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Crossword clues for ABNER

Count Answer Clue
1 ABNER __ Haynes, first AFL Player of the Year
2 ABNER ___ J. Mikva, White House counsel under Clinton
3 ABNER Baseball pioneer Doubleday
4 ABNER Baseball's Doubleday
5 ABNER Baseball's father, ___ Doubleday.
6 ABNER Baseball's "inventor" Doubleday
7 ABNER Baseball's supposed founder Doubleday
8 ABNER A Yokum
9 ABNER ''Bewitched'' neighbor
10 ABNER Biblical commander slain by Joab
11 ABNER Al Capp cartoon character
12 ABNER Al Capp figure
13 ABNER Al Capp guy
14 ABNER Al Capp's 'Li'l' guy
15 ABNER Backwoods groom on the cover of "Life" in 1952
16 ABNER Al's hayseed
17 ABNER Comic character.
18 ABNER Commander of Saul's army, in I Samuel
19 ABNER Dean of the cartoonists.
20 ABNER Groom in a 1952 comic-strip wedding
21 ABNER Groom on a 1952 Life cover
22 ABNER Groom on the cover of Life's 3/31/52 issue
23 ABNER Honest Abe's dad, in comics
24 ABNER First name in Dogpatch
25 ABNER Cousin of Saul
26 ABNER Civil War general Doubleday
27 ABNER He evaded Daisy Mae for 18 years
28 ABNER Gladys's husband on "Bewitched"
29 ABNER Dogpatch boy
30 ABNER Dogpatch denizen
31 ABNER Dogpatch dude
32 ABNER Dogpatch fellow
33 ABNER Dogpatch guy
34 ABNER Dogpatch hero
35 ABNER Dogpatch lad
36 ABNER Dogpatch name
37 ABNER Dogpatch resident
38 ABNER Dogpatch teen
39 ABNER Dogpatch yokel
40 ABNER Dogpatcher
41 ABNER Dogpatch's Li'l ___
42 ABNER Capp chap
43 ABNER Capp character
44 ABNER Capp creation
45 ABNER Capp hero
46 ABNER Capp lad
47 ABNER Capp's character
48 ABNER Capp's guy
49 ABNER Capp's Li'l __
50 ABNER Capp's Li'l ___
51 ABNER Capp's "Li'l" guy
52 ABNER Footballer Haynes
53 ABNER Doubleday
54 ABNER Doubleday associated with baseball
55 ABNER Doubleday of baseball lore
56 ABNER Doubleday of baseball myth
57 ABNER Doubleday of baseball
58 ABNER Doubleday or Dean
59 ABNER Doubleday or Yokum
60 ABNER Doubleday who almost certainly didn't invent baseball
61 ABNER Doubleday who supposedly invented baseball
62 ABNER He's li'l
63 ABNER Cartoonist Dean
64 ABNER Hick in a strip
65 ABNER Daisy Mae's beau
66 ABNER Daisy Mae's catch
67 ABNER Daisy Mae's guy
68 ABNER Daisy Mae's heart's desire
69 ABNER Daisy Mae's hubby
70 ABNER Daisy Mae's husband.
71 ABNER Daisy Mae's love, in the funnies
72 ABNER Daisy Mae's love
73 ABNER Daisy Mae's man
74 ABNER Daisy Mae's mate
75 ABNER Mammy Yokum's boy
76 ABNER Mammy Yokum's lad
77 ABNER Mammy's boy
78 ABNER Mammy's son
79 ABNER Man's name meaning "of light."
80 ABNER Mr. Doubleday, father of baseball.
81 ABNER Mr. Doubleday
82 ABNER Mr. Yokum.
83 ABNER Marryin' Sam married him to Daisy Mae
84 ABNER Marryin' Sam married him
85 ABNER Marryin' Sam presided over his wedding
86 ABNER Son of Lucifer Ornamental Yokum
87 ABNER Son of Ner
88 ABNER "Li'l ---"
89 ABNER 'Li'l --'
90 ABNER Li'l ___
91 ABNER L'il ___
92 ABNER "Li'l ___" (Al Capp strip)
93 ABNER "Li'l ___" (classic comic strip)
94 ABNER "Li'l ___" (classic comic)
95 ABNER Li'l ___ (comics guy)
96 ABNER Li'l ___ of the funnies
97 ABNER "Li'l ___" (old comic strip)
98 ABNER "Li'l ___"
99 ABNER Li'l ____
100 ABNER 'Li'l' Al Capp character
101 ABNER Li'l Broadway role for Peter Palmer
102 ABNER "Li'l" Capp creation
103 ABNER "Li'l" character in comics
104 ABNER Li'l comic strip character
105 ABNER "Li'l" comic strip character
106 ABNER Li'l comic strip guy
107 ABNER "Li'l" comics fellow
108 ABNER "Li'l" comics guy
109 ABNER 'Li'l' comics guy
110 ABNER "Li'l" Dogpatch resident
111 ABNER "Li'l" fellow
112 ABNER "Li'l" guy of comics
113 ABNER "Li'l" guy of Dogpatch
114 ABNER "Li'l" guy of old comics
115 ABNER "Li'l" guy of the comics
116 ABNER "Li'l" guy who wasn't so little
117 ABNER Li'l guy who's being musical-comedy-ized.
118 ABNER "Li'l" guy
119 ABNER Li'l one
120 ABNER "Li'l" one in the comics
121 ABNER ''Li'l'' one of comics
122 ABNER "Li'l" one of comics
123 ABNER Li'l one of the comics
124 ABNER "Li'l" one
125 ABNER 'Li'l' title guy
126 ABNER Pansy and Lucifer's son, in old comics
127 ABNER Pansy Yokum's boy
128 ABNER Pansy Yokum's son
129 ABNER Pansy's young'un
130 ABNER Pappy Yokum's boy
131 ABNER Rube of bygone funnies
132 ABNER Name meaning "father of light"
133 ABNER Running back Haynes, first AFL player of the year
134 ABNER Old Testament army commander
135 ABNER Neighbor on ''Bewitched''
136 ABNER Neighbor on TV's "Bewitched"
137 ABNER One of the Yokums
138 ABNER Lucifer and Pansy's boy
139 ABNER Lucifer Yokum is his pa
140 ABNER Lucifer Yokum's boy
141 ABNER Lum's chum
142 ABNER Lum's old radio partner
143 ABNER Lum's radio partner
144 ABNER The Yokum boy
145 ABNER The Yokums' boy
146 ABNER Sadie Hawkins neighbor
147 ABNER Supposed baseball inventor Doubleday
148 ABNER Saul's commander-in-chief
149 ABNER Saul's general, in the Bible
150 ABNER Saul's general
151 ABNER Saul's soldier in Samuel
152 ABNER Yokel Yokum
153 ABNER Yokum boy
154 ABNER Yokum lad
155 ABNER Yokum or Doubleday
156 ABNER Yokum young'un
157 ABNER Tiny Yokum's big brother
158 ABNER Tiny Yokum's brother

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