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Crossword clues for ABBEYS

Count Answer Clue
1 ABBEYS Centers of learning in the Dark Ages
2 ABBEYS Certain cloisters
3 ABBEYS Homes for monks
4 ABBEYS Homes for nuns
5 ABBEYS Cloisters.
6 ABBEYS Cloisters
7 ABBEYS Nuns' homes
8 ABBEYS Some monasteries
9 ABBEYS Places with cloisters
10 ABBEYS Some retreats
11 ABBEYS Religious facilities
12 ABBEYS Religious retreats
13 ABBEYS Monasteries or convents
14 ABBEYS Monasteries
15 ABBEYS Monk's homes
16 ABBEYS Monks' homes
17 ABBEYS Monks' milieux
18 ABBEYS Monks' residences
19 ABBEYS Sisters' homes
20 ABBEYS Westminster, etc.
21 ABBEYS St. Mary's and others
22 ABBEYS Where brothers and sisters hang out

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