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Count Answer
1 1940s arena: Abbr.
2 1940's arena: Abbr.
3 1940s arena, briefly
4 1940s campaign activity locale, briefly
5 1940s command: Abbr.
6 1940s command, briefly
7 1940s mil. venue
8 1940s mil. zone
9 1940s overseas cmd.
10 1940s stage for Ike
11 1940s theater, for short
12 1944 initials
13 '40s arena, briefly
14 40's arena, for short
15 "...___ the L I C I O U S" ("Fergalicious" lyric)
16 Battle of the Bulge arena: Abbr.
17 Abbr. on W.W. II maps
18 Ardennes-Alsace Campaign arena: Abbr.
19 Area commanded by DDE
20 Area commanded by D.D.E.
21 Area for D.D.E.
22 Area of 1940's mil. activity
23 Arena for DDE
24 Arena for Gen. Eisenhower
25 Army formation of WWII
26 Axis/Allies war zone: Abbr.
27 Blitz area in the '40s: Abbr.
28 Allies' arena: Abbr.
29 Command for D.D.E.
30 Command for DDE
31 Historical war zone: Abbr.
32 DDE arena
33 DDE bailiwick
34 D.D.E. command
35 DDE command
36 D.D.E. locale
37 D.D.E. post
38 D.D.E. sphere
39 D.D.E. war area
40 D.D.E. zone
41 DDE's 1940s command
42 D.D.E.'s 1940's "show place"
43 D.D.E.'s 1942 command
44 DDE's 1942 command
45 DDE's '40s command
46 D.D.E.'s area of command
47 D.D.E.'s arena
48 DDE's arena
49 DDE's bailiwick
50 D.D.E.'s charge in W.W. II
51 DDE's command
52 D.D.E.'s command in W.W. II
53 DDE's command in WWII
54 D.D.E.'s command in WWII
55 D.D.E.'s command, once
56 DDE's command, once
57 D.D.E.'s command
58 D.D.E.'s domain in W.W. II
59 DDE's domain
60 DDE's overseas command
61 D.D.E.'s oversight, once
62 D.D.E.'s post in W.W. II
63 D.D.E.'s purview in W.W. II
64 D.D.E.'s purview
65 DDE's responsibility in WWII
66 DDE's responsibility
67 D.D.E.'s sphere in '44
68 DDE's wartime arena
69 DDE's wartime command
70 DDE's wartime milieu
71 D.D.E.'s W.W. II command
72 D.D.E.'s W.W. II post
73 DDE's WW2 bailiwick
74 DDE's WWII arena
75 DDE's WWII command
76 D.D.E.'s WWII command
77 DDE's WWII domain
78 DDE's WWII sphere
79 "Gravity's Rainbow" setting: Abbr.
80 F.C. Barcelona football star Samuel ___'o
81 Eisenhower's command, for short
82 Eisenhower's command
83 Eisenhower's domain
84 Eisenhower's WWII command (abbr.)
85 Eisenhower's WWII command
86 Eisenhower's WWII purview
87 It once stretched from France to Russia: Abbr.
88 Gen. Bradley's area: Abbr.
89 Gen. Eisenhower commanded it
90 Gen. Eisenhower's arena: Abbr.
91 Gen. Eisenhower's command
92 Gen. Eisenhower’s Second World War command
93 Gen. Eisenhower's WWII command
94 Ike and Monty's bailiwick
95 Ike commanded it
96 Ike's 1940s command
97 Ike's 1940s turf
98 Ike's arena
99 Ike's arena: Abbr.
100 Ike's arena, briefly
101 Ike's battleground
102 Ike's charge during W.W. II
103 Ike's charge in W.W. II
104 Ike's command: Abbr.
105 Ike's command briefly
106 Ike's command, for short
107 Ike's command in W.W. II
108 Ike's command in WWII
109 Ike’s command, once: Abbr.
110 Ike's command, once: Abbr.
111 Ike's command
112 Ike's domain in 1942
113 Ike's domain in WWII
114 Ike's domain
115 Ike's hdqrs. in the 40's
116 Ike's milieu in W.W. II
117 Ike's old command
118 Ike's one-time command
119 Ike's onetime purview
120 Ike's post in W.W. II
121 Ike's post
122 Ike's theater
123 Ike's "theatre."
124 Ike's turf, once
125 Ike's war area
126 Ike's war command
127 Ike's wartime command
128 Ike's World War II command
129 Ike's W.W. II arena
130 Ike's WW II command
131 Ike's W.W. II command: Abbr.
132 Ike's W.W. II command
133 Ike's W.W. II domain
134 Ike's W.W. II post
135 Ike's WWII arena
136 Ike's WWII command
137 Ike's WWII domain
138 Ike's WWII responsibility
139 Ike's WWII sphere
140 Ike's WWII turf
141 Erstwhile Eur. arena
142 Eur. war theater
143 Domain of the Normandy campaign: Abbr.
144 Domain of the Rhineland campaign: Abbr.
145 Cmd. established 6/8/1942
146 D-Day arena: Abbr.
147 Initials of 1944
148 Where many saw action in the '40s
149 V-mail destination
150 Where Shaef was.
151 Where the 34th Infantry Division fought: Abbr.
152 SHAEF area
153 SHAEF sector
154 SHAEF theatre.
155 SHAEF zone
156 SHAEF's domain
157 Kilroy was there: Abbr.
158 Verdun was in it once: Abbr.
159 Overlord's area: Abbr.
160 Pacific's counterpart in W.W. II: Abbr.
161 The Lorraine Campaign was part of it: Abbr.
162 The Normandy Campaign was part of it: Abbr.
163 W. W. II acronym
164 W. W. II area
165 W W II area
166 W. W. II arena
167 W. W. II command
168 W. W. II initials
169 W. W. II locale
170 W. W. II zone
171 The Rhineland Campaign was part of it: Abbr.
172 Part of a W.W. II mil. map
173 Old war zone: Abbr.
174 Old world battleground, briefly
175 On a par with
176 Large W.W. II area: Abbr.
177 Mil. arena abroad
178 Region led by DDE
179 Lt. Gen. Devers commanded it before DDE
180 Onetime D.D.E. command
181 Maginot Line arena: abbr.
182 Normandy was in it: Abbr.
183 Normandy was part of it: Abbr.
184 Operation Dragoon's loc.: Abbr.
185 Operation Overlord's domain: Abbr.
186 Operation Torch setting: Abbr.
187 Montgomery's field: Abbr.
188 Rhineland Campaign's arena: Abbr.
189 War area for Ike
190 War zone, in brief
191 War zone in the 40's
192 Theater of the '40s
193 Wartime theatre.
194 Sphere of action, W. W. II.
195 Site of 1940s military ops
196 Third Army's area
197 World War II theatre.
198 St. Lô was in it in W.W. II
199 W.W. II abbr.
200 W.W. II acronym
201 W.W. II action locale
202 W.W. II area: Abbr.
203 W.W. II area
204 W.W. II arena: Abbr.
205 W.W. II arena
206 W.W. II combat area: Abbr.
207 W.W. II command: Abbr.
208 W.W. II command area: Abbr.
209 W.W. II command area
210 W.W. II command
211 W.W. II domain: Abbr.
212 W.W. II field
213 W.W. II front: Abbr.
214 W.W. II front
215 W.W. II initials
216 W.W. II inits.
217 W.W. II locale
218 W.W. II map: Abbr.
219 W.W. II post for Ike
220 W.W. II region: Abbr.
221 W.W. II scene of action
222 W.W. II scene of operations
223 W.W. II sector
224 W.W. II setting
225 W.W. II sphere: Abbr.
226 W.W. II sphere of action
227 W.W. II theater
228 W.W. II war zone: Abbr.
229 W.W. II zone: Abbr.
230 W.W. II zone, for short
231 W.W. II zone that D.D.E. commanded
232 W.W. II zone
233 WWII abbr.
234 WWII action locale
235 WWII area: abbr.
236 WWII area
237 WWII arena: abbr.
238 WWII arena
239 WWII bailiwick
240 WWII battle zone
241 WWII battleground
242 WWII combat area, briefly
243 WWII command area
244 WWII command for D.D.E.
245 WWII command
246 WWII domain
247 WWII initials
248 WWII mil. zone
249 WWII milit. command
250 WWII post
251 WWII region
252 WWII sphere
253 WWII theater
254 WWII turf
255 WWII venue
256 WWII zone: Abbr.
257 WWII zone
258 Zone for DDE
259 Zone for D.D.E.
260 Soccer star Samuel ___'o
261 Where Ike commanded
262 Where Ike was, 1944.

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