otto Preminger
2 1944 film noir by Preminger
3 1944 Gene Tierney classic
4 1944 Gene Tierney film
5 1944 Gene Tierney movie
6 1944 murder mystery directed by Otto Preminger
7 1944 mystery film
8 1944 Otto Preminger film
9 1944 Preminger film
10 1944 Preminger movie
11 1944 Preminger suspense film
12 1978 Menudo album
13 2000s first lady Bush
14 21st century First Lady
15 __ Ashley, Welsh fashion and textile designer, d. 1985
16 __ Ingalls Wilder
17 ___ Ingalls Wilder, author of "Little House on the Prairie"
18 ___ Ingalls Wilder
19 ___ Kelly, Democratic governor of Kansas starting in 2019
20 ___ Palmer ("Twin Peaks" victim)
21 Barbara and Jenna's mom
22 ____ Secord
23 Beloved of Petrarch
24 Beppo's wife
25 Ashley of fashion fame
26 Ashley of fashion
27 Ashley or Dern
28 Ashley or Hobson
29 Ashley the designer
30 Actress Dern of "Twin Peaks"
31 Actress Dern who was announced to have a role in the next "Star Wars" movie
32 Actress Dern
33 Actress Innes
34 Actress Linney in "Kinsey"
35 Actress Linney of "The Big C"
36 Actress Linney of "The Truman Show"
37 Actress Linney who won her fourth Emmy in 2013 for "The Big C: Hereafter"
38 Actress Linney
39 Actress Prepon of "That '70s Show"
40 Actress Prepon
41 Actress San Giacomo
42 Advice-giving "Dr." of radio
43 Author __ Lee Hope
44 Author ___ Ingalls Wilder
45 Author ____ Ingalls Wilder
46 Author Esquivel
47 Author Hillenbrand
48 Author Hobson
49 Author Ingalls Wilder
50 Authoress Libbey.
51 "Blue Velvet" actress Dern
52 Four-time Emmy winner Linney
53 Hillary follower
54 Hillary preceded her
55 Hillary's successor as first lady
56 Hillary's successor
57 Dubya's mate
58 Dubya's spouse
59 Dubya's wife
60 Daughter-in-law of Barbara Bush
61 Daughter in "The Glass Menagerie"
62 Early Preminger film
63 Eddie's sister on "Family Matters"
64 "Guardians of the Galaxy" actress Haddock who's expecting a second child with husband Sam Claflin
65 Dern in ''Jurassic Park''
66 Dern of "Big Little Lies"
67 Dern of "Blue Velvet"
68 Dern of film
69 Dern of films
70 Dern of films
71 Dern of Hollywood
72 Dern of "Jurassic Park"
73 Dern of "Marriage Story"
74 Dern of TV and film
75 Dern of TV and films
76 Dern or Linney
77 Designer Ashley
78 Conservative commentator Ingraham
79 Bruce's daughter
80 Film noir classic
81 Children's author Numeroff
82 Gene Tierney role
83 Gene Tierney title role, 1944
84 Gene Tierney title role of 1944
85 Gene Tierney title role
86 First lady after Hillary
87 First lady before Michelle
88 First Lady between Hillary and Michelle
89 First lady Bush
90 First lady from Texas
91 First lady prior to Michelle
92 Bush in the Rose Garden, once
93 Bush in the Rose Garden?
94 Bush who promoted literacy
95 Bush who wrote "Spoken From the Heart"
96 Bush with the memoir "Spoken From the Heart"
97 Bush with twin daughters
98 First name among first ladies
99 Christopher Cross "Think of ___"
100 First name of George W. Bush's wife
101 George W.'s first lady
102 George W.'s wife
103 George's First Lady
104 "If You Give a Pig a Pancake" author Numeroff
105 "If You Take a Mouse to the Movies" author Numeroff
106 Classic 1944 mystery film
107 Classic 1944 Otto Preminger film noir
108 Classic mystery film
109 Girl in the "Little House" series
110 Girl's name
111 "Glass Menagerie" girl
112 Jeb in-law
113 Jeb's in-law
114 "Gloria" Branigan
115 Follower of Hillary and predecessor of Michelle
116 Johnny Mercer's dream girl
117 Dr. of radio
118 Dr. --- (radio talk show host)
119 Dr. with advice
120 Golfer Baugh
121 Golfer Davies, seven-time Ladies European Tour Order of Merit awardee
122 Former first lady [1945]
123 Former first lady
124 Former First Lady Bush
125 Former FLOTUS Bush
126 "Eyes of ___ Mars"
127 "Jurassic Park" star Dern
128 Mother of Jenna and Barbara
129 Otto Preminger film noir classic
130 Novelist Hobson
131 White House name in 2008
132 White House name
133 Vera Caspary's heroine.
134 "The Big C" star Linney
135 Rob Petrie's TV wife
136 Rob Petrie's wife
137 Rob's mate
138 Rob's TV wife
139 Rob's wife
140 Rob's wife of classic TV
141 Rob's wife on "The Dick Van Dyke Show"
142 "The Dick Van Dyke Show" character
143 Nyro who wrote "Eli's Comin'"
144 Mrs. Bush
145 "The Fault in Our Stars" actress Dern
146 Mrs. George W. Bush
147 Mrs. Rob Petrie
148 She came between Hillary and Michelle
149 Object of Petrarch's affection
150 Object of Petrarch's passion
151 Mars with the eyes
152 Mary Tyler Moore character
153 Mary's "Little House" sister
154 'Kinsey' actress Linney
155 "She's only a dream"
156 Palmer of "Twin Peaks"
157 "Like Water for Chocolate" author Esquivel
158 With Petrarch, a team
159 Linney of ''Kinsey''
160 Linney of "Mr. Holmes"
161 Linney of "Mystic River"
162 Linney of "Ozark"
163 Linney of "Sully"
164 Linney of "The Big C"
165 Linney of "The Savages"
166 Linney of “The Truman Show”
167 Linney of "The Truman Show"
168 Mystery novelist Lippman
169 "La Gioconda" mezzo-soprano
170 Radio Dr.
171 La Plante or Baugh
172 Radio host Schlessinger
173 Radio personality Schlessinger
174 Waldo thought he whacked her
175 "OITNB" star Prepon
176 "Sully" actress Linney
177 Lady between Hillary and Michelle
178 Lady in Petrarch's sonnets
179 Lady of Petrarch's sonnets
180 Lady of song
181 Lady of sonnets
182 Name on the "Little House" books
183 ''Little House . . .'' daughter
184 ''Little House'' daughter
185 'Little House' girl
186 "Little House" lass
187 "Little House on the Prairie" girl
188 ''Little House on the Prairie'' girl
189 "Little House on the Prairie" heroine
190 "Little House on the Prairie" writer ___ Ingalls Wilder
191 Name that means "victor"
192 Melissa Gilbert role
193 Pop-song heroine
194 Mercer-Raksin heroine
195 Mercer-Raksin song
196 Lass in "The Glass Menagerie"
197 Michelle's D.C. predecessor
198 Michelle's predecessor as first lady
199 Michelle's predecessor in the White House
200 Michelle's predecessor
201 One in a big ''General Hospital'' wedding
202 Recent Golden Globe winner Dern
203 One of the Bushes
204 Preminger classic
205 Preminger film: 1944
206 Preminger film
207 Preminger noir classic
208 Preminger suspense classic
209 Preminger's first major U.S. film
210 Prepon of "Orange Is the New Black"
211 President Roslin of "Battlestar Galactica"
212 Previous First Lady
213 Petrarch heroine
214 Petrarch subject
215 Petrarch's beloved
216 Petrarch's inspiration
217 Petrarch's love
218 Mom to Jenna and Barbara
219 "Orange Is the New Black" actress Prepon
220 TV actress Prepon
221 TV's Mrs. Petrie
222 Suspense-film classic
223 Suspense film classic
224 "Twin Peaks" victim ___ Palmer
225 Singer Branigan
226 Singer Nyro or Branigan
227 Singer Nyro
228 Webb-Tierney film: 1944
229 Webb-Tierney film
230 Sister-in-law of Jeb
231 Writer ___ Ingalls Wilder
232 Writer Hobson
233 Talk radio doctor
234 Talk show host Ingraham
235 Tierney classic: 1944
236 Tierney title role: 1944
237 Tierney/Andrews film, 1944
238 "Seabiscuit" author Hillenbrand
239 "Self Control" Branigan
240 "Self Control" singer Branigan

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