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Count Answer
1 4x4, frequently
2 ___ stroller
3 Aspen or Tahoe
4 Big car
5 Big wheels, for short
6 Big wheels
7 Automotive category
8 Blazer, e.g. (abbr.)
9 Blazer, e.g.
10 Alternative to a minivan
11 Family car choice
12 Family car, perhaps
13 Family vehicle choice
14 Family vehicle
15 Grand Cherokee, e.g.: Abbr.
16 Grand Cherokee, e.g.
17 Grand Cherokee, for ex.
18 Grand Cherokee or Durango: Abbr.
19 Durango, e.g.
20 Durango or Tahoe, e.g.
21 Certain 4x4
22 Certain road runner
23 Edge on a highway, e.g.
24 Isuzu Rodeo, e.g.
25 Honda CR-V, e.g.
26 Guzzler at the pump
27 Element or Pilot
28 Cherokee, e.g.
29 Cherokee or Tahoe, e.g.
30 Chevrolet Equinox, e.g.
31 Chevy Equinox, e.g.
32 Chevy Equinox, for one
33 Gas guzzler
34 Gas guzzler, briefly
35 Gas-guzzling ride
36 Gas hog
37 Huge ride
38 Energy-inefficient vehicle
39 Hardly a Prius
40 Hyundai Santa Fe, for one: Abbr.
41 Hyundai Santa Fe or Tucson, briefly
42 Hyundai's Santa Fe or Tucson
43 It's not known for MPG efficiency
44 Cadillac Escalade, e.g.
45 Cadillac Escalade, for one
46 Envoy, e.g.
47 Escalade or Explorer
48 Escape from Ford, e.g.
49 Dodge Durango, e.g.
50 Jeep Grand Cherokee, for one
51 Jeep Liberty, e.g.
52 GM category
53 GM offering
54 GMC Terrain, for one
55 GMC Yukon XL, e.g.
56 Hefty ride
57 Excursion or Xterra, for short
58 Car like a minivan: Abbr.
59 Car? No, bigger
60 Ford Escape or Jeep Cherokee, for short
61 Ford Excursion, e.g.
62 Ford Expedition, for one: Abbr.
63 Ford Explorer, e.g.: Abbr.
64 Ford Explorer, e.g.
65 Ford Explorer, for ex.
66 Ford Explorer or Isuzu Rodeo: Abbr.
67 Ford Explorer or Isuzu Rodeo
68 Ford Explorer or Kia Sportage: Abbr.
69 Ford Explorer or Toyota 4Runner, for example: Abbr.
70 Explorer, e.g.
71 Explorer, for example
72 Explorer, for one
73 Explorer in the suburbs
74 Explorer, Navigator, or Pathfinder
75 Explorer or Equinox
76 Explorer or Escape, in brief
77 Explorer or Navigator, for short
78 Explorer or Pathfinder
79 Explorer or TrailBlazer, say
80 Highlander, e.g.
81 Sequoia, e.g.
82 Sequoia, for one
83 Van alternative (Abbr.)
84 Van alternative
85 Van kin
86 Van relative
87 Many a parent's ride
88 Vehicle not chosen for its mpg
89 Kia Sorento or Ford Escape, for example: Abbr.
90 Kia Sportage, e.g.
91 Vehicle with low MPG, often
92 Road hog, for short
93 Toyota Highlander, e.g.
94 Toyota Highlander, for one: Abbr.
95 Toyota RAV4, e.g.
96 Toyota Sequoia, e.g.
97 Toyota Sequoia, e.g
98 Multipurpose car: Abbr.
99 Roomy ride
100 Oft-discounted lot option, these days
101 Rugged wheels
102 RAV4, e.g.
103 Popular family veh.
104 Popular family wheels
105 Popular gas guzzler
106 Large family car, familiarly
107 Popular veh.
108 Popular vehicle
109 Navigator, e.g.
110 Large vehicle (abbr.)
111 Porsche Cayenne, e.g.
112 Minivan alt.
113 Minivan alternative
114 Minivan kin
115 Nissan Rogue, for one: Abbr.
116 Nissan Xterra, e.g.
117 Lexus GX, e.g.
118 Pilot or Explorer, briefly
119 Ride associated with low m.p.g.'s
120 Tucson, e.g.
121 Santa Fe or Tucson, in brief
122 Sportage, e.g.
123 Tahoe, e.g., for short
124 Tahoe, e.g.
125 Tahoe, for one
126 Tahoe or Sequoia, e.g.
127 Tahoe or Sequoia
128 Tahoe or Sierra
129 Tahoe or Yukon
130 What a soccer mom drives, perhaps: Abbr.
131 What Brits call a "four-by-four"
132 Wheels notoriously prone to rolling (over)
133 Station wagon cousin, for short
134 Station wagon descendant
135 Station-wagon descendant
136 Yukon, for one
137 Yukon or Xterra
138 Soccer mom's minivan alternative: Abbr.
139 Soccer mom's ride
140 Soccer mom's vehicle
141 Soccer mom's wheels, stereotypically

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