Unscramble SAMPIES and Find the Anagrams

We found 146 possible anagrams by unscrambling the letters in SAMPIES. Below, you can see the words by length, Scrabble score, and whether the word is playable in US or International dictionaries.

7-letter anagrams of SAMPIES

Points Word Letters US Intl.
11 IMPASSE I1 M3 P3 A1 S1 S1 E1
11 PESSIMA P3 E1 S1 S1 I1 M3 A1

6-letter anagrams of SAMPIES

Points Word Letters US Intl.
8 AMISES A1 M3 I1 S1 E1 S1
10 APISMS A1 P3 I1 S1 M3 S1
8 MAISES M3 A1 I1 S1 E1 S1
8 MISSAE M3 I1 S1 S1 A1 E1
10 PASSIM P3 A1 S1 S1 I1 M3
10 SAMPIS S1 A1 M3 P3 I1 S1
8 SEPIAS S1 E1 P3 I1 A1 S1

5-letter anagrams of SAMPIES

Points Word Letters US Intl.
7 AMIES A1 M3 I1 E1 S1
7 AMISS A1 M3 I1 S1 S1
9 APISM A1 P3 I1 S1 M3
7 APSES A1 P3 S1 E1 S1
7 APSIS A1 P3 S1 I1 S1
7 ASPIS A1 S1 P3 I1 S1
7 MAISE M3 A1 I1 S1 E1
7 MASES M3 A1 S1 E1 S1
7 MASSE M3 A1 S1 S1 E1
7 MESAS M3 E1 S1 A1 S1
7 MISES M3 I1 S1 E1 S1
7 MISSA M3 I1 S1 S1 A1
7 PAISE P3 A1 I1 S1 E1
7 PASES P3 A1 S1 E1 S1
7 PASSE P3 A1 S1 S1 E1
9 PIMAS P3 I1 M3 A1 S1
7 PISES P3 I1 S1 E1 S1
7 SAIMS S1 A1 I1 M3 S1
7 SAMES S1 A1 M3 E1 S1
9 SAMPI S1 A1 M3 P3 I1
9 SAMPS S1 A1 M3 P3 S1
7 SEAMS S1 E1 A1 M3 S1
7 SEISM S1 E1 I1 S1 M3
7 SEMIS S1 E1 M3 I1 S1
7 SEPIA S1 E1 P3 I1 A1
7 SIMAS S1 I1 M3 A1 S1
9 SIMPS S1 I1 M3 P3 S1
7 SIPES S1 I1 P3 E1 S1
7 SPAES S1 P3 A1 E1 S1
9 SPAMS S1 P3 A1 M3 S1
9 SPASM S1 P3 A1 S1 M3
7 SPIES S1 P3 I1 E1 S1
9 SPIMS S1 P3 I1 M3 S1

4-letter anagrams of SAMPIES

Points Word Letters US Intl.
6 AIMS A1 I1 M3 S1
6 AMES A1 M3 E1 S1
6 AMIE A1 M3 I1 E1
6 AMIS A1 M3 I1 S1
8 AMPS A1 M3 P3 S1
6 APES A1 P3 E1 S1
6 APSE A1 P3 S1 E1
6 ASPS A1 S1 P3 S1
8 IMPS I1 M3 P3 S1
6 ISMS I1 S1 M3 S1
6 MAES M3 A1 E1 S1
8 MAPS M3 A1 P3 S1
6 MASE M3 A1 S1 E1
6 MASS M3 A1 S1 S1
6 MESA M3 E1 S1 A1
6 MESS M3 E1 S1 S1
8 MIPS M3 I1 P3 S1
6 MISE M3 I1 S1 E1
6 MISS M3 I1 S1 S1
6 PAIS P3 A1 I1 S1
8 PAMS P3 A1 M3 S1
6 PASE P3 A1 S1 E1
6 PASS P3 A1 S1 S1
6 PEAS P3 E1 A1 S1
6 PIAS P3 I1 A1 S1
6 PIES P3 I1 E1 S1
8 PIMA P3 I1 M3 A1
6 PISE P3 I1 S1 E1
6 PISS P3 I1 S1 S1
6 PSIS P3 S1 I1 S1
6 SAIM S1 A1 I1 M3
4 SAIS S1 A1 I1 S1
6 SAME S1 A1 M3 E1
8 SAMP S1 A1 M3 P3
6 SAMS S1 A1 M3 S1
6 SAPS S1 A1 P3 S1
6 SEAM S1 E1 A1 M3
4 SEAS S1 E1 A1 S1
4 SEIS S1 E1 I1 S1
6 SEMI S1 E1 M3 I1
6 SEPS S1 E1 P3 S1
4 SIES S1 I1 E1 S1
6 SIMA S1 I1 M3 A1
8 SIMP S1 I1 M3 P3
6 SIMS S1 I1 M3 S1
6 SIPE S1 I1 P3 E1
6 SIPS S1 I1 P3 S1
6 SPAE S1 P3 A1 E1
8 SPAM S1 P3 A1 M3
6 SPAS S1 P3 A1 S1
6 SPIE S1 P3 I1 E1
8 SPIM S1 P3 I1 M3

3-letter anagrams of SAMPIES

Points Word Letters US Intl.
5 AIM A1 I1 M3
3 AIS A1 I1 S1
5 AME A1 M3 E1
5 AMI A1 M3 I1
7 AMP A1 M3 P3
5 APE A1 P3 E1
5 ASP A1 S1 P3
3 ASS A1 S1 S1
3 EAS E1 A1 S1
5 EMS E1 M3 S1
3 ESS E1 S1 S1
7 IMP I1 M3 P3
5 ISM I1 S1 M3
5 MAE M3 A1 E1
7 MAP M3 A1 P3
5 MAS M3 A1 S1
5 MES M3 E1 S1
5 MIS M3 I1 S1
7 PAM P3 A1 M3
5 PAS P3 A1 S1
5 PEA P3 E1 A1
5 PES P3 E1 S1
5 PIA P3 I1 A1
5 PIE P3 I1 E1
5 PIS P3 I1 S1
5 PSI P3 S1 I1
3 SAE S1 A1 E1
3 SAI S1 A1 I1
5 SAM S1 A1 M3
5 SAP S1 A1 P3
3 SEA S1 E1 A1
3 SEI S1 E1 I1
5 SIM S1 I1 M3
5 SIP S1 I1 P3
3 SIS S1 I1 S1
5 SMA S1 M3 A1
5 SPA S1 P3 A1

2-letter anagrams of SAMPIES

Points Word Letters US Intl.
2 AE A1 E1
2 AI A1 I1
4 AM A1 M3
2 AS A1 S1
2 EA E1 A1
4 EM E1 M3
2 ES E1 S1
2 IS I1 S1
4 MA M3 A1
4 ME M3 E1
4 MI M3 I1
4 PA P3 A1
4 PE P3 E1
4 PI P3 I1
2 SI S1 I1

What is an anagram?

Anagrams date back as far as 440 BC. They were used by Cicero and Julius Caesar and can still be found in popular usage today.

An anagram is a word or phrase formed by rearranging the letters of another. For example, the word "friend" can be rearranged to become "finder".

In English usage, there are three types of anagrams: transposals, substitutions and expansions.

  • In transposition, some changes are made in the order of letters but none is removed or added.
  • In substitution, one letter replaces another without any effect on the pronunciation of the result.
  • An expansion adds letters with no effect on the pronunciation of the result.

How to unscramble an anagram?

As a human, you would solve an anagram through deduction. You'd look at the letters that already exist, then cross off possibilities for unstated letters.

Here's how it might go when solving the anagram "friend" which becomes "finder":

Through deduction, you would try to rearrange the letters in your mind, coming up with a word that uses all the letters in "friend" to create the word "finder".

Here at Wordsquared, we use computers to find the anagrams for a series of letters. We have a dictionary of Scrabble words, which we can search through using your letters entered above, and our algorithm will find all of the exact and partial anagrams for that given set of letters.

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