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Crossword clues for ABBA

Count Answer Clue
1 ABBA 1970s-'80s group with a palindromic name
2 ABBA 1970s band known for "Waterloo"
3 ABBA 1970s band whose name reads the same forwards and backwards
4 ABBA 1970's hitmakers from Sweden
5 ABBA 1970s hitmakers
6 ABBA 1974 Eurovision Song Contest winners
7 ABBA 1974 Eurovision winner that went on to international stardom
8 ABBA 1974 Eurovision winners
9 ABBA 2010 Rock Hall inductee
10 ABBA '70s Agnetha Faltskog band
11 ABBA '70s Bjorn Ulvaeus pop band
12 ABBA '70s "Chiquitita" pop band
13 ABBA '70s Frida Lyngstad pop band
14 ABBA '70s mega-selling pop group
15 ABBA '70s pop quartet
16 ABBA '70s pop supergroup
17 ABBA '70s pop superstars
18 ABBA '70s quartet consisting of two married couples
19 ABBA '70s rock superstars
20 ABBA '70s supergroup
21 ABBA '70s Swedes
22 ABBA '70s Swedish quartet
23 ABBA '70s Swedish supergroup
24 ABBA '70s Swedish superstar singing group
25 ABBA '70s "The Winner Takes It All" band
26 ABBA __ The Museum: Stockholm exhibit honoring a pop group
27 ABBA ___ Eban of Israel
28 ABBA "___ Gold," 1992 album that has sold 28 million copies worldwide
29 ABBA "___ Gold" (compilation album with "Super Trouper")
30 ABBA ___-Zaba (classic taffy bar)
31 ABBA "Angeleyes" band, 1979
32 ABBA A band coming or going
33 ABBA Anti-trafficking org.
34 ABBA Benny and three others
35 ABBA Benny Andersson was in it
36 ABBA Benny Andersson's band
37 ABBA Acronymic band name
38 ABBA Acronymic band
39 ABBA Acronymic pop group name
40 ABBA Acronymic singing group
41 ABBA Bespangled Swedish quartet
42 ABBA Bestselling pop quartet
43 ABBA Biblical "father"
44 ABBA Biblical ''father''
45 ABBA Biblical father
46 ABBA Biblical title of reverence for God
47 ABBA Biblical title
48 ABBA Big name in disco music
49 ABBA Bishop's title in Eastern churches.
50 ABBA Bishop's title in many Eastern churches
51 ABBA Bishop's title in the Coptic Church
52 ABBA Bishop's title
53 ABBA Agnetha, Benny and two others
54 ABBA Agnetha, Benny, Björn, and Anni-Frid, collectively
55 ABBA Agnetha, Benny, Bjorn and Anni-Frid
56 ABBA Agnetha, Bjorn, Benny and Anni-Frid
57 ABBA Agnetha Fältskog's band
58 ABBA Agnetha's pop group
59 ABBA Bjorn, Benny, Agnetha and Anni-Frid
60 ABBA Björn Ulvaeus's band
61 ABBA Björn Ulvaeus's group
62 ABBA Bjorn's group
63 ABBA Album with the hit "Mamma Mia"
64 ABBA Alphabetically first inductee in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
65 ABBA Alphabetically first pop group with a #1 hit
66 ABBA Band formed by Agnetha, Bjorn, Benny and Anni-Frid
67 ABBA Band from Stockholm
68 ABBA Band known for "Knowing Me, Knowing You"
69 ABBA Band that had the 1974 hit "Waterloo"
70 ABBA Band that had the 1975 hit "SOS"
71 ABBA Band that inspired the musical "Mamma Mia!"
72 ABBA Band that sang "Fernando" and "Chiquitita"
73 ABBA Band that turned down $1 billion to reunite in 2000
74 ABBA Band that was composed of four Swedish singers
75 ABBA Band that won the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Waterloo"
76 ABBA Band that won the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest
77 ABBA Band whose final new album was "The Visitors"
78 ABBA Band whose letters describe the pattern of this puzzle's theme entries
79 ABBA Band whose music was the basis for "Mamma Mia!"
80 ABBA Band whose name is an acronym
81 ABBA Band whose songs are featured in a hit 2001 musical and 2018 movie
82 ABBA Band whose songs are heard in "Mamma Mia!"
83 ABBA Band with a museum in Stockholm
84 ABBA Band with a symmetrical logo
85 ABBA Band with an acronymic name
86 ABBA Band with the #1 hit "Dancing Queen"
87 ABBA Band with the 1978 hit "Take a Chance on Me"
88 ABBA Band with the 1979 hit "Voulez-Vous"
89 ABBA Band with the 1979 song "Voulez-Vous"
90 ABBA Band with the first-ever mass-produced CD
91 ABBA Band with the hit song "I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do"
92 ABBA Band with the hits "Fernando" and "SOS"
93 ABBA Foursome at a 2008 Stockholm film premiere
94 ABBA Foursome on a 1983 Swedish stamp
95 ABBA Inspiration for Björn Again
96 ABBA Inspiration for Broadway's "Mamma Mia!"
97 ABBA Inspiration for "Mamma Mia!"
98 ABBA Inspiration for the tribute bands Björn Again and Swede Dreamz
99 ABBA Inspiration for the tribute bands Fernando Rising and Mamamia
100 ABBA Common rhyme scheme
101 ABBA Father, in the Bible
102 ABBA Eastern bishop's title
103 ABBA Eastern Church bishop
104 ABBA Eastern Church patriarch
105 ABBA Eastern Church title
106 ABBA Eban of Israel
107 ABBA Eban of Israel
108 ABBA Eban
109 ABBA Group behind a 2001 Broadway musical
110 ABBA Group consisting of Agnetha, Benny, Björn and Anni-Frid
111 ABBA Group correctly spelled with one mirrored letter
112 ABBA Group featured in "Mamma Mia!"
113 ABBA Group heard in "Mamma Mia!"
114 ABBA Group signed by Polar Music
115 ABBA Group that featured Agnetha Fältskog
116 ABBA Israeli diplomat Eban
117 ABBA Group that inspired Broadway's "Mamma Mia!"
118 ABBA Group that inspired "Mamma Mia!"
119 ABBA Group that originally went by the name Festfolk
120 ABBA Israeli name
121 ABBA Group that the tribute band Björn Again imitates
122 ABBA Group that was composed of two married couples
123 ABBA Group that won 1974's Eurovision Song Contest
124 ABBA Israeli statesman Eban
125 ABBA Group who, according to urban legend, knew no English but phonetically learned the lyrics to all their songs
126 ABBA Group whose first U.S. hit was "Waterloo"
127 ABBA Group whose last Top 40 hit was "When All Is Said and Done"
128 ABBA Group whose logo looks the same in a mirror
129 ABBA Group whose music is featured in "Mamma Mia!"
130 ABBA Group whose music is heard in "Mamma Mia!"
131 ABBA Group whose name combines the first letters of its members' names
132 ABBA Group whose second letter is often written backwards
133 ABBA Israel's Eban
134 ABBA Group winning the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest in Brighton
135 ABBA Group with Benny and Bjorn
136 ABBA Group with the 1976 hit "Fernando"
137 ABBA Group with the hit 1978 album "The Album"
138 ABBA Group with the hit "Waterloo"
139 ABBA "Honey, Honey" and "Money, Money, Money" band
140 ABBA "Honey Honey" band
141 ABBA ''Fernando'' band
142 ABBA "Fernando" band
143 ABBA ''Fernando'' foursome
144 ABBA "Fernando" foursome
145 ABBA "Fernando" group
146 ABBA 'Fernando' group
147 ABBA ''Fernando'' group
148 ABBA "Fernando" pop group
149 ABBA 'Fernando' quartet
150 ABBA "Fernando" quartet
151 ABBA "Fernando" singers
152 ABBA ''Fernando'' singers
153 ABBA Fifteenth best-selling artists of all time
154 ABBA Contemporary of Moshe
155 ABBA Coptic bishop's title
156 ABBA Coptic church father
157 ABBA Coptic Church title
158 ABBA "Enclosed" rhyme scheme
159 ABBA 'Chiquitita' band
160 ABBA "Chiquitita" band
161 ABBA "Chiquitita" group
162 ABBA 'Chiquitita' quartet
163 ABBA "Chiquitita" quartet
164 ABBA "Chiquitita" singers
165 ABBA "Chiquitita" singing group
166 ABBA "Chiquitita" vocal group
167 ABBA Diplomat Eban
168 ABBA First group alphabetically in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
169 ABBA "I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do" group
170 ABBA ''I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do'' group
171 ABBA "I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do" singers
172 ABBA ''I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do'' singers
173 ABBA "I Have a Dream" group
174 ABBA Iconic Swedish foursome
175 ABBA "Gimme, Gimme, Gimme" group
176 ABBA Europop superstar group
177 ABBA Eurovision 1974 got them started
178 ABBA Jewish title
179 ABBA Hebrew for "father"
180 ABBA Golda's successor as Israeli foreign minister
181 ABBA ''Dancing Queen'' band
182 ABBA 'Dancing Queen' band
183 ABBA "Dancing Queen" band
184 ABBA "Dancing Queen" bunch
185 ABBA "Dancing Queen" foursome
186 ABBA ''Dancing Queen'' group
187 ABBA Dancing Queen group
188 ABBA 'Dancing Queen' group
189 ABBA "Dancing Queen" group
190 ABBA "Dancing Queen" music group
191 ABBA "Dancing Queen" pop group
192 ABBA ''Dancing Queen'' quartet
193 ABBA "Dancing Queen" quartet
194 ABBA "Dancing Queen" singers
195 ABBA "Dancing Queen" supergroup
196 ABBA "Dancing Queen" vocal group
197 ABBA Four musical Swedes
198 ABBA "Mamma Mia" band
199 ABBA "Mamma Mia!" band
200 ABBA "Mamma Mia!" foursome
201 ABBA "Mamma Mia" foursome
202 ABBA ''Mamma Mia'' group
203 ABBA "Mamma Mia" group
204 ABBA 'Mamma Mia!' group
205 ABBA 'Mamma Mia' group
206 ABBA Mamma Mia group
207 ABBA "Mamma Mia!" group
208 ABBA "Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again" group
209 ABBA "Mamma Mia" inspiration
210 ABBA 'Mamma Mia!' inspiration
211 ABBA 'Mamma Mia' inspiration
212 ABBA "Mamma Mia!" inspiration
213 ABBA "Mamma Mia!" music source
214 ABBA "Mamma Mia" pop group
215 ABBA "Mamma Mia!" pop group
216 ABBA "Mamma Mia" quartet
217 ABBA “Mamma Mia” quartet
218 ABBA 'Mamma Mia' quartet
219 ABBA 'Mamma Mia!' quartet
220 ABBA "Mamma Mia!" quartet
221 ABBA 'Mamma Mia' singers
222 ABBA "Mamma Mia" singers
223 ABBA "Mamma Mia" singing group
224 ABBA "Mamma Mia!" singing group
225 ABBA "Mamma Mia!" song source
226 ABBA "Mamma Mia" Swedes
227 ABBA "Mamma Mia!" Swedes
228 ABBA "Thank You for the Music" band
229 ABBA "Thank You for the Music" group
230 ABBA Oriental bishop
231 ABBA Stockholm quartet
232 ABBA Top-selling pop group of the 70's
233 ABBA Top-selling pop group of the '70s
234 ABBA Seventies supergroup
235 ABBA Rock and Roll Hall of Famers since 2010
236 ABBA Rock group with a mirrored logo
237 ABBA Rock group
238 ABBA Rock Hall of Fame foursome
239 ABBA "Rock Me" group, 1975
240 ABBA Mr. Eban of Israel.
241 ABBA Mr. Eban
242 ABBA The first band in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, alphabetically
243 ABBA Quartet named for its members
244 ABBA Quartet named for its singers
245 ABBA Quartet that broke out in spring 1972, and the scheme of this puzzle's theme
246 ABBA Quartet who sang "Fernando"
247 ABBA Quartet whose name is made up of its members' initials
248 ABBA Quartet with a Stockholm museum
249 ABBA Quartet with its own Stockholm museum
250 ABBA Quatrain pattern
251 ABBA Quatrain rhyme scheme
252 ABBA Subject of a Stockholm museum
253 ABBA Palindrome in pop music
254 ABBA Palindromic band name
255 ABBA Palindromic band of Swedes
256 ABBA Palindromic band or rhyme scheme
257 ABBA Palindromic band with the palindromic song "S.O.S."
258 ABBA Palindromic band with the palindromic song title "SOS"
259 ABBA Palindromic band
260 ABBA Palindromic clerical title
261 ABBA "Winner Takes It All" band
262 ABBA Palindromic name in pop music
263 ABBA Palindromic pop group
264 ABBA Palindromic pop quartet
265 ABBA Palindromic rock group
266 ABBA Palindromic singers of the palindromic hit "SOS"
267 ABBA Palindromic singing group
268 ABBA Palindromic Swedish band
269 ABBA Palindromic Swedish group
270 ABBA Palindromic Swedish icons
271 ABBA Palindromic synthpop band
272 ABBA "Knowing Me, Knowing You" band
273 ABBA "Knowing Me, Knowing You" group
274 ABBA ''Knowing Me, Knowing You'' group
275 ABBA "Knowing Me, Knowing You" singers
276 ABBA Sonnet's rhyme scheme, in part
277 ABBA "Voulez-Vous" band
278 ABBA "Voulez-Vous" group
279 ABBA "Voulez-Vous" pop group
280 ABBA "Voulez-Vous" singers
281 ABBA "S.O.S." band
282 ABBA 'SOS' band
283 ABBA "SOS" band
284 ABBA "SOS" foursome
285 ABBA "S.O.S." group
286 ABBA 'SOS' group
287 ABBA "SOS" group
288 ABBA ''S.O.S.'' group
289 ABBA "S.O.S." pop group
290 ABBA "SOS" pop group
291 ABBA 'SOS' pop quartet
292 ABBA "SOS" quartet
293 ABBA "SOS" singers
294 ABBA "S.O.S" singers
295 ABBA "S.O.S." singers
296 ABBA ''SOS'' singers
297 ABBA "SOS" singing group
298 ABBA Sugary Swedes, often covered by metal bands
299 ABBA Name on the cover of "Voice of Israel"
300 ABBA Pop foursome formed in Stockholm
301 ABBA Pop foursome that took its name from its members' first initials
302 ABBA Pop group, forward or backward
303 ABBA Pop group from Stockholm
304 ABBA Pop group heard in the musical "Mamma Mia!"
305 ABBA Pop group in "Muriel's Wedding"
306 ABBA Pop group named for its members' initials
307 ABBA Pop group on a 1983 stamp in their native Sweden
308 ABBA Pop group spelled with a backward letter
309 ABBA Pop group that broke through at the 1974 Eurovision contest
310 ABBA Pop group that inspired a 2001 Broadway musical
311 ABBA Pop group that's a palindrome
312 ABBA Pop group whose first Top 40 album was, appropriately, "Arrival"
313 ABBA Pop group whose music inspired "Mamma Mia!"
314 ABBA Pop group whose music was the basis of a hit 2001 Broadway musical
315 ABBA Pop group whose name derives from the initials of its members' first names
316 ABBA Pop group whose name is also a rhyme scheme
317 ABBA Pop group whose name is coincidentally a rhyme scheme
318 ABBA Pop group whose songs are heard in "Mamma Mia!"
319 ABBA Pop group whose tribute bands include A*Teens and Björn Again
320 ABBA Pop group with a backward "B" in its name
321 ABBA Pop group with a backwards "B" in its logo
322 ABBA Pop group with a hit Broadway musical
323 ABBA Pop group with a Stockholm museum
324 ABBA Pop music acronym
325 ABBA Pop quartet named for its members' first initials
326 ABBA Pop singing quartet from Sweden
327 ABBA Popular rock group
328 ABBA Popular Swedish band of the 1970s
329 ABBA Popular Swedish quartet
330 ABBA Patriarchal father
331 ABBA Patriarch's title
332 ABBA Mideast diplomat Eban
333 ABBA Mideast pops?
334 ABBA "Lay All Your Love on Me" group
335 ABBA Redondilla rhyme scheme
336 ABBA "One of Us" band
337 ABBA "One of Us" pop group
338 ABBA Renowned Swedish foursome
339 ABBA Ones repeating "I do" in 1976?
340 ABBA "Money, Money, Money" band
341 ABBA ''Money, Money, Money'' band
342 ABBA "Money, Money, Money" music makers
343 ABBA Reversible rockers?
344 ABBA Rhyme pattern
345 ABBA Rhyme scheme for Mr. Eban?
346 ABBA Rhyme scheme
347 ABBA "The Winner Takes It All" band
348 ABBA "The Winner Takes It All" group
349 ABBA "The Winner Takes It All" pop group
350 ABBA "The Winner Takes It All" quartet
351 ABBA "The Winner Takes It All" singers
352 ABBA Source of the music for a 2001 theatrical hit
353 ABBA Their logo has a mirrored letter
354 ABBA Their songs are in ''Mamma Mia!''
355 ABBA "Super Trouper" band
356 ABBA "Super Trouper" group, 1980
357 ABBA "Super Trouper" group
358 ABBA ''Super Trouper'' group
359 ABBA "Super Trouper" quartet
360 ABBA "Super Trouper" vocal group
361 ABBA Supergroup from Sweden
362 ABBA "Waterloo" band
363 ABBA 'Waterloo' band
364 ABBA "Waterloo" band of the 1970s
365 ABBA ''Waterloo'' band
366 ABBA "Waterloo" foursome
367 ABBA 'Waterloo' group
368 ABBA "Waterloo" group
369 ABBA Waterloo pop group
370 ABBA 'Waterloo' pop group
371 ABBA "Waterloo" pop group
372 ABBA 'Waterloo' quartet
373 ABBA "Waterloo" quartet
374 ABBA "Waterloo" singers
375 ABBA "Waterloo" singing group
376 ABBA Waterloo singing group
377 ABBA "Waterloo" supergroup
378 ABBA "Waterloo" Swedes
379 ABBA Simple rhyme scheme
380 ABBA Swedish band in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
381 ABBA Swedish band that sang "Chiquitita"
382 ABBA Swedish band that sang "Fernando"
383 ABBA Swedish band whose name reads the same forward and backward
384 ABBA Swedish band whose only #1 hit in the US was the 1976 song "Dancing Queen"
385 ABBA Swedish band whose songs were adapted into the musical "Mamma Mia!"
386 ABBA Swedish band with the hit "Dancing Queen"
387 ABBA Swedish band with the hit "Mamma Mia"
388 ABBA Swedish cheese-pop band
389 ABBA Swedish group that won the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest
390 ABBA Swedish Music Hall of Fame group
391 ABBA Swedish musical group
392 ABBA Swedish pop band of the 1970s that inspired the musical "Mamma Mia!"
393 ABBA Swedish pop band of the 1970s
394 ABBA Swedish pop band who sang "SOS"
395 ABBA Swedish pop band whose hits included "Fernando" and "Take a Chance on Me"
396 ABBA Swedish pop band
397 ABBA Swedish pop foursome
398 ABBA Swedish pop group, '72-'82
399 ABBA Swedish pop group inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2010
400 ABBA Swedish pop group that sang "Money, Money, Money"
401 ABBA Swedish pop group whose biggest hit was "Dancing Queen"
402 ABBA Swedish pop group whose music is featured in "Mamma Mia!"
403 ABBA Swedish pop group
404 ABBA Swedish pop quartet inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2010
405 ABBA Swedish pop quartet that won the 1974 Eurovision contest
406 ABBA Swedish pop quartet
407 ABBA Swedish pop-rock group
408 ABBA Swedish pop-rock quartet
409 ABBA Swedish quartet whose hits included "Dancing Queen" and "Fernando"
410 ABBA Swedish quartet
411 ABBA Swedish rock band
412 ABBA Swedish rock foursome
413 ABBA Swedish rock group
414 ABBA Swedish rockers
415 ABBA Swedish singers
416 ABBA Swedish singing group
417 ABBA Swedish supergroup
418 ABBA Swedish superstars
419 ABBA Two-letter pop group
420 ABBA Two of its members wrote the music for "Chess"
421 ABBA Singers of "Voulez-Vous" and "Waterloo"
422 ABBA Singing group on a Swedish postage stamp
423 ABBA Singing group with a palindromic name
424 ABBA Scandinavian supergroup
425 ABBA 'Take a Chance on Me' band
426 ABBA "Take a Chance on Me" band
427 ABBA "Take a Chance on Me" group
428 ABBA "Take a Chance on Me" pop group
429 ABBA "Take a Chance on Me" quartet
430 ABBA "Take a Chance on Me" singers
431 ABBA "Take a Chance on Me" singing group
432 ABBA "Take a Chance on Me" Swedes
433 ABBA Title for some bishops
434 ABBA Title meaning father.
435 ABBA Title of bishops in Oriental Christian churches.
436 ABBA "When All Is Said and Done" group
437 ABBA Statesman Eban
438 ABBA Self-titled 1975 pop album
439 ABBA So-called "enclosed" rhyme scheme

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