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Crossword clues for ABODES

Count Answer Clue
1 ABODES Caves, to early man
2 ABODES Dwelling places
3 ABODES Dwellings
4 ABODES Hogans, e.g.
5 ABODES Hogans, igloos, etc.
6 ABODES Homes
7 ABODES Homesteads
8 ABODES Habitations.
9 ABODES Habitations
10 ABODES Houses
11 ABODES Hamlet's parts
12 ABODES Digs and pads
13 ABODES "Humble" dwellings
14 ABODES "Humble" homes
15 ABODES Humble homes
16 ABODES Huts and flats
17 ABODES Cabin and castle
18 ABODES Cabins and chalets
19 ABODES Cabins and condos, e.g.
20 ABODES Cabins and condos
21 ABODES Cabins and such
22 ABODES Cabins, castles and such
23 ABODES Flats, e.g.
24 ABODES Igloos and yurts
25 ABODES Domiciles.
26 ABODES Domiciles
27 ABODES Extended stays
28 ABODES Casas, maisons, etc.
29 ABODES Some are humble
30 ABODES Where we live
31 ABODES Places of residence
32 ABODES Places to call home
33 ABODES Places to hang hats?
34 ABODES Places to live
35 ABODES Pads
36 ABODES Quarters
37 ABODES Lodgings
38 ABODES Residences
39 ABODES They may be humble
40 ABODES Split-levels, e.g.
41 ABODES Time shares, e.g.
42 ABODES Tepees and townhouses

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