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Crossword clues for AARP

Count Answer Clue
1 AARP 40 million-member org. founded in 1958
2 AARP 50-and-over gp.
3 AARP 50-and-over group: Abbr.
4 AARP 50-and-over group
5 AARP 50-and-over org.
6 AARP 50-and-over organization: Abbr.
7 AARP 50-and-over organization
8 AARP 50-and-up gp.
9 AARP 50-and-up group
10 AARP 50-and-up grp.
11 AARP 50-and-up org.
12 AARP 50+ group
13 AARP 50-or-better org.
14 AARP 50 or more people?
15 AARP 50+ org.
16 AARP 50+ organization
17 AARP 50-year-old group for people 50 or older
18 AARP __ The Magazine (formerly Modern Maturity)
19 AARP "__ The Magazine" (high circulation monthly)
20 AARP __ The Magazine
21 AARP ___ The Magazine (bimonthly with 35+ million readers)
22 AARP ___ The Magazine, formerly known as Modern Maturity
23 AARP ___ The Magazine (formerly Modern Maturity)
24 AARP ___ The Magazine (highest-circulating magazine in the U.S.)
25 AARP Active-brain advocate
26 AARP Bestower of the Movies for Grownups Awards
27 AARP Big D.C. lobby
28 AARP Assoc. for aging rockers?
29 AARP Big mailer to the over-50 crowd
30 AARP Advocacy gp. for boomers
31 AARP Advocacy group for seniors
32 AARP Advocate for seniors
33 AARP Advocate for srs.
34 AARP Advocate for the 50-and-over crowd
35 AARP Boomer advocacy group
36 AARP Boomer advocacy grp.
37 AARP Boomer advocate
38 AARP Boomers are swelling its ranks
39 AARP Boomer's gp., nowadays
40 AARP Boomers' lobbying group
41 AARP Boomers' org., nowadays
42 AARP Interest group for seniors
43 AARP Interest group turning 60 this year
44 AARP Interest group with over 37 million members
45 AARP D.C. lobby for seniors
46 AARP Group concerned with aging
47 AARP Group for people 50 and older: Abbr.
48 AARP Group for people 50 and up
49 AARP Group for people 50+
50 AARP Group for seniors
51 AARP Group for Stones demographic? (Abbr.)
52 AARP Group for those 50 and older
53 AARP Group for which Dr. Dre became eligible in February
54 AARP Group lobbying for lower drug prices
55 AARP Group that grows as boomers grow
56 AARP Group that holds a National Senior Spelling Bee
57 AARP Group that lobbies for senior citizens: Abbr.
58 AARP Group that offers free memberships to spouses
59 AARP Group touting Movies for Grownups
60 AARP Group with a mail-order pharmacy
61 AARP Group with a powerful D.C. lobby
62 AARP Group with a self-titled bimonthly magazine
63 AARP Group with an annual Life@50+ expo
64 AARP Group with many boomers
65 AARP Group with many golden agers
66 AARP Group with Medicare information
67 AARP Group you're almost eligible for if your age is this clue number
68 AARP Grp. for seniors
69 AARP Grp. for those 50+
70 AARP Grp. founded by a former high-school principal in 1958
71 AARP Grp. making after-work plans?
72 AARP Grp. that offers driver safety courses
73 AARP Grp. whose members get discounts on hearing aids
74 AARP Grp. with the slogan "Real Possibilities"
75 AARP Fifty-and-older org.
76 AARP It used to publish My Generation
77 AARP "Discover Your Possibilities" sloganeer
78 AARP Its initials became its name in 1999
79 AARP Its logo is on the book "Sudoku to Exercise Your Mind"
80 AARP "Divided We Fail" org.
81 AARP Its website has a Staying Sharp section
82 AARP Health care reform lobbying group
83 AARP Help for the senior set
84 AARP Golden agers' group (abbr.)
85 AARP Golden ager's grp.
86 AARP Golden years group
87 AARP Drive to End Hunger org.
88 AARP Drive to End Hunger organization
89 AARP Highest-circ. US magazine
90 AARP Highest-circulation US magazine
91 AARP Gp. for Baby Boomers
92 AARP Gp. for mature audiences
93 AARP Gp. for people 50 and older
94 AARP Org. with a "Pill Identifier" section on its website
95 AARP Org. with a Work & Retirement section on its website
96 AARP Org. with driving refresher courses for seniors
97 AARP Org. with many boomers
98 AARP Org. with more than 35 million members
99 AARP Org. with the motto "The power to make it better"
100 AARP Org. with the slogan "Real Possibilities"
101 AARP Where membership begins at 50
102 AARP Organization behind the Movies for Grownups Awards
103 AARP Organization for people 50 or older: Abbr.
104 AARP Organization for people 50 years old and up
105 AARP Organization for people 50+
106 AARP Organization for people ages 50 and older: Abbr.
107 AARP Organization for seniors: Abbr.
108 AARP Organization for seniors
109 AARP Organization for the 50+ crowd
110 AARP Organization of nearly 38 million
111 AARP Organization that better not send me any mail for another decade
112 AARP Organization that publishes the Spanish magazine Segunda Juventud
113 AARP Organization whose members are at least halfway toward becoming centenarians
114 AARP Organization whose publications have the highest US circulation numbers
115 AARP Organization with an ElderWatch program
116 AARP Organization with many boomers
117 AARP Organization with over 35 million members
118 AARP Provider of senior discounts
119 AARP Publ. of Modern Maturity
120 AARP Publ. of Modern Maturity
121 AARP Publisher of Modern Maturity
122 AARP Publisher of the most widely read magazine in the U.S.
123 AARP Many of its members are boomers
124 AARP Over-50 grp.
125 AARP Over-50 org.
126 AARP Over-50 organization
127 AARP "Movies for Grownups" producer
128 AARP Strong lobby for seniors
129 AARP Marketer of Medigap insurance plans
130 AARP Obamacare support grp.
131 AARP "The power to make it better" org.
132 AARP "The power to make it better" organization
133 AARP "The power to make it better" sloganeer
134 AARP Medicare advocate
135 AARP Membership group for people 50 or older (its name is officially no longer an abbreviation)
136 AARP Lobbyer for seniors
137 AARP Lobbying group for 50-and-over folks
138 AARP Lobbying group for 50-and-overs
139 AARP Lobbying group for people over 50: Abbr.
140 AARP Lobbying group for seniors
141 AARP Lobbying group with over 37 million members
142 AARP Lobbying org. for seniors
143 AARP Lobbyist for srs.
144 AARP Older workers' advocacy gp.
145 AARP Oldsters' org.
146 AARP Largest US magazine
147 AARP "Real Possibilities" org.
148 AARP Powerful D.C. lobby
149 AARP Powerful lobby for seniors
150 AARP Powerful seniors' lobby
151 AARP Powerful srs.' lobby
152 AARP Renamer of Modern Maturity
153 AARP Modern Maturity gp.
154 AARP Modern Maturity grp.
155 AARP "Modern Maturity" org.
156 AARP Modern Maturity org.
157 AARP Modern Maturity publisher
158 AARP Mag formerly titled ''Modern Maturity''
159 AARP Major D.C. lobby
160 AARP Major Medicare supporter
161 AARP Retirees' org.
162 AARP Org. for 50-and-older folks
163 AARP Org. for boomers, now
164 AARP Org. for boomers
165 AARP Org. for folks over 50
166 AARP Org. for many boomers
167 AARP Org. for mature audiences only?
168 AARP Org. for pensioners
169 AARP Org. for people 50 and over
170 AARP Org. for people 50+
171 AARP Org. for people over 50
172 AARP Org. for retirees
173 AARP Org. for senior citizens
174 AARP Org. for seniors
175 AARP Org. for the aging
176 AARP Org. for those 50+
177 AARP Org. looking out for seniors' interests
178 AARP Org. promoted by Betty White
179 AARP Org. promoting Social Security solvency
180 AARP Org. that gives out "Movies for Grownups" awards
181 AARP Org. that has boomed due to boomers
182 AARP Org. that turned 50 in 2008
183 AARP Org. that turned 60 in 2018
184 AARP Org. that will turn 50 in 2008
185 AARP Org. this puzzle's honoree might now be interested in joining
186 AARP Org. whose magazine was once called Modern Maturity
187 AARP Sr. lobby
188 AARP Sr. org.
189 AARP Srs.' lobby
190 AARP Srs.' lobbying gp.
191 AARP Srs.' lobbying org.
192 AARP Sr.'s lobbyist gp.
193 AARP Srs. org.
194 AARP U.S. org. with over 39 million members
195 AARP "To serve, not to be served" group
196 AARP "To serve, not to be served" sloganeer
197 AARP Soc. Sec. supporter
198 AARP Senior advocacy gp.
199 AARP Senior advocacy group
200 AARP Senior advocate
201 AARP Senior citizens group
202 AARP Senior citizen's grp.
203 AARP Senior citizens' lobbying group: Abbr.
204 AARP Senior citizens' org.
205 AARP Senior coalition
206 AARP Senior lobby
207 AARP Senior party?
208 AARP Seniors' advocacy grp.
209 AARP Seniors' advocacy org.
210 AARP Seniors' D.C. lobby
211 AARP Seniors' gp.
212 AARP Seniors' group
213 AARP Seniors' grp.
214 AARP Seniors' lobby, briefly
215 AARP Seniors' lobbying group whose name is no longer an abbreviation
216 AARP Seniors' lobbying org.
217 AARP Seniors org.
218 AARP Senior's org.
219 AARP Seniors' org.
220 AARP Seniors' organization
221 AARP Seniors' PAC

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