Is RECONSULT a Playable Scrabble Word?

RECONSULT is playable in some Scrabble dictionaries, but not all of them. Check the list below to verify it is playable with the dictionary you're using. If it is playable, it's worth 11 points.

Dictionary Name Region Valid?
Offcl. Scrabble Pl. Dict. & Offcl Scrabble Words SOWPODS International / UK / Australia YES
Collins Scrabble Words 2021 CSW21 International / UK / Australia YES
NASPA Word List 2020 NWL2020 USA / Canada / Thailand YES
Tournament Word List 2006 TWL06 USA / Canada / Thailand YES
Words with Friends 2000 ENABLE2K Worldwide NO
Words with Friends 1997 (Retired) ENABLE1 Worldwide NO

How many points is RECONSULT worth in Scrabble?

Total points


Per letter points

R1 E1 C3 O1 N1 S1 U1 L1 T1

Scrabble score table

The table below covers how many points each letter will give you when playing a game of Scrabble. The most common letters are worth one point, and the rarest letters are worth 8-10 points.

You can use our Scrabble tools to help you learn and remember words which contain the rare letters to make sure you get the highest score possible!

Score Letters
2 DG
5 K
8 JX
10 QZ

Hopefully this page has helped you to find out whether RECONSULT is playable in a Scrabble game, and which Scrabble dictionaries it is playable in.

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