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Crossword clues for ABBAS

Count Answer Clue
1 ABBAS 2003 summit participant with Sharon and Bush
2 ABBAS An uncle of Mohammed
3 ABBAS Arafat successor Mahmoud
4 ABBAS Arafat successor
5 ABBAS Arafat's successor as Palestinian president
6 ABBAS Arafat's successor as P.L.O. chairman
7 ABBAS Arafat's successor
8 ABBAS Biblical titles
9 ABBAS Iranian filmmaker Kiarostami
10 ABBAS Fatah leader Mahmoud
11 ABBAS Fatah party chairman
12 ABBAS Eastern bishops
13 ABBAS Eban and others
14 ABBAS Eban et al.
15 ABBAS Coptic bishops' titles
16 ABBAS Coptic bishops
17 ABBAS Coptic fathers
18 ABBAS Coptic titles
19 ABBAS Diplomat Eban's namesakes
20 ABBAS Follower of Arafat
21 ABBAS Hebrew fathers
22 ABBAS Mr. Eban et al.
23 ABBAS Some religious fathers
24 ABBAS Some religious superiors
25 ABBAS Palestinian leader
26 ABBAS Palestinian leader Mahmoud ___
27 ABBAS Palestinian leader Mahmoud
28 ABBAS Palestinian leader since 2005
29 ABBAS Palestinian Mahmoud
30 ABBAS Palestinian president
31 ABBAS Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud ___
32 ABBAS PLO bigwig Mahmoud
33 ABBAS P.L.O. bigwig Mahmoud
34 ABBAS PLO chairman Mahmoud ___
35 ABBAS PLO Chairman Mahmoud
36 ABBAS PLO chief Mahmoud
37 ABBAS PLO head Mahmoud
38 ABBAS PLO leader Mahmoud
39 ABBAS PLO's Mahmoud
40 ABBAS Successor to Arafat
41 ABBAS The P.L.O.'s Mahmoud ___
42 ABBAS Old Jewish scholars
43 ABBAS Paternal uncle of Mohammed
44 ABBAS Netanyahu's Palestinian counterpart
45 ABBAS President of Palestine since 2005
46 ABBAS President of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud
47 ABBAS Mahmoud of the PLO
48 ABBAS Mahmoud of the P.L.O.
49 ABBAS Rhyme schemes
50 ABBAS Uncle of Mohammed
51 ABBAS Title for Coptic bishops
52 ABBAS Titles for Coptic bishops
53 ABBAS Titles in Eastern churches

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