'40s cost-control agcy. crossword clue answers

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Most relevant answers

Below are the most relevant crossword answers we have found for the clue '40s cost-control agcy.. You can check the letter length field to check which answers are likely to be correct for your crossword.

Answer Letters Clue Relevance
OPA 3 '40s cost-control agcy. 100%
NRA 3 FDR's price control agcy. 70.833333333333%
ATF 3 Gun-control agcy. 70%
FCC 3 Media control agcy. 66.666666666667%
OPA 3 Cost-controlling W.W. II agcy. 64.150943396226%
FAA 3 Air traffic control agcy. 62.5%
OPA 3 40's war agcy. 59.459459459459%
OPA 3 40's agcy. 54.545454545455%
SELF 4 -- -control 52.941176470588%
OPA 3 WWII cost-stabilizing agcy. 52%
OPA 3 Agcy. of 40's 22.222222222222%

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10 40's agcy.
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12 __-Locka, FL
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26 ___-Locka
27 An org. under F.D.R.
28 ____-Locka FL
29 ____ Locka
30 _____ -Locka FL
31 _____-Locka, Fla.
32 Agcy. of 40's
33 Agency under F.D.R.
34 Gramps, to Günter
35 F.D.R. agcy.
36 F.D.R. agency
37 F.D.R. measure
38 FDR measure
39 F.D.R. org.
40 Fed. agency: 1941-46
41 Fed. regulatory agency
42 Festive shout in a Greek restaurant
43 Chester Bowles once headed it.
44 Bureau of the '40's.
45 Cost-controlling W.W. II agcy.
46 Cost-controlling W.W. II org.
47 German grandpa
48 German grandparent
49 "Excited Greek interjection!"
50 Exclamation at a Greek wedding
51 Former Federal agcy.
52 Former Government agency.
53 Inflation-fighting agcy. of 1941
54 Inflation-fighting org. during WWII
55 Inflation-fighting W.W. II org.
56 Former regulatory agcy.
57 Former U.S. agcy.
58 Former U.S. agency
59 Govt. agency in W.W. II
60 Wilhelm's grandpa
61 W. W. II agency
62 W. W. II initials
63 W. W. II org.
64 Ration-book agcy.
65 Ration-book agency of W.W. II
66 Ration-book agency
67 New Deal agcy.
68 War agency.
69 Wartime agcy.
70 Wartime agency.
71 U. S. agency of '40's
72 U. S. agency of the 1940's
73 W.W. II agcy.
74 WW II agcy.
75 W.W. II agency
76 W.W. II D.C. org.
77 W.W. II economic org.
78 W.W. II Govt. agency
79 W.W. II initials
80 W.W. II inits.
81 W.W. II org.
82 W.W. II ration board agcy.
83 W.W. II rationing agcy.
84 W.W. II rationing org.
85 W.W. ll agcy.
86 WWII agcy.
87 W.W.II agcy.
88 WWII agy.
89 WWII cost-regulating agency
90 WWII cost-stabilizing agcy.
91 WWII org. that froze food costs
92 WWII price-control agency
93 WWII price-rationing agency
94 WWII rationing agcy.
95 WWII rent-regulating agcy.

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