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Crossword clues for ABACUS

Count Answer Clue
1 ABACUS Ancestor of a calculator
2 ABACUS Ancestor of the adding machine
3 ABACUS Ancient adder
4 ABACUS Ancient calculating tool
5 ABACUS Ancient calculator
6 ABACUS Basic adding machine
7 ABACUS Bead-based calculator
8 ABACUS Bead calculator
9 ABACUS Bead counter?
10 ABACUS Bead-frame calculator
11 ABACUS Beaded calculator
12 ABACUS Beaded counter
13 ABACUS Beaded device
14 ABACUS Arithmetic class device
15 ABACUS As a cub (anag)
16 ABACUS Asian calculator
17 ABACUS Adding device of old
18 ABACUS Adding device
19 ABACUS Instrument made from bamboo
20 ABACUS Frame + beads + wires
21 ABACUS Earliest computer
22 ABACUS Early calculator
23 ABACUS Early computer
24 ABACUS Early summer?
25 ABACUS Eastern computer
26 ABACUS Eastern summer
27 ABACUS Computer ancestor
28 ABACUS Computer of a sort
29 ABACUS Computing device
30 ABACUS Gadget you can count on?
31 ABACUS It may be counted on
32 ABACUS Device you can count on
33 ABACUS Chinese calculating frame
34 ABACUS Chinese calculator
35 ABACUS Item once popular in counter culture?
36 ABACUS Item with beads
37 ABACUS Counter-intuitive calculator?
38 ABACUS Counting aid
39 ABACUS Counting board
40 ABACUS Counting device
41 ABACUS Counting-frame
42 ABACUS Counting frame
43 ABACUS Counting machine
44 ABACUS Calculating device
45 ABACUS Calculator
46 ABACUS Calculator of a kind
47 ABACUS Calculator of a sort
48 ABACUS Calculator of old
49 ABACUS Calculator precursor
50 ABACUS Calculator that doesn't need batteries
51 ABACUS Calculator that doesn't shut off
52 ABACUS Calculator that has no on-off switch
53 ABACUS Calculator with beads
54 ABACUS Calculator's ancestor
55 ABACUS Calculator's cousin
56 ABACUS Erstwhile calculator
57 ABACUS Classical calculator
58 ABACUS Clicking calculator
59 ABACUS Clicking counter
60 ABACUS Crude calculator
61 ABACUS Tool that's counter-productive?
62 ABACUS Manual calculator
63 ABACUS Kind of calculator
64 ABACUS Math toy for kids
65 ABACUS Soroban
66 ABACUS Mechanical calculator
67 ABACUS Old calculator
68 ABACUS Old computer?
69 ABACUS Old counter?
70 ABACUS Old counter
71 ABACUS Old-world adder?
72 ABACUS Precalculator calculator
73 ABACUS Low-tech calculator
74 ABACUS Primitive calculator
75 ABACUS Primitive counting device
76 ABACUS Non-electronic calculator
77 ABACUS Simple calculating device
78 ABACUS You can always count on this
79 ABACUS You can count on it?
80 ABACUS You can count on it

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