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Count Answer
1 10-year-old Sydney Lucas, for her 2013-2014 role in "Fun Home," became the youngest performer ever to win one
2 1956 award for "Uncle Vanya"
3 1968 award for Vaclav Havel
4 1981 award for Meryl Streep
5 1983 award for David Mamet
6 1995 award for Felicity Huffman
7 1996 award for the "Rent" ensemble
8 2006 award for S. Epatha Merkerson
9 2007 award for "The Thugs"
10 2010 honor for Annie Baker
11 2012 honor for "4000 Miles"
12 2015 award for Hamilton
13 2015 award for "Hamilton"
14 2017 award for Matthew Broderick
15 2017 honor for Matthew Broderick
16 2017 stage award for Matthew Broderick
17 '96 award for ''Rent''
18 American Theatre Wing award
19 ___ Trice (rapper featured on Eminem's "Without Me")
20 ___ Trice (rapper signed to Eminem's Shady Records)
21 Annual award
22 Annual New York honor
23 Annual stage award since 1956
24 Annual stage award
25 Annual theater award
26 A N.Y. drama
27 Beckett award
28 A theater award
29 Benson of the Four Tops
30 Benson of the Four Tops
31 Acting award
32 "Best New American Play" award
33 Best New American Play award
34 Actor's award
35 Big Apple award
36 Big Apple stage award
37 Big Apple theater award
38 Big Apple theater honor
39 Award bestowed by the Village Voice
40 Award co-presented by the American Theater Wing
41 Award co-presented by the American Theatre Wing
42 Award co-presented by the Village Voice
43 Award for "Appropriate"
44 Award for Best New American Play
45 Award for "Curse of the Starving Class"
46 Award for David Mamet
47 Award for Eric Bogosian
48 Award for experimental theater
49 Award for "Fun Home"
50 Award for "Guards at the Taj"
51 Award for "Hot L Baltimore"
52 Award for Jean Genet
53 Award for Jessica Tandy
54 Award for Lin-Manuel Miranda
55 Award for Lynn Nottage's play "Ruined"
56 Award for "Oslo"
57 Award for playwrights
58 Award for playwriting
59 Award for "Rent"
60 Award for Samuel Beckett
61 Award for "Six Degrees of Separation"
62 Award for "The Curse of the Starving Class"
63 Award for "The Zoo Story"
64 Award for Tony Kushner
65 Award for "Uncle Vanya"
66 Award for "Underground Railroad Game"
67 Award from the American Theater Wing
68 Award from The Village Voice
69 Award given by "The Village Voice"
70 Award given by The Village Voice
71 Award named for its recipients' performance locale
72 Award named for the venue of its honorees' performances
73 Award presented at New York's Webster Hall
74 Award related to a Tony
75 Award similar to a Tony
76 Award since 1956
77 Award sponsored by the "Village Voice"
78 Award started by the Village Voice
79 Award that's a pronunciation of its initials
80 Award using spelled-out initials
81 Award with a Sustained Achievement category
82 Award won by "Hamilton" a year before it won the Tony
83 Award won by Matthew Broderick in 2017
84 Award won by the play "4000 Miles"
85 Award won in 2011 by "The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity"
86 Award won three times by David Mamet
87 Award won three times by Václav Havel
88 "Book of Addis" author Brooke
89 David Byrne and Fatboy Slim won one for "Here Lies Love"
90 Certain acting award
91 Felicity Huffman won one in 1995
92 Honor for a play
93 "Guards at the Taj" award
94 Horton Foote award for 2008
95 Detroit rapper ___ Trice
96 Gary Sinise won one in 1983
97 Emmy's cousin
98 "Hamilton" accolade
99 "Hamilton" award
100 "Hamilton" won one in 2015
101 ''Endgame'' got one for 1957-58
102 It's awarded by a Village Voice vote
103 It's awarded by a Voice vote
104 Cousin of a Drama Desk Award
105 Cousin of a Tony Award
106 Cousin of a Tony
107 Drama award since 1956
108 Drama award
109 Drama Desk alternative
110 Drama Desk relative
111 Drama honor
112 Drama prize
113 Dramatic award
114 Dramatic honor
115 Tony Award relative
116 Tony cousin
117 Tony kin
118 Tony relative
119 Tony's award cousin
120 Tony's Big Apple counterpart
121 Tony's counterpart
122 Tony's cousin
123 Tony's kin
124 Tony's little brother
125 Tony's little cousin
126 Tony's next of kin
127 Tony's NY cousin
128 Tony's poor relative
129 Tony's relative
130 Tony's younger cousin, in the theater world?
131 Oscar relative
132 Oscar's NY cousin
133 Kin of a Tony
134 "The Crucible" got one
135 N.Y. stage award
136 N.Y.C. theater award
137 NYC theater award
138 NYC theatrical award
139 Obilovitch, to some
140 Pacino won one
141 "Village Voice" award
142 Village Voice award since 1955
143 Village Voice award
144 Village Voice bestowal
145 "Village Voice" bestowal
146 Village Voice honor
147 Village Voice theater award
148 Play honor
149 Play presentation
150 Play prize
151 Shepard's "Fool for Love" won one: 1984
152 Playwright's award
153 Playwright's dream
154 Playwright's prize
155 Matthew Broderick won one in 2017
156 Off Broadway award
157 Off-Broadway award
158 Off Broadway payoff
159 Off Broadway prize
160 Off-Broadway theater award
161 Off Broadway theatre award
162 Off Broadway theatreaward
163 Off-B'way acting award
164 Officer in "Alice's Restaurant"
165 Officer who arrested Arlo for illegally dumping garbage in "Alice's Restaurant"
166 Officer who busts Arlo for littering in "Alice's Restaurant"
167 Officer who played himself in "Alice's Restaurant"
168 Show biz award
169 Show-biz award
170 The Village Voice award
171 "The Village Voice" theater award
172 Showbiz award
173 Rapper ___ Trice
174 Rapper and Eminem pal Trice
175 Meryl won one in '81
176 New York City theater award
177 New York theater award
178 One of Tony's relatives
179 Relative of a Tony
180 Performing arts award
181 Lynn Redgrave won one for "Talking Heads"
182 "Rent" won one in 1996
183 Prize for a playwright
184 Lifetime Achievement Award presented to Estelle Parsons in 2014
185 Not quite a Tony
186 Theater award first bestowed in 1956
187 Theater award for half a century
188 Theater award for productions in smaller venues
189 Theater award given by The Village Voice
190 Theater award given out by The Village Voice
191 Theater award presented by "The Village Voice"
192 Theater award since 1956
193 Theater award
194 Theater honor since 1956
195 Theater honor
196 Theater prize
197 Theater trophy
198 Theatre award
199 Theatrical award
200 Theatrical honor
201 There's one for Best New American Play
202 Thespian award
203 Sam Shepard's award
204 Sam Shepard's prize: 1979–80
205 Writer Brooke who coined the Hurston-Walker Test
206 Three-time award for David Mamet
207 Stage achievement
208 Stage award since 1956
209 Stage award
210 Stage honor since 1956
211 Stage honor
212 Stage presentation?
213 Stage prize since 1956
214 Stage prize
215 Stage statuette
216 What "Hamilton" won before Broadway
217 Zero won one

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