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Crossword clues for ABDUL

Count Answer Clue
1 ABDUL [5]
2 ABDUL ___ Aziz bin Fahd, Saudi prince
3 ABDUL ___ the Bulbul Ameer.
4 ABDUL ___ the Damned (Turkish sultan)
5 ABDUL ''American Idol'' judge
6 ABDUL “American Idol” judge
7 ABDUL "American Idol" judge
8 ABDUL Basketball Hall of Famer Kareem ___-Jabbar
9 ABDUL Arabic name that means "servant of God"
10 ABDUL "Big" choreographer
11 ABDUL Alphabetically first "American Idol" judge across all 16 seasons
12 ABDUL DeGeneres's "Idol" predecessor
13 ABDUL Cheerleader-turned-singer-turned-judge
14 ABDUL Costar of Cowell and Jackson
15 ABDUL "Idol" judge replaced by DeGeneres
16 ABDUL Ivan's enemy of song
17 ABDUL Follower of Kareem?
18 ABDUL Co-panelist of Cowell
19 ABDUL "Forever Your Girl" hitmaker, 1989
20 ABDUL "Forever Your Girl" singer, 1989
21 ABDUL "Forever Your Girl" singer Paula
22 ABDUL "Forever Your Girl" singer
23 ABDUL "Cold Hearted" singer
24 ABDUL Former "American Idol" judge Paula
25 ABDUL Former "American Idol" judge
26 ABDUL Colleague of Cowell and Jackson for eight seasons
27 ABDUL Colleague of Jackson and Cowell
28 ABDUL Judge Paula
29 ABDUL Former "Idol" judge
30 ABDUL Former "Idol" judge Paula
31 ABDUL Former TV judge
32 ABDUL Kareem __-Jabbar
33 ABDUL Kareem ___-Jabbar (NBA star who scored a record 38,387 points)
34 ABDUL Kareem ___-Jabbar
35 ABDUL Original "American Idol" judge
36 ABDUL "Straight Up" Paula
37 ABDUL "Straight Up" singer Paula
38 ABDUL "Straight Up" singer
39 ABDUL The Bulbul Ameer
40 ABDUL The Bulbul Amir
41 ABDUL Rock-superstar Paula
42 ABDUL She judged Aiken and Studdard
43 ABDUL She judged Aiken
44 ABDUL Multitalented Paula
45 ABDUL Vocalist Paula
46 ABDUL Musician Paula
47 ABDUL MC Skat Cat's co-star in the "Opposites Attract" video
48 ABDUL Name for a sultan
49 ABDUL Pop panelist Paula
50 ABDUL Pop singer Paula
51 ABDUL NBA legend Kareem ___-Jabbar
52 ABDUL Paula of "American Idol"
53 ABDUL Paula of ''American Idol''
54 ABDUL Paula of pop
55 ABDUL Paula once of "Dancing with the Stars"
56 ABDUL Paula who once judged on "American Idol"
57 ABDUL Paula who sang "Straight Up"
58 ABDUL Paula who was an "American Idol" judge
59 ABDUL Paula with six No. 1 singles
60 ABDUL One-time colleague of Jackson and Cowell
61 ABDUL Onetime cohort of Jackson and Cowell
62 ABDUL "Opposites Attract" Paula
63 ABDUL "Opposites Attract" singer Paula
64 ABDUL "Rush, Rush" hitmaker, 1991
65 ABDUL "Rush, Rush" singer Paula
66 ABDUL "Rush, Rush" singer
67 ABDUL "The X Factor" panelist
68 ABDUL "Spellbound" singer, 1991
69 ABDUL Singer of the 1989 #1 hit "Opposites Attract"
70 ABDUL Singer Paula
71 ABDUL Singer with the 1991 #1 hit "Rush, Rush"
72 ABDUL Talent show judge alongside Jackson and Cowell
73 ABDUL Season 1 judge on "The X Factor"
74 ABDUL "So You Think You Can Dance" judge

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