'40s Bikini blast crossword clue answers

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Most relevant answers

Below are the most relevant crossword answers we have found for the clue '40s Bikini blast. You can check the letter length field to check which answers are likely to be correct for your crossword.

Answer Letters Clue Relevance
NTEST 5 '40s Bikini blast 100%
ATEST 5 Bikini blast 82.758620689655%
HBOMB 5 Bikini blast 82.758620689655%
HTEST 5 Bikini blast 82.758620689655%
NTEST 5 Bikini blast 82.758620689655%
ATEST 5 1940s Bikini blast, in brief 71.111111111111%
ATEST 5 Bikini blast, briefly 63.157894736842%
HTEST 5 Bikini blast, briefly 63.157894736842%
NTEST 5 Bikini blast, briefly 63.157894736842%
NTEST 5 Bikini blast, for short 60%
ATEST 5 Bikini blast, informally 58.536585365854%
BRA 3 1/2 bikini 44.444444444444%
BEACHBABE 9 "10" in a bikini 42.424242424242%
ETNA 4 1669 blast site 37.5%
TEX 3 1830s-'40s Southwestern republic: Abbr. 32.142857142857%
OTT 3 11-time 1930's-40's All-Star 31.111111111111%

Related crossword clues

Based on the most relevant answer above (NTEST), we also found 101 clues that are similar or possibly related to '40s Bikini blast.

Count Answer
1 1998 headline event in India
2 2006 event in North Korea, briefly
3 2006 N. Korea announcement
4 Banned blast, for short
5 Banned display of firepower, informally
6 A-blast from the past
7 A-bomb trial
8 A-bomb tryout
9 Arms control subj.
10 Arms treaty subj.
11 Big bang creator
12 Big blast
13 Big blast, briefly
14 Big blowout?
15 Big blowup, for short
16 Big bomb trial, briefly
17 Big bomb trial
18 Big loud display of power
19 Big mushroom producer, in brief
20 Big mushroom producer
21 Atoll order?
22 Atomic bomb trial, briefly
23 Bikini blast, briefly
24 Bikini blast, for short
25 Bikini blast
26 Atomic event, in headlines
27 Bikini event, briefly
28 Bikini event
29 Bikini experiment, briefly
30 Bikini experiment, for short
31 Blast from the past
32 Cause of an intl. incident, maybe
33 Intentional nuclear blast
34 Brief blowup, in "Big"
35 Demonstration of firepower, briefly
36 Demonstration of power, perhaps
37 Desert trial, for short
38 Desert trial
39 H-bomb trial, e.g.
40 H-bomb trial, for one
41 It's a blast
42 It's atoll order
43 Eniwetok blast, briefly
44 Bygone explosion, in headlines
45 It's quite a blast
46 Event drawing intl. criticism
47 Event monitored by the CIA
48 Event outlawed by intl. treaty
49 Event that might cause sanctions: Abbr.
50 Headline event in India in 1974 and '98
51 Cloud producer, for short
52 Experimental blast
53 Experimental blow-up
54 Experimental bomb blast, briefly
55 Explosive demo
56 Explosive display of military power, for short
57 Explosive experiment, briefly
58 Explosive experiment, for short
59 Explosive experiment
60 Explosive trial, briefly
61 Explosive trial, for short
62 Explosive trial
63 Explosive tryout, briefly
64 India's first one took place in 1974
65 Provocative military move, briefly
66 Much-criticized trial, briefly
67 Mushroom cloud creator, briefly
68 Mushroom cloud producer, in brief
69 Mushroom producer, for short
70 Mushroom producer?
71 Subject of the 2005 opera "Doctor Atomic"
72 Treaty subject, for short
73 Trial for a big blast
74 Trial that bombs, informally
75 N. Korean experiment of 9/3/17
76 N. Korean first of 10/9/2006
77 Late 1940s event, in headlines
78 Nervous-making event in N. Korea
79 Practice with a deadly mushroom?
80 Mil. bomb trial
81 Mil. trial
82 Military display
83 Military experiment, briefly
84 Military experiment, perhaps
85 Military trial, briefly
86 Modern mil. treaty violation
87 Modern treaty violation
88 Producer of a large mushroom
89 Protested event
90 Protested event, briefly
91 Protested event, for short
92 Source of some mushrooms
93 SALT concern
94 SALT subject
95 SALT topic
96 Weapons check, in brief
97 Weapon's dry-run
98 Underground blast, perh.
99 Underground event
100 Underground experiment, briefly
101 Underground experiment, for short

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