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Crossword clues for ABAS

Count Answer Clue
1 ABAS "__ le roi!": French Revolution cry
2 ABAS "___ le roi!" (Bastille cry)
3 ABAS "___ le roi!" (French Revolution cry)
4 ABAS "___ le roi!"
5 ABAS "___ le tyran!"
6 ABAS "____ le roi!" (1792 cry)
7 ABAS A companion of Aeneas
8 ABAS Bedouins' robes
9 ABAS Arab cloaks
10 ABAS Arab garments
11 ABAS Arab outer-garments
12 ABAS Arab outerwear
13 ABAS Arab overgarments
14 ABAS Arab robes
15 ABAS Arabian cloaks
16 ABAS Arabian garments
17 ABAS Arabian outer garments
18 ABAS Arabic coats
19 ABAS Arabs' apparel
20 ABAS Arabs' garments
21 ABAS Arabs' robes
22 ABAS Arabs' sleeveless garments
23 ABAS Command to a French poodle?
24 ABAS French mob's "Down with!"
25 ABAS French mutineer's phrase
26 ABAS French protest phrase
27 ABAS French revolter's shout
28 ABAS Certain Arabian garments
29 ABAS Companion of Aeneas
30 ABAS Father of Proetus
31 ABAS Eastern garments
32 ABAS Desert cover-ups
33 ABAS Desert garments
34 ABAS Desert wear in Africa
35 ABAS Gallic cry
36 ABAS Gallic rebel's word
37 ABAS Gallic "Thumbs down!"
38 ABAS Garments for Bedouins
39 ABAS Garments made of camel's hair
40 ABAS Camel-hair robes
41 ABAS Camel's-hair garments
42 ABAS He mocked Demeter and became a lizard
43 ABAS Cloths
44 ABAS Cry that is a far cry from "Vive!"
45 ABAS Coarse fabrics
46 ABAS "Down with," at the Bastille
47 ABAS Down with: Fr.
48 ABAS Down with!: Fr.
49 ABAS "Down with ...!": Fr.
50 ABAS Down with: French.
51 ABAS Down with, in Arles
52 ABAS Down with, in Brest
53 ABAS "Down with!" in Dieppe
54 ABAS Down with, in Dieppe
55 ABAS "Down with!," in Dijon
56 ABAS Down with, in Dijon
57 ABAS "Down with!" in Dijon
58 ABAS "Down with," in Dijon
59 ABAS Down with, in Dunkirk
60 ABAS Down with, in France
61 ABAS Down with!, in France
62 ABAS Down with, in French
63 ABAS Down with, in Lyon
64 ABAS "Down with!" in Paris
65 ABAS Down with, in Paris
66 ABAS Down with!, in Paris
67 ABAS "Down with," in Paris
68 ABAS "Down with le roi!"
69 ABAS Robes made from goat's hair
70 ABAS Overseas rebellion cry
71 ABAS Traditional Arab coats
72 ABAS Sheiks' garments
73 ABAS Vive's antithesis
74 ABAS Middle Eastern garments
75 ABAS Opposite of "Vive!"
76 ABAS Opposite of ''vive''
77 ABAS Opposite of "vive"
78 ABAS Opposite of vive
79 ABAS Pierre's down with!
80 ABAS Tunic toppers
81 ABAS Sans-culottes' words
82 ABAS Syrian fabrics
83 ABAS Sleeveless garments made of camel's hair
84 ABAS Start of a French protest
85 ABAS Start of a Parisian protest
86 ABAS Youth changed into a bird, in a Greek myth
87 ABAS Youth who mocked Demeter

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