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Crossword clues for ABBIE

Count Answer Clue
1 ABBIE 1960s activist Hoffman
2 ABBIE 1960's radical Hoffman
3 ABBIE '60s icon Hoffman
4 ABBIE '60s protest leader Hoffman
5 ABBIE 60's protest leader Hoffman
6 ABBIE '60s radical Hoffman
7 ABBIE "___ an' Slats" (Al Capp comic strip)
8 ABBIE ___ Hoffman of the Chicago Seven
9 ABBIE Activist Hoffman
10 ABBIE Actress Cornish of Madonna's film "W.E."
11 ABBIE Actress Cornish
12 ABBIE Australian actress Cornish
13 ABBIE Hoffman of 1960's-70's radicalism
14 ABBIE Hoffman of 1960s radicalism
15 ABBIE Hoffman of Chicago Seven
16 ABBIE Hoffman of the Chicago 7
17 ABBIE Hoffman of the Chicago Seven
18 ABBIE Hoffman of the Yippies
19 ABBIE Hoffman who co-founded the Yippies
20 ABBIE Hoffman who once backed a pig for president
21 ABBIE Hoffman who wrote "Steal This Book"
22 ABBIE Chicago 7 first name
23 ABBIE Chicago Seven first name
24 ABBIE Cornish of 2009's "Bright Star"
25 ABBIE Cornish of "Sucker Punch"
26 ABBIE First name in '60s radicalism
27 ABBIE First name of Yippie fame
28 ABBIE Counterculture icon Hoffman
29 ABBIE Wife in O'Neill's "Desire Under the Elms"
30 ABBIE "Soon to Be a Major Motion Picture" writer Hoffman
31 ABBIE Radical Hoffman who wrote "Steal This Book"
32 ABBIE Radical Hoffman
33 ABBIE Old Al Capp strip "___ an' Slats"
34 ABBIE Old comic strip "___ an' Slats"
35 ABBIE Opera singer Mitchell of "Porgy and Bess"
36 ABBIE "Sacred cows make the tastiest hamburger" quipper Hoffman
37 ABBIE Yippie founder Hoffman
38 ABBIE Yippie Hoffman
39 ABBIE Yippie leader Hoffman
40 ABBIE Yippie name
41 ABBIE Yippies co-founder Hoffman
42 ABBIE Yippies cofounder Hoffman
43 ABBIE Youth International Party co-founder Hoffman
44 ABBIE "Steal This Book" author Hoffman
45 ABBIE "Steal This Book" writer Hoffman
46 ABBIE "Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan" actress Cornish
47 ABBIE Social activist Hoffman

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