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Crossword clues for ABALONE

Count Answer Clue
1 ABALONE Another name for an ear shell
2 ABALONE A source of mother-of-pearl
3 ABALONE Awabi, at a sushi bar
4 ABALONE Awabi sushi mollusk
5 ABALONE Algae eater
6 ABALONE Ear-shaped seafood
7 ABALONE Ear-shaped shell
8 ABALONE Ear-shaped shellfish
9 ABALONE Ear shell
10 ABALONE Decorative seashell
11 ABALONE Edible marine gastropod
12 ABALONE Edible marine mollusc — Oban ale (anag)
13 ABALONE Edible mollusc — on a bale (anag)
14 ABALONE Edible mollusk
15 ABALONE Conch cousin
16 ABALONE Haliotis
17 ABALONE Gastropod mollusk
18 ABALONE Chinese delicacy
19 ABALONE Chinese symbol of wealth
20 ABALONE It's called "awabi" at a sushi bar
21 ABALONE Calif. mollusk
22 ABALONE Calif. sea specialty
23 ABALONE Calif. seafood choice
24 ABALONE Calif. seafood
25 ABALONE Clam's big brother
26 ABALONE Clingy mollusk
27 ABALONE Ornamental shell source
28 ABALONE Ornamental shell
29 ABALONE Kelp eater
30 ABALONE Mother-of-pearl mollusk
31 ABALONE Mother-of-pearl "mother"
32 ABALONE Mother-of-pearl source
33 ABALONE Otter's prey
34 ABALONE Rock-clinging mollusk
35 ABALONE Marine mollusk
36 ABALONE Marine rock-clinger
37 ABALONE Marine snail
38 ABALONE Shell fish
39 ABALONE Shellfish
40 ABALONE Nacre source
41 ABALONE Popular shellfish
42 ABALONE Large mollusk
43 ABALONE Large snail
44 ABALONE Latin American delicacy
45 ABALONE Pearl source
46 ABALONE Mollusk
47 ABALONE Mollusk in a mother-of-pearl shell
48 ABALONE Mollusk with an iridescent inner shell
49 ABALONE Mollusk with an iridescent shell
50 ABALONE Source of iridescent buttons
51 ABALONE Source of mother-of-pearl
52 ABALONE Sushi bar selection
53 ABALONE Sushi-bar selection
54 ABALONE Sushi bar shellfish
55 ABALONE Sautéed fish dish
56 ABALONE Sea-ear
57 ABALONE Sea mollusk
58 ABALONE Sea shell
59 ABALONE Sea snail with a mother-of-pearl shell
60 ABALONE Sea snail
61 ABALONE Seafood delicacy
62 ABALONE Seafood dish
63 ABALONE Seafood order
64 ABALONE Tasty mollusk

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