'40s film critic James crossword clue answers

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Most relevant answers

Below are the most relevant crossword answers we have found for the clue '40s film critic James. You can check the letter length field to check which answers are likely to be correct for your crossword.

Answer Letters Clue Relevance
AGEE 4 '40s film critic James 100%
AGEE 4 1940s film critic James 93.333333333333%
AGEE 4 1940s Time film critic James 84%
AGEE 4 Old film critic James 83.720930232558%
AGEE 4 Film critic James 82.051282051282%
AGEE 4 1940’s film critic 73.170731707317%
AGEE 4 Author and film critic James 72%
AGEE 4 '40s "Time" film critic 71.111111111111%
AGEE 4 Onetime Time film critic James 69.230769230769%
BOGARTANDBACALL 15 '40s film couple 63.157894736842%
ASTA 4 '30s-'40s film dog 50%

Related crossword clues

Based on the most relevant answer above (AGEE), we also found 356 clues that are similar or possibly related to '40s film critic James.

Count Answer
1 1940’s film critic
2 1940s film critic James
3 1940s Time film critic James
4 1957 Pulitzer winner
5 1958 Pulitzer author James
6 1958 Pulitzer author
7 1958 Pulitzer novelist
8 1958 Pulitzer Prize novelist
9 1958 Pulitzer Prize winner for fiction
10 1958 Pulitzer Prize winner
11 1958 Pulitzer recipient
12 1958 Pulitzer winner for fiction
13 1958 Pulitzer winner James
14 1958 Pulitzer winner
15 1958 Pulitzer-winning author James
16 1958 Pulitzer-winning author
17 1966 AL Rookie of the Year Tommie
18 1966 A.L. Rookie of the Year
19 1966 American League Rookie of the Year
20 1969 teammate of Seaver and Swoboda
21 1969 World Series hero Tommie
22 '40s "Time" film critic
23 '58 Pulitzer winner James
24 '69 Mets star Tommy
25 American author: 1909–55
26 American author
27 American author/critic/screenwriter James
28 American novelist (1909-1955)
29 American novelist?film critic
30 American writer
31 Baseball's Tommie
32 Baseball's Tommy
33 "_____on Film" (1983 book set)
34 A 1969 World Series hero
35 A 1969 World Series star
36 ''A Death in the Family'' author
37 A Death in the Family author
38 A Death in the Family author
39 "A Death in the Family" author James
40 "A Death in the Family" author
41 ''A Death in the Family'' novelist
42 'A Death in the Family' novelist James
43 "A Death in the Family" novelist James
44 ''A Death in the Family'' novelist James
45 "A Death in the Family" novelist
46 "A Death in the Family" playwright James
47 "A Death in the Family" Pulitzer winner James
48 ''A Death in the Family'' Pulitzer winner James
49 "A Death in the Family" writer
50 'A Death in the Family' writer
51 A Death in the Family writer
52 'A Death in the Family' writer James
53 "A Death in the Family" writer James
54 ''A Death in the Family'' writer
55 A Met star in 1969
56 Arthur of "Hoop Dreams"
57 Askew, in Yorkshire
58 Askew: Scots
59 Askew
60 Atilt
61 "African Queen" screenwriter James
62 "African Queen" screenwriter
63 "African Queen" scriptwriter
64 Author and film critic James
65 Author and screenwriter James
66 Author-critic James
67 Author-film critic: 1909–55
68 Author James: 1909–55
69 Author James
70 Author James ___: 1909-55
71 Author James ___
72 Author James ____
73 Author James or outfielder Tommie
74 Author-movie critic James
75 Author of A Death in the Family
76 Author of "A Death in the Family"
77 Author of "Let Us Now Praise Famous Men"
78 Author of "Permit Me Voyage"
79 Author of "The Morning Watch"
80 Author-scenarist James ___
81 Author who won a posthumous Pulitzer in 1958
82 Author who won a posthumous Pulitzer
83 Awry, in Yorkshire
84 Awry
85 Comedian Steve
86 Center fielder for the Miracle Mets
87 Center fielder on the '69 Miracle Mets
88 Father Flye's famous correspondent
89 FATHER of one of David's mighty men
90 "Hoop Dreams" hoopster Arthur
91 "Hoop Dreams" subject Arthur
92 Depression-era writer James
93 Deranged
94 Contemporary author-illustrator Jon
95 Film critic James
96 Children's book author Jon
97 Humorist/illustrator Jon
98 First African-American to win a Gold Glove in both leagues
99 First Met to win a Gold Glove
100 Business exec William
101 First of three Mets to hit a lead-off home run in a World Series Game 3 (he did it in '69, Garrett in '73, and Dykstra in '86)
102 'CIA Diary author Philip'
103 C.I.A. profiler Philip
104 Essayist/novelist James
105 James ___, U.S. author
106 James _____ (A Death in The Family author)
107 James of "A Death in the Family" fame
108 James of criticism
109 James of letters
110 James or Tommie
111 James or Tommy
112 James who co-wrote "The African Queen"
113 James who coscripted "The African Queen"
114 James who created filmdom's Charlie Allnut and Rose Sayer
115 James who died three years before winning a Pulitzer
116 James who won a posthumous Pulitzer
117 James who wrote "A Death in the Family"
118 James who wrote "Knoxville: Summer, 1915"
119 James who wrote "Let Us Now Praise Famous Men"
120 James who wrote "The Morning Watch"
121 James, winner of a posthumous Pulitzer
122 James with a 1958 Pulitzer
123 James with a posthumous Pulitzer
124 James with a Pulitzer
125 James with the ironically titled "Let Us Now Praise Famous Men"
126 He wrote "A Death in the Family"
127 He wrote "Polly of Hollywood"
128 Critic James
129 He wrote "The Morning Watch": 1951
130 He wrote "The Morning Watch": 1954
131 He wrote "The Morning Watch"
132 He wrote the screenplay for "The African Queen"
133 Crooked, in Yorkshire
134 Crooked
135 "Go Hang a Salami! I'm a Lasagna Hog!" palindromist Jon
136 Co-screenwriter of "The African Queen"
137 Coauthor of Bogart's Oscar role
138 Cockeyed, in Cornwall
139 Cockeyed
140 Carew followed him as A.L. Rookie of the Year
141 Carew's predecessor as A.L. Rookie of the Year
142 Jon who wrote and illustrated "Go Hang a Salami! I'm a Lasagna Hog!"
143 Jon who wrote and illustrated "Palindromania!"
144 Jon who wrote and illustrated "Smart Feller, Fart Smeller and Other Spoonerisms"
145 Former CIA agent Philip who wrote the 1987 memoir "On the Run"
146 Former CIA spy Philip
147 Former Met star
148 Former Met
149 Former Mets outfielder Tommie
150 Former teammate of Cleon Jones
151 Former Time film critic
152 Former ''Time'' film critic
153 "Inside the Company: C.I.A. Diary" author Philip
154 "Inside the Company: CIA Diary" author Philip
155 Notable movie maven
156 Noted 1940's film critic
157 Noted writer: 1909–55
158 Pulitizer Prize author James
159 Pulitzer author James
160 Pulitzer author of 1958
161 Pulitzer author
162 Pulitzer fiction winner, 1958
163 Pulitzer novelist: 1958
164 Pulitzer novelist James
165 Pulitzer novelist
166 Pulitzer Prize author: 1958
167 Pulitzer Prize author
168 Pulitzer Prize novelist (1958)
169 Pulitzer Prize novelist: 1958
170 Pulitzer Prize novelist
171 Pulitzer Prize novelst
172 Pulitzer Prize winner: 1958
173 Pulitzer Prize winner for "A Death in the Family"
174 Pulitzer prize winner James
175 Pulitzer Prize winning author James
176 Pulitzer Prize-winning author James
177 Novelist-critic James
178 Pulitzer Prize–winning author: 1958
179 Pulitzer winner: 1958
180 Pulitzer winner for "A Death in the Family"
181 Pulitzer-winner James
182 Pulitzer winner James
183 Pulitzer winner of 1958
184 Pulitzer-winning author James
185 Pulitzer-winning James
186 Novelist James
187 Pulitzer-winning writer James
188 Pulitzer writer James
189 Out of kilter
190 Out of line
191 "The African Queen" co-screen writer James
192 "The African Queen" co-screenwriter James
193 "The African Queen" co-screenwriter
194 "The African Queen" co-writer
195 "The African Queen" screenwriter
196 ''The African Queen'' screenwriter
197 ''The African Queen'' screenwriter James
198 ''The African Queen'' screenwriter James
199 "The African Queen" screenwriter James
200 "The African Queen" screenwriter James
201 "The African Queen" scripter
202 "The African Queen" scriptwriter
203 "The African Queen" scriptwriter James
204 ''The African Queen'' scriptwriter
205 Outfielder Tommie of the Miracle Mets
206 "The Bones of Paradise" author Jonis
207 Movie critic James
208 Roll of green?
209 Winner of a posthumous Pulitzer for "A Death in the Family"
210 Winner of a posthumous Pulitzer
211 "Palindromania!" author Jon
212 "Palindromania!" writer Jon
213 Palindromist Jon
214 "The Morning Watch" author
215 "The Morning Watch" author James
216 ''The Morning Watch'' author
217 "The Morning Watch" novelist
218 "The Morning Watch" novelist James
219 "The Morning Watch" writer, 1951
220 "The Morning Watch" writer
221 "The Morning Watch" writer James
222 ''The Morning Watch'' writer
223 "The Night of the Hunter" co-screenwriter James
224 "The Night of the Hunter" co-screenwriter
225 "The Night of the Hunter" screenwriter
226 "The Night of the Hunter" screenwriter James
227 ''The Night of the Hunter'' screenwriter
228 Off line
229 "Knoxville: Summer of 1915" author James
230 Poet and novelist James
231 Literary surname that sounds like two letters
232 Old film critic James
233 Member of the Miracle Mets
234 Member of the New York Mets Hall of Fame
235 Memorable film critic
236 Memorable New York Met Tommie
237 Met man
238 Met outfielder
239 Met player
240 Met
241 Posthumous 1958 Pulitzer-winning author (h)
242 Posthumous Pulitzer Prize winner James
243 Posthumous Pulitzer winner James
244 Posthumous Pulitzer winner of 1958
245 Posthumous Pulitzer winner
246 Mildly deranged, var.
247 Mildly deranged
248 One of Hodges' stars in 1969
249 One of the "Amazin' Mets"
250 "Milo's Hat Trick" author Jon
251 Miracle Met Tommie
252 "Miracle Mets" center fielder Tommie
253 Miracle Mets center fielder Tommy
254 Miracle Mets lead-off man
255 Miracle Mets member Tommie
256 Miracle Mets outfielder
257 "Miracle Mets" outfielder
258 Miracle Mets outfielder Tommie
259 ''Miracle Mets'' outfielder
260 Miracle Mets player Tommie
261 Miracle Mets star Tommie
262 Miracle Mets star
263 Miracle Mets' Tommie
264 One-time Time critic James
265 "Night of the Hunter" screenwriter
266 "Permit Me Voyage" author
267 "Permit Me Voyage" author James
268 ''Permit Me Voyage'' author James
269 'Permit Me Voyage' author
270 "Permit Me Voyage" poet James
271 "Permit Me Voyage" poet
272 'Permit Me Voyage' writer James
273 "Permit Me Voyage" writer
274 N.L. outfielder who won a Gold Glove in 1970 along with Clemente and Rose
275 ''Let Us Now Praise Famous Men'' author
276 "Let Us Now Praise Famous Men" author
277 ''Let Us Now Praise Famous Men'' author James
278 "Let Us Now Praise Famous Men" author James
279 "Let Us Now Praise Famous Men" writer
280 'Let Us Now Praise Famous Men' writer
281 "Let Us Now Praise Famous Men" writer James
282 ''Let Us Now Praise Famous Men'' writer
283 Onetime film critic for "The Nation"
284 Onetime Met Tommie
285 Onetime Mets slugger Tommie
286 Onetime Time film critic James
287 Only outfielder besides Winfield to win Gold Gloves in both leagues in the 1900s
288 Monetary exchange fee
289 Philip who wrote a 1975 C.I.A. exposé
290 Philip with a 1975 best seller on C.I.A. secrets
291 Prize-winning U.S. author
292 "Morning Watch" novelist
293 Survey info
294 Wordplay expert Jon who wrote the spoonerism book "Smart Feller Fart Smeller"
295 Wordsmith/ illustrator Jon
296 U. S. author
297 U. S. writer
298 World Series star: 1969
299 Scenarist James
300 Skewed
301 Writer and film critic
302 Writer-critic James ___
303 Writer-critic James
304 Writer from Tenn.
305 Writer James: 1909–55
306 Writer James ___
307 Writer James from Tennessee
308 Writer James with a posthumous Pulitzer
309 Writer James
310 Writer of "Polly of Hollywood"
311 Writer whose Pulitzer for "A Death in the Family" was posthumous
312 Writer/critic/screenwriter James
313 Screenwriter for "The African Queen"
314 Screenwriter James of "The African Queen"
315 Screenwriter James
316 Screenwriter/critic James
317 Slugger Tommie
318 Teammate of Cleon Jones
319 Teammate of Swoboda and Kranepool
320 U.S. author: 1909-55
321 U.S. author: 1909–55
322 U.S. author-critic
323 U.S. author James ___
324 U.S. author James
325 U.S. author
326 U.S. film critic-author
327 U.S. novelist
328 U.S. playwright James
329 U.S. writer
330 Steve of "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2"
331 Tommie ___, 1966 A.L. Rookie of the Year
332 Tommie in Mets history
333 Tommie of '60s-'70s baseball
334 Tommie of baseball fame
335 Tommie of baseball
336 Tommie of Gil Hodges's Mets
337 Tommie of Mets history
338 Steve of "The Sarah Silverman Program"
339 Tommie of the 1969 Miracle Mets
340 Tommie of the 1969 World Series Mets
341 Tommie of the 60's-70's Mets
342 Tommie of the Amazin' Mets
343 Tommie of the Amazins
344 Tommie of the Mets
345 Tommie of the Mets
346 Tommie of the Miracle Mets
347 Tommie of the "Miracle Mets"
348 Tommie or James
349 Tommie who had 999 career hits
350 Tommy ___, former Met
351 Tommy of baseball
352 Tommy of diamond fame
353 Tommy of Mets' history
354 Tommy of N. L.
355 Tommy of the 1969 Mets
356 Tommy or James

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