'40s "girl with a Star-Spangled heart" crossword clue answers

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Based on the most relevant answer above (WAC), we also found 91 clues that are similar or possibly related to '40s "girl with a Star-Spangled heart".

Count Answer
1 Army member
2 Army unit estd. in 1942
3 Army woman
4 Famous B.C. initials
5 Duo #2. continues
6 Certain enlistee
7 Certain WWII female
8 Fem. force
9 Fem. forces
10 Female army enlistee, once
11 Female enlistee, once
12 Female enlistee, pre-1978
13 Female GI in WWII
14 Female G.I.
15 Female in WWII
16 Female soldier ( Acronym )
17 Female soldier in WWII
18 Female soldier(Acronym)
19 Female soldiers' org. until 1978
20 Female W.W. II enlistee
21 Female WWII server
22 Female WWII soldier
23 G. I. Jane
24 B.Y.U.'s league
25 G.I. Jane, e.g.
26 G.I. Jane, for one
27 G.I. Jane, maybe
28 G.I. Jane
29 GI Jill
30 Extra in "I Was a Male War Bride"
31 Service branch disbanded in 1978, briefly
32 Servicewoman
33 Servicewoman at one time
34 Servicewoman, at one time
35 Servicewoman, briefly
36 Servicewoman, once
37 Mrs. Hobby's W.W. II group
38 She served in WWII
39 Woman in the service
40 Woman soldier
41 "Never Wave at a ___" (1952 film comedy)
42 "Never Wave at a ___" (1952 military farce)
43 "Never Wave At a ___."
44 Mil. abbr.
45 Mil. branch disbanded in 1978
46 Mil. branch from 1943 to 1978
47 Mil. org.
48 Mil. support person of W.W. II
49 Mil. woman
50 New Mexico State sports grp.
51 New Mexico State's athletic grp.
52 Military female
53 Military miss
54 Military unit: Abbr.
55 One of those MacArthur called "my best soldiers"
56 One seen on an "I'm in this war too!" poster
57 SPAR's counterpart
58 Wave's kin
59 W.W.. II enlistee
60 W.W. II enlistee
61 W.W. II-era enlistee
62 W.W. II-era female in uniform
63 W.W. II female
64 W.W. II lass
65 W.W. II noncombatant
66 W.W. II org. whose insignia featured Athena
67 W.W. II server
68 W.W. II service member
69 WW2 female soldier
70 WWII acronym
71 WWII auxiliary
72 WWII cartography clerk, perhaps
73 WWII clerk, perhaps
74 WWII enlistee
75 WWII female enlistee
76 WWII female vet
77 WWII female
78 WWII GI Jane
79 WWII group
80 WWII ladies
81 WWII lady in uniform
82 WWII medical technician, perhaps
83 WWII mil. female
84 WWII operative
85 WWII servicewoman
86 WWII woman
87 U.S. Army branch
88 U.S. Army Corps member
89 U.S. servicewoman
90 U.S.A. distaffer
91 U.S.A. member

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