Unscramble WHORLBAT and Find the Anagrams

We found 186 possible anagrams by unscrambling the letters in WHORLBAT. Below, you can see the words by length, Scrabble score, and whether the word is playable in US or International dictionaries.

8-letter anagrams of WHORLBAT

Points Word Letters US Intl.
16 WHORLBAT W4 H4 O1 R1 L1 B3 A1 T1

7-letter anagrams of WHORLBAT

Points Word Letters US Intl.
12 BLAWORT B3 L1 A1 W4 O1 R1 T1

6-letter anagrams of WHORLBAT

Points Word Letters US Intl.
11 ATHROB A1 T1 H4 R1 O1 B3
11 BARLOW B3 A1 R1 L1 O1 W4
11 BROTHA B3 R1 O1 T1 H4 A1
9 HARLOT H4 A1 R1 L1 O1 T1
11 TOWBAR T1 O1 W4 B3 A1 R1
11 WARBOT W4 A1 R1 B3 O1 T1
12 WROATH W4 R1 O1 A1 T1 H4

5-letter anagrams of WHORLBAT

Points Word Letters US Intl.
10 ABHOR A1 B3 H4 O1 R1
10 ABLOW A1 B3 L1 O1 W4
7 ABORT A1 B3 O1 R1 T1
8 ALTHO A1 L1 T1 H4 O1
7 BLART B3 L1 A1 R1 T1
7 BLOAT B3 L1 O1 A1 T1
7 BOART B3 O1 A1 R1 T1
7 BOLAR B3 O1 L1 A1 R1
7 BORAL B3 O1 R1 A1 L1
10 BOWAT B3 O1 W4 A1 T1
10 BRAWL B3 R1 A1 W4 L1
10 BROTH B3 R1 O1 T1 H4
8 HORAL H4 O1 R1 A1 L1
7 LABOR L1 A1 B3 O1 R1
8 LOATH L1 O1 A1 T1 H4
7 LOBAR L1 O1 B3 A1 R1
8 LOTAH L1 O1 T1 A1 H4
5 ROTAL R1 O1 T1 A1 L1
11 ROWTH R1 O1 W4 T1 H4
7 TABOR T1 A1 B3 O1 R1
11 THOWL T1 H4 O1 W4 L1
11 THRAW T1 H4 R1 A1 W4
10 THROB T1 H4 R1 O1 B3
11 THROW T1 H4 R1 O1 W4
5 TOLAR T1 O1 L1 A1 R1
8 TORAH T1 O1 R1 A1 H4
8 TRAWL T1 R1 A1 W4 L1
11 WHORL W4 H4 O1 R1 L1
11 WHORT W4 H4 O1 R1 T1
11 WORTH W4 O1 R1 T1 H4
11 WRATH W4 R1 A1 T1 H4
11 WROTH W4 R1 O1 T1 H4

4-letter anagrams of WHORLBAT

Points Word Letters US Intl.
7 ALOW A1 L1 O1 W4
4 ALTO A1 L1 T1 O1
7 AROW A1 R1 O1 W4
7 AWOL A1 W4 O1 L1
9 BAHT B3 A1 H4 T1
9 BATH B3 A1 T1 H4
9 BAWL B3 A1 W4 L1
9 BAWR B3 A1 W4 R1
9 BHAT B3 H4 A1 T1
9 BLAH B3 L1 A1 H4
6 BLAT B3 L1 A1 T1
9 BLAW B3 L1 A1 W4
6 BLOT B3 L1 O1 T1
9 BLOW B3 L1 O1 W4
6 BOAR B3 O1 A1 R1
6 BOAT B3 O1 A1 T1
6 BOLA B3 O1 L1 A1
6 BOLT B3 O1 L1 T1
6 BORA B3 O1 R1 A1
6 BORT B3 O1 R1 T1
6 BOTA B3 O1 T1 A1
9 BOTH B3 O1 T1 H4
9 BOWL B3 O1 W4 L1
9 BOWR B3 O1 W4 R1
6 BRAT B3 R1 A1 T1
9 BRAW B3 R1 A1 W4
9 BROW B3 R1 O1 W4
7 HALO H4 A1 L1 O1
7 HALT H4 A1 L1 T1
7 HARL H4 A1 R1 L1
7 HARO H4 A1 R1 O1
7 HART H4 A1 R1 T1
7 HOAR H4 O1 A1 R1
7 HOLT H4 O1 L1 T1
7 HORA H4 O1 R1 A1
10 HOWL H4 O1 W4 L1
7 LATH L1 A1 T1 H4
4 LOTA L1 O1 T1 A1
7 LOTH L1 O1 T1 H4
7 LOWT L1 O1 W4 T1
7 OATH O1 A1 T1 H4
4 ORAL O1 R1 A1 L1
7 RATH R1 A1 T1 H4
4 RATO R1 A1 T1 O1
4 ROTA R1 O1 T1 A1
4 ROTL R1 O1 T1 L1
7 ROWT R1 O1 W4 T1
7 TAHR T1 A1 H4 R1
4 TARO T1 A1 R1 O1
7 THAR T1 H4 A1 R1
10 THAW T1 H4 A1 W4
7 THRO T1 H4 R1 O1
4 TOLA T1 O1 L1 A1
4 TORA T1 O1 R1 A1
7 TROW T1 R1 O1 W4
7 TWAL T1 W4 A1 L1
9 WARB W4 A1 R1 B3
7 WART W4 A1 R1 T1
10 WHAT W4 H4 A1 T1
10 WHOA W4 H4 O1 A1
10 WHOT W4 H4 O1 T1
10 WOAH W4 O1 A1 H4
7 WORT W4 O1 R1 T1

3-letter anagrams of WHORLBAT

Points Word Letters US Intl.
5 ALB A1 L1 B3
3 ALT A1 L1 T1
5 ARB A1 R1 B3
3 ART A1 R1 T1
6 AWL A1 W4 L1
8 BAH B3 A1 H4
5 BAL B3 A1 L1
5 BAO B3 A1 O1
5 BAR B3 A1 R1
5 BAT B3 A1 T1
5 BOA B3 O1 A1
8 BOH B3 O1 H4
5 BOR B3 O1 R1
5 BOT B3 O1 T1
8 BOW B3 O1 W4
5 BRA B3 R1 A1
5 BRO B3 R1 O1
6 HAO H4 A1 O1
6 HAT H4 A1 T1
9 HAW H4 A1 W4
6 HOA H4 O1 A1
8 HOB H4 O1 B3
6 HOT H4 O1 T1
9 HOW H4 O1 W4
5 LAB L1 A1 B3
6 LAH L1 A1 H4
3 LAR L1 A1 R1
3 LAT L1 A1 T1
6 LAW L1 A1 W4
5 LOB L1 O1 B3
3 LOR L1 O1 R1
3 LOT L1 O1 T1
6 LOW L1 O1 W4
3 OAR O1 A1 R1
3 OAT O1 A1 T1
5 OBA O1 B3 A1
3 ORA O1 R1 A1
5 ORB O1 R1 B3
3 ORT O1 R1 T1
6 OWL O1 W4 L1
6 OWT O1 W4 T1
6 RAH R1 A1 H4
3 RAT R1 A1 T1
6 RAW R1 A1 W4
6 RHO R1 H4 O1
5 ROB R1 O1 B3
3 ROT R1 O1 T1
6 ROW R1 O1 W4
5 TAB T1 A1 B3
3 TAO T1 A1 O1
3 TAR T1 A1 R1
6 TAW T1 A1 W4
6 THO T1 H4 O1
3 TOR T1 O1 R1
6 TOW T1 O1 W4
6 TWA T1 W4 A1
6 TWO T1 W4 O1
8 WAB W4 A1 B3
6 WAR W4 A1 R1
6 WAT W4 A1 T1
9 WHA W4 H4 A1
9 WHO W4 H4 O1
6 WOT W4 O1 T1

2-letter anagrams of WHORLBAT

Points Word Letters US Intl.
4 AB A1 B3
5 AH A1 H4
2 AL A1 L1
2 AR A1 R1
2 AT A1 T1
5 AW A1 W4
4 BA B3 A1
4 BO B3 O1
5 HA H4 A1
5 HO H4 O1
2 LA L1 A1
2 LO L1 O1
4 OB O1 B3
5 OH O1 H4
2 OR O1 R1
5 OW O1 W4
2 TA T1 A1
2 TO T1 O1
5 WO W4 O1

What is an anagram?

Anagrams date back as far as 440 BC. They were used by Cicero and Julius Caesar and can still be found in popular usage today.

An anagram is a word or phrase formed by rearranging the letters of another. For example, the word "friend" can be rearranged to become "finder".

In English usage, there are three types of anagrams: transposals, substitutions and expansions.

  • In transposition, some changes are made in the order of letters but none is removed or added.
  • In substitution, one letter replaces another without any effect on the pronunciation of the result.
  • An expansion adds letters with no effect on the pronunciation of the result.

How to unscramble an anagram?

As a human, you would solve an anagram through deduction. You'd look at the letters that already exist, then cross off possibilities for unstated letters.

Here's how it might go when solving the anagram "friend" which becomes "finder":

Through deduction, you would try to rearrange the letters in your mind, coming up with a word that uses all the letters in "friend" to create the word "finder".

Here at Wordsquared, we use computers to find the anagrams for a series of letters. We have a dictionary of Scrabble words, which we can search through using your letters entered above, and our algorithm will find all of the exact and partial anagrams for that given set of letters.

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