'40s gp. that trained at Congressional Country Club crossword clue answers

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Count Answer
1 1940's spy grp.
2 1940s spy grp.
3 1940's spy org.
4 1940s spy org.
5 1942-1945 US spy gp.
6 1942 F.D.R. creation
7 1942 FDR creation
8 1946 Alan Ladd adventure
9 1946 Alan Ladd film
10 1946 Alan Ladd war picture
11 '40s spy org.
12 Bill Donovan's org.
13 Agency that led to the CIA
14 Alan Ladd film: 1946
15 Intelligence agcy. of the 1940s
16 Intelligence org.
17 FDR based it on Britain's MI6
18 Defunct espionage gp.
19 Defunct spy org.
20 Federal agency
21 Grp. in old spy novels
22 Employer of the "basterds" in "Inglourious Basterds": Abbr.
23 Employer of Wonder Woman in old comics: Abbr.
24 Hush-hush W.W. II agcy.
25 Hush-hush W.W. II grp.
26 Counterespionage agcy. of W.W. II
27 C.I.A. ancestor
28 CIA ancestor
29 C.I.A. antecedent
30 C.I.A. forerunner
31 CIA forerunner
32 CIA formerly
33 C.I.A., formerly
34 CIA of WWII
35 CIA, once
36 C.I.A., once
37 CIA preceder
38 C.I.A. precursor
39 CIA precursor
40 C.I.A. predecessor
41 C.I.A predecessor
42 CIA predecessor
43 C.I.A. progenitor
44 CIA progenitor
45 CIA's ancestor
46 C.I.A.'s forerunner
47 CIA's forerunner
48 C.I.A.'s parent
49 CIA's precursor
50 CIA's predecessor
51 C.I.A.'s predecessor
52 Bygone clandestine org.
53 Bygone covert org.
54 Bygone espionage org.
55 Bygone secretive org.
56 Covert org. featured in "The Good Shepherd"
57 Covert org., once
58 Covert W.W. II grp.
59 Covert W.W. II org.
60 Covert WWII agcy.
61 Covert WWII gp.
62 Covert WWII org.
63 Clandestine initials
64 Clandestine WWII gp.
65 Erstwhile intelligence org.
66 Japanese mountain
67 Gives a thumbs-up
68 Important WWII org.
69 Cloak-and-dagger group.
70 Cloak-and-dagger group of W. W. II.
71 "Cloak and Dagger" org.
72 Cloak-and-dagger org.
73 Donovan's agcy.
74 Donovan's agency: Abbr.
75 Donovan's gp.
76 Donovan's group
77 Donovan's org.
78 Donovan's secret agcy.
79 Donovan's W.W. II org.
80 Donovan's W.W. II outfit
81 Donovan's WWII org.
82 Forerunner of C.I.A.
83 Forerunner of the C.I.A.
84 Forerunner of the CIA
85 Former intelligence agcy.
86 Former intelligence org.
87 Julia Child worked for it during W.W. II: Abbr.
88 Julia Child's employer during WWII
89 "Inglourious Basterds" org.
90 Former U.S. intelligence org.
91 Whilom spy gp.
92 Strategic org. of W.W. II
93 Wild Bill Donovan's gp.
94 Wild Bill Donovan’s org.
95 Wild Bill Donovan's org.
96 "Wild Bill" Donovan's org.
97 "Wild Bill" Donovan's WWII org.
98 William Donovan's WWII org.
99 W. W. II agency: Abbr.
100 W. W. II agency
101 W. W. II group
102 W. W. II initials
103 W. W. II org.
104 W. W. II outfit
105 Ladd film: 1946
106 Old intelligence agcy.
107 Old intelligence gp.
108 Old intelligence org.
109 Old spy gp.
110 Old spy grp.
111 Old spy novel grp.
112 Old spy org. hidden in "dossier"
113 Old spy org.
114 Netherlands city
115 Pre-C.I.A. agcy.
116 Pre-C.I.A. agency
117 Pre-CIA gp.
118 Pre-C.I.A. grp.
119 Pre-C.I.A. org.
120 Pre-CIA org.
121 Pre-C.I.A. spy org.
122 Pre-CIA spy org.
123 Precursor of the C. I. A.
124 Predecessor of C.I.A.
125 Predecessor of the C.I.A.
126 Predecessor of the CIA
127 One-time US spy group
128 Onetime Indiana Jones employer
129 Onetime Joint Chiefs agency
130 Moe Berg's org.
131 Morale Operations Branch grp. during WWII
132 Prophesy
133 Org. in "Inglourious Basterds"
134 Org. in old spy novels
135 Org. in old spy stories
136 Org. in old spy tales
137 Org. in the 1946 film "Cloak and Dagger"
138 Org. in the 1946 thriller "Cloak and Dagger"
139 Org. in "The Good Shepherd"
140 Org. of W.W. II
141 Org. seen in flashbacks in "The Good Shepherd"
142 Org. that catcher Moe Berg worked for
143 Org. that employed Julia Child during WWII
144 Org. that infiltrated Germany in the '40s
145 Org. that infiltrated Nazi Germany
146 Org. that Julia Child once worked for
147 Org. that preceded the CIA
148 Org. that the Basterds in "Inglourious Basterds" are all working for
149 Wartime agcy.
150 Wartime agency.
151 Wartime cloak-and-dagger outfit.
152 Wartime Gov't agency
153 Wartime group: Abbr.
154 U. S. agency
155 World War II org.
156 World War II spy org.
157 Spy gp. that predated the CIA
158 Spy group under FDR
159 Spy grp. created by FDR
160 Spy org. created by F.D.R.
161 Spy org. created by FDR
162 Spy org. Julia Child once worked for
163 Spy org. until 1945
164 W.W. II agcy.
165 W.W. II agency
166 W.W. II cloak-and-dagger outfit
167 W.W. II Govt. agency
168 W.W. II group
169 W.W. II intelligence org.
170 W.W. II org.
171 W.W. II spy grp.
172 W.W. II spy org.
173 WWII agency
174 WWII cloak and dagger outfit
175 WWII covert org.
176 WWII-era intelligence org.
177 WWII-era spy org.
178 WWII espionage agcy.
179 WWII espionage gp.
180 WWII espionage group
181 WWII espionage org.
182 WWII hush-hush gp.
183 WWII intel agcy.
184 WWII intelligence agcy.
185 WWII intelligence agency
186 WWII intelligence gatherer
187 WWII intelligence gp.
188 WWII intelligence org.
189 WWII org.
190 WWII sabotage agcy.
191 WWII spy gp.
192 WWII spy group
193 WWII spy org.
194 Sleuthing agency of W.W. II
195 Secret '40s org.
196 Secret W.W. II agcy.

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