Unscramble FUTURITION and Find the Anagrams

We found 139 possible anagrams by unscrambling the letters in FUTURITION. Below, you can see the words by length, Scrabble score, and whether the word is playable in US or International dictionaries.

10-letter anagrams of FUTURITION

Points Word Letters US Intl.
13 FUTURITION F4 U1 T1 U1 R1 I1 T1 I1 O1 N1

8-letter anagrams of FUTURITION

Points Word Letters US Intl.
11 FRUITION F4 R1 U1 I1 T1 I1 O1 N1

7-letter anagrams of FUTURITION

Points Word Letters US Intl.
7 INTROIT I1 N1 T1 R1 O1 I1 T1
7 OUTTURN O1 U1 T1 T1 U1 R1 N1
7 TUITION T1 U1 I1 T1 I1 O1 N1
7 TURNOUT T1 U1 R1 N1 O1 U1 T1

6-letter anagrams of FUTURITION

Points Word Letters US Intl.
9 FINITO F4 I1 N1 I1 T1 O1
9 FIORIN F4 I1 O1 R1 I1 N1
9 FORINT F4 O1 R1 I1 N1 T1
6 INTORT I1 N1 T1 O1 R1 T1
6 INTUIT I1 N1 T1 U1 I1 T1
9 OUTFIT O1 U1 T1 F4 I1 T1
6 OUTRUN O1 U1 T1 R1 U1 N1
6 ROTINI R1 O1 T1 I1 N1 I1
6 RUNOUT R1 U1 N1 O1 U1 T1
6 TRITON T1 R1 I1 T1 O1 N1
6 TURION T1 U1 R1 I1 O1 N1
9 UNTURF U1 N1 T1 U1 R1 F4

5-letter anagrams of FUTURITION

Points Word Letters US Intl.
8 FOUNT F4 O1 U1 N1 T1
8 FRITT F4 R1 I1 T1 T1
8 FRONT F4 R1 O1 N1 T1
8 FRUIT F4 R1 U1 I1 T1
8 FUTON F4 U1 T1 O1 N1
5 INTRO I1 N1 T1 R1 O1
5 NITRO N1 I1 T1 R1 O1
5 RUTIN R1 U1 T1 I1 N1
5 TORII T1 O1 R1 I1 I1
5 TROUT T1 R1 O1 U1 T1
5 TURNT T1 U1 R1 N1 T1
5 TUTOR T1 U1 T1 O1 R1
8 UNFIT U1 N1 F4 I1 T1

4-letter anagrams of FUTURITION

Points Word Letters US Intl.
7 FINI F4 I1 N1 I1
7 FINO F4 I1 N1 O1
7 FIRN F4 I1 R1 N1
7 FITT F4 I1 T1 T1
7 FOIN F4 O1 I1 N1
7 FONT F4 O1 N1 T1
7 FORT F4 O1 R1 T1
7 FOUR F4 O1 U1 R1
7 FRIT F4 R1 I1 T1
7 INFO I1 N1 F4 O1
4 INRO I1 N1 R1 O1
4 INTI I1 N1 T1 I1
4 INTO I1 N1 T1 O1
4 IRON I1 R1 O1 N1
4 NOIR N1 O1 I1 R1
4 NORI N1 O1 R1 I1
4 NOTT N1 O1 T1 T1
4 NOUT N1 O1 U1 T1
4 OINT O1 I1 N1 T1
4 OURN O1 U1 R1 N1
7 RIFT R1 I1 F4 T1
4 RIOT R1 I1 O1 T1
4 RITT R1 I1 T1 T1
4 ROIN R1 O1 I1 N1
4 RONT R1 O1 N1 T1
4 ROTI R1 O1 T1 I1
4 ROUT R1 O1 U1 T1
4 RUIN R1 U1 I1 N1
4 RUNT R1 U1 N1 T1
7 TIFO T1 I1 F4 O1
7 TIFT T1 I1 F4 T1
4 TINT T1 I1 N1 T1
4 TIRO T1 I1 R1 O1
4 TITI T1 I1 T1 I1
7 TOFT T1 O1 F4 T1
7 TOFU T1 O1 F4 U1
4 TOIT T1 O1 I1 T1
4 TORI T1 O1 R1 I1
4 TORN T1 O1 R1 N1
4 TORT T1 O1 R1 T1
4 TOUN T1 O1 U1 N1
4 TOUR T1 O1 U1 R1
4 TOUT T1 O1 U1 T1
4 TRIN T1 R1 I1 N1
4 TRIO T1 R1 I1 O1
4 TRON T1 R1 O1 N1
4 TROT T1 R1 O1 T1
4 TROU T1 R1 O1 U1
7 TUFT T1 U1 F4 T1
7 TURF T1 U1 R1 F4
4 TURN T1 U1 R1 N1
4 TUTU T1 U1 T1 U1
4 UNIT U1 N1 I1 T1
4 UNTO U1 N1 T1 O1

3-letter anagrams of FUTURITION

Points Word Letters US Intl.
6 FIN F4 I1 N1
6 FIR F4 I1 R1
6 FIT F4 I1 T1
6 FON F4 O1 N1
6 FOR F4 O1 R1
6 FOU F4 O1 U1
6 FRO F4 R1 O1
6 FUN F4 U1 N1
6 FUR F4 U1 R1
3 ION I1 O1 N1
3 NIT N1 I1 T1
3 NOR N1 O1 R1
3 NOT N1 O1 T1
3 NUR N1 U1 R1
3 NUT N1 U1 T1
6 OFT O1 F4 T1
6 ORF O1 R1 F4
3 ORT O1 R1 T1
3 OUR O1 U1 R1
3 OUT O1 U1 T1
6 RIF R1 I1 F4
3 RIN R1 I1 N1
3 RIT R1 I1 T1
3 ROT R1 O1 T1
3 RUN R1 U1 N1
3 RUT R1 U1 T1
3 TIN T1 I1 N1
3 TIT T1 I1 T1
3 TON T1 O1 N1
3 TOR T1 O1 R1
3 TOT T1 O1 T1
3 TUI T1 U1 I1
3 TUN T1 U1 N1
3 TUT T1 U1 T1
6 UFO U1 F4 O1
3 UNI U1 N1 I1
3 URN U1 R1 N1
3 UTU U1 T1 U1

2-letter anagrams of FUTURITION

Points Word Letters US Intl.
5 IF I1 F4
2 IN I1 N1
2 IO I1 O1
2 IT I1 T1
2 NO N1 O1
2 NU N1 U1
5 OF O1 F4
2 OI O1 I1
2 ON O1 N1
2 OR O1 R1
2 OU O1 U1
2 TI T1 I1
2 TO T1 O1
2 UN U1 N1
2 UR U1 R1
2 UT U1 T1

What is an anagram?

Anagrams date back as far as 440 BC. They were used by Cicero and Julius Caesar and can still be found in popular usage today.

An anagram is a word or phrase formed by rearranging the letters of another. For example, the word "friend" can be rearranged to become "finder".

In English usage, there are three types of anagrams: transposals, substitutions and expansions.

  • In transposition, some changes are made in the order of letters but none is removed or added.
  • In substitution, one letter replaces another without any effect on the pronunciation of the result.
  • An expansion adds letters with no effect on the pronunciation of the result.

How to unscramble an anagram?

As a human, you would solve an anagram through deduction. You'd look at the letters that already exist, then cross off possibilities for unstated letters.

Here's how it might go when solving the anagram "friend" which becomes "finder":

Through deduction, you would try to rearrange the letters in your mind, coming up with a word that uses all the letters in "friend" to create the word "finder".

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