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Crossword clues for ABACI

Count Answer Clue
1 ABACI Ancient adders
2 ABACI Ancient calculators
3 ABACI Ancient computers
4 ABACI Ancient counters
5 ABACI Ancient counting tools
6 ABACI Basic calculators
7 ABACI Basic counters
8 ABACI Battery-free calculators
9 ABACI Bead counters
10 ABACI Bead counters for bean counters
11 ABACI Bead counters?
12 ABACI Beaded adders
13 ABACI Beaded adders?
14 ABACI Beaded calculators
15 ABACI Beaded counters
16 ABACI Beaded counting machines
17 ABACI Beady calculators
18 ABACI Beady counters
19 ABACI Arithmetic-teaching devices
20 ABACI Asian counters
21 ABACI Adders
22 ABACI Adders from ancient Egypt
23 ABACI Adders with beads
24 ABACI Addition aids
25 ABACI Bamboo-and-wire gadgets
26 ABACI Early adders
27 ABACI Early adding devices
28 ABACI Early calculators
29 ABACI Early computers
30 ABACI Early counters
31 ABACI Early summers
32 ABACI Early summers?
33 ABACI Eastern adders?
34 ABACI Eastern counters
35 ABACI Eastern summers?
36 ABACI Computing devices
37 ABACI Devices also called counting frames
38 ABACI Chinese calculators
39 ABACI Chinese counters
40 ABACI Hand calculators
41 ABACI Counter examples?
42 ABACI Counters
43 ABACI Counters in China
44 ABACI Counters of old
45 ABACI Counters with beads
46 ABACI Counters with wooden frames
47 ABACI Counting devices
48 ABACI Counting frames
49 ABACI Counting gadgets
50 ABACI Calculating instruments
51 ABACI Calculating machines of old
52 ABACI Calculation aids
53 ABACI Calculator with no batteries
54 ABACI Calculators
55 ABACI Calculators' ancestors
56 ABACI Calculators of old
57 ABACI Calculators of sorts
58 ABACI Calculators of yore
59 ABACI Calculators often made with bamboo frames
60 ABACI Calculators that don't need batteries
61 ABACI Calculators with beads
62 ABACI Calculators with sliding beads
63 ABACI Classroom clickers of old
64 ABACI Clicking calculators
65 ABACI Clicking counters
66 ABACI Folks counted on them for years
67 ABACI Crude adders
68 ABACI Crude counter
69 ABACI Crude counters
70 ABACI Collectible calculators
71 ABACI Manual calculators
72 ABACI Manual computers
73 ABACI Very old calculators
74 ABACI Some wooden counters
75 ABACI Quaint calculators
76 ABACI Rudimentary calculators
77 ABACI Old adders
78 ABACI Old calculators
79 ABACI Old computers?
80 ABACI Old counters
81 ABACI Old counting devices
82 ABACI Old-style calculators
83 ABACI Old-style counters
84 ABACI Rattling adders
85 ABACI Pre-PC counters
86 ABACI Precalculator calculators
87 ABACI Low-tech calculators
88 ABACI Primitive adders
89 ABACI Primitive calculators
90 ABACI Primitive computers
91 ABACI Primitive counters
92 ABACI Noisy counters
93 ABACI Wooden counters of old
94 ABACI Wooden counters?
95 ABACI Summers
96 ABACI Summers back in the day?
97 ABACI Summers in China?
98 ABACI Summers in the East?
99 ABACI Summers in the Far East?
100 ABACI Summers of old?
101 ABACI They add up
102 ABACI They can always be counted on
103 ABACI They give sum help?
104 ABACI Simple adding devices
105 ABACI Simple calculators
106 ABACI Simple counters
107 ABACI Simple counting devices
108 ABACI They're to be counted on
109 ABACI Things with beads
110 ABACI Slide calculators
111 ABACI Slide rule precursors
112 ABACI Y2K-compliant calculator
113 ABACI You can always count on them
114 ABACI You can count on them!
115 ABACI You can count on them
116 ABACI You can count on these

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