4x platinum 2001 album with the #1 hit "I'm Real" crossword clue answers

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Based on the most relevant answer above (JLO), we also found 158 clues that are similar or possibly related to 4x platinum 2001 album with the #1 hit "I'm Real".

Count Answer
1 '01 album that knocked the Beatles' "1" off the #1 spot
2 2001 #1 album with the hit "Love Don't Cost a Thing"
3 2001 album featuring "Love Don't Cost a Thing"
4 2001 album including the song "Love Don't Cost a Thing"
5 2001 album that debuted at #1
6 2001 album that features "Love Don't Cost a Thing"
7 2001 album that's also a nickname
8 2001 album with the #1 hit "Ain't It Funny"
9 2001 album with the song "Love Don't Cost a Thing"
10 2001 self-titled quadruple-platinum album
11 2018 recipient of MTV's Video Vanguard award, familiarly
12 4x platinum album of 2001
13 "American Idol" judge, familiarly
14 A-Rod's fiancee
15 Ben's ex-squeeze
16 Best-selling album of 2001
17 "Ain't It Funny" singer, to fans
18 "Ain't It Funny" singer's nickname
19 Album featuring "Love Don't Cost a Thing"
20 Album that knocked the Beatles' "1" off the #1 spot
21 Four-time platinum album of 2001
22 "Bordertown" actress, to fans
23 Celeb in "Selena"
24 Celeb in the news
25 Celeb who got the 2,500th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2013
26 Celeb who's dating A-Rod
27 Celeb with the perfume line Glow
28 Hit 2001 album
29 Celebrity mother of twins, informally
30 "Como Ama una Mujer" album maker, familiarly
31 Companion of A-Rod
32 Frequent tabloid topic
33 Female "American Idol" judge's nickname
34 Female singer's 2001 album that debuted at #1
35 "El Anillo" singer, to fans
36 Constance Wu's "Hustlers" co-star, for short
37 Bronx-born celeb
38 Bronx-born singer, familiarly
39 Half of Bennifer, once
40 Half of Bennifer
41 Final-season "Idol" judge
42 Diddy's ex
43 Handle of the twelfth most followed person on Twitter
44 First person to have the #1 album and #1 movie in the same week, briefly
45 Entertainer with the cologne brand Glow, for short
46 Distaff half of Bennifer
47 Eponymous 2001 #1 album
48 Eponymous 2001 album
49 Eponymous 2001 pop album
50 Eponymous album of 2001
51 "Idol" judge, familiarly
52 "Idol" judge, for short
53 "Idol" judge's nickname
54 "If You Had My Love" singer
55 "If You Had My Love" singer's nickname: 2 wds.
56 "Gigli" actress, to fans
57 "Gigli" costar, familiarly
58 "I'm Real" singer, familiarly
59 'I'm Real' singer, for short
60 "I'm Real" singer's nickname: 2 wds.
61 "I'm Real" singer's nickname
62 Glow by ___ (celebrity women's fragrance)
63 "Jenny From the Block" singer, for short: 2 wds.
64 "Jenny From the Block" singer, to her fans: 2 wds.
65 "Jersey Girl" actress, to fans
66 ''Jersey Girl'' star, to fans
67 Her debut album was "On the 6"
68 Former "American Idol" judge, familiarly
69 Former "American Idol" judge, to her fans: 2 wds.
70 Former "Idol" judge
71 Former "Idol" judge, familiarly
72 Former "Idol" judge, in headlines
73 Former "Idol" judge, to fans
74 Former "Idol" panelist, in headlines
75 Casper Smart's GF
76 Gossip-column subject
77 Puerto Rican singer with twins, familiarly: 2 wds.
78 "Out of Sight" actress, to fans
79 "Out of Sight" co-star, familiarly
80 "The Back-up Plan" actress, in headlines
81 "The Back-up Plan" actress, in tabloids
82 "Shades of Blue" star, familiarly: 2 wds.
83 "The Boy Next Door" actress, casually
84 "The Boy Next Door" actress, familiarly
85 "The Boy Next Door" star, to fans
86 Marc Anthony's wife, casually
87 "Shall We Dance?" star, familiarly
88 Nuyorican Productions founder's nickname
89 Mrs. Marc Anthony, to fans
90 Ms. Lopez, to fans
91 Quadruple-platinum 2001 album
92 Multiplatinum album with the 2002 hit "Ain't It Funny"
93 Played Selena
94 Music-industry nickname that became a brand name
95 "Waiting for Tonight" singer, familiarly
96 "Waiting for Tonight" singer, for short: 2 wds.
97 Part of Bennifer, once
98 Pop nickname that was the title of a 2001 4x platinum album
99 Pop singer born in the Bronx, to fans
100 Part of the former celebrity couple "Bennifer"
101 Pop star releasing her first Spanish language record this year, familiarly
102 Pop star with the fragrance Miami Glow
103 Part-owner of the Miami Dolphins, to fans
104 "On the Floor" performer, familiarly
105 "On the Floor" singer, for short
106 "On the Floor" singer, to her fans: 2 wds.
107 "On the Floor" singer who was an "American Idol" judge, familiarly
108 "On the Floor" singer's nickname
109 Longtime "American Idol" judge, informally
110 Latina actress/singer who started out as a breakdancer
111 Latina singer who judges "American Idol," familiarly
112 Recent "Idol" defector, for short
113 L'Oréal spokesperson, for short
114 "Love Don't Cost a Thing" singer, familiarly
115 Nickname for the female singer who's a judge on "American Idol": 2 wds.
116 Nickname of the Bronx-born singer whose latest album is "A.K.A."
117 "Let's Get Loud" singer, affectionately
118 "Maid in Manhattan" star, familiarly
119 "Maid in Manhattan" star, informally
120 "Maid in Manhattan" star, popularly
121 "Monster-in-Law" actress, familiarly
122 ''Monster-in-Law'' star, briefly
123 "Monster-in-Law" star, to fans
124 Richest person of Latin American descent in Hollywood, according to Forbes
125 "The Wedding Planner" star, familiarly
126 "The Wedding Planner" star, to her fans
127 Singer and former "American Idol" judge, familiarly
128 Singer at the 2020 Super Bowl
129 Singer formerly married to Marc Anthony, for short: 2 wds.
130 Singer "from the block," familiarly
131 Singer who is creative director of the nuvoTV channel
132 Singer who made her start on "In Living Color," briefly
133 Singer who's a "World of Dance" judge, for short: 2 wds.
134 Singer who's an "American Idol" judge, for short
135 Two-season "Idol" judge, for short
136 Singer/actress with a simultaneous #1 album and #1 film, familiarly
137 Spokesceleb for Fiat
138 "World of Dance" judge, familiarly
139 "World of Dance" judge, to fans
140 Star of 2019's "Hustlers," informally
141 "What to Expect When You're Expecting" actress' nickname: 2 wds.
142 "What to Expect When You're Expecting" star, familiarly
143 Us Magazine's Style Icon of the 2000s, for short
144 Selena player, familiarly
145 Selena player, slangily
146 Selena portrayer, familiarly
147 Selena portrayer, popularly
148 Selena portrayer, to fans
149 "Selena" star, familiarly
150 "Selena" star, to fans
151 'Selena' star, to fans
152 "Selena" star, to her fans
153 "Selena" star's nickname
154 Self-titled #1 pop album of 2001
155 Self-titled 2001 #1 album
156 Self-titled 2001 album
157 Self-titled 2001 bestselling album
158 Self-titled best-selling album of 2001

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