4th work day (abbr.) crossword clue answers

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Most relevant answers

Below are the most relevant crossword answers we have found for the clue 4th work day (abbr.). You can check the letter length field to check which answers are likely to be correct for your crossword.

Answer Letters Clue Relevance
THU 3 4th work day (abbr.) 100%
MON 3 Back-to-work day: Abbr. 65.116279069767%
FRI 3 "Casual" work day: Abbr. 63.636363636364%
MON 3 Back-to-work day for many: Abbr. 57.692307692308%
FRI 3 A day: Abbr. 56.25%
TUES 4 A day: Abbr. 56.25%
MIN 3 1 of 1,440 in a day (Abbr.) 55.31914893617%
MON 3 First day of the work week: Abbr. 49.056603773585%
IRA 3 After-work option?: Abbr. 48.888888888889%
AFT 3 Before-dinner time of day: Abbr. 42.307692307692%
FRI 3 Work day that is sometimes "casual": Abbr. 41.935483870968%
NINETO 6 "___ five" (work-day hours, for many) 38.59649122807%

Related crossword clues

Based on the most relevant answer above (THU), we also found 107 clues that are similar or possibly related to 4th work day (abbr.).

Count Answer
1 Appointment book abbr.
2 Appointment book pg.
3 Abbr. in a wristwatch's date window
4 Before Fri.
5 Ascension Day, e.g.: Abbr.
6 Bloomsday, e.g.: Abbr.
7 Fourth day of the work week, usually: Abbr.
8 Datebook abbr.
9 Day after hump day: Abbr.
10 Day after so-called "hump day": Abbr.
11 Day after Wed.
12 Day before a "TGIF!" cry
13 Day before Fri.
14 Day "Cheers" was on: Abbr.
15 Day "Grey's Anatomy" airs: Abbr.
16 Day of the wk. of the Wright Brothers first flight
17 Day of the wk. that the Stock Market crashed in 1929
18 Day of the wk. the NFL season starts
19 Day of the wk. the world ends in "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"
20 Day of the wk. "Ulysses" takes place
21 Day of the wk.
22 Day planner abbr.
23 Day that Arthur Dent "could never get the hang of": Abbr.
24 Day the Last Supper took place: Abbr.
25 Day "The Waltons" was on TV
26 Day when Corpus Christi is celebrated: abbr.
27 Fri. follows it
28 Fri. preceder
29 Holy day: Abbr.
30 It follows Wed.
31 Election Day in the U.K.
32 It may be abbreviated "H," on a calendar
33 Fifth col. heading
34 Fifth of seven: Abbr.
35 It precedes Fri.
36 Digital watch abbr.
37 Hump day follower: Abbr.
38 "Hump day" follower: Abbr.
39 Corpus Christi's day: Abbr.
40 First day of most PGA tourneys
41 It's between Wednesday and Friday: Abbr.
42 It's followed by Fri.
43 Cal. col.
44 Cal. column head
45 Cal. column heading
46 Cal. column
47 Cal. heading
48 Calendar abbr.
49 Calendar abbreviation before Fri
50 Calendar col.
51 Calendar column: Abbr.
52 Calendar column between Wed. and Fri.: Abbr.
53 Calendar ref.
54 Calendar-watch abbr.
55 Calendar watch abbr.
56 Calendar's fifth col.
57 "Jersey Shore" night: Abbr.
58 July 4, 1776, for one: Abbr.
59 TGIF eve
60 TGIF eve?
61 Thanksgiving day: Abbr.
62 Thanksgiving day (Abbr.)
63 Thanksgiving Day abbr.
64 Thanksgiving day, briefly
65 Thanksgiving Day, e.g. (Abbr.)
66 Thanksgiving Day, e.g.: Abbr.
67 Thanksgiving, e.g.: Abbr.
68 Thanksgiving, for one (abbr.)
69 Thanksgiving time: Abbr.
70 Thanksgiving's day of the week: Abbr.
71 Notable carving day: abbr.
72 Planner col.
73 "L.A. Law" night, primarily
74 "Parks & Rec" night: Abbr.
75 NBC's usual "Must See TV" night
76 Post-hump day day: Abbr.
77 Night "Cheers" was on TV for each of its 11 seasons
78 Night that "Friends" aired: Abbr.
79 Night to watch "The Office": Abbr.
80 Night when "CSI" airs: Abbr.
81 Only one fed. holiday falls on it annually
82 Opening day of a PGA event, usually
83 Opening day of the Masters: Abbr.
84 Tue. plus two
85 Turkey day: Abbr.
86 Turkey day, briefly
87 Turkey Day day (Abbr.)
88 Turkey Day day: Abbr.
89 Turkey Day, e.g.: Abbr.
90 There's a holy one every yr.
91 Watch-window letters
92 TV sched. column
93 Two after Tue.
94 Two days after Tue.
95 Two past Tue.
96 Wed. follower
97 Wed. neighbor
98 Weekly calendar abbr.
99 Weekly calendar abbreviation
100 T-giving day
101 "Ulysses" is set on one: Abbr.
102 What the 1970s started on: Abbr.
103 What the NFL season has started on every year but once since 2002
104 When "CSI" airs
105 When "Friends" and "ER" were on, orig.
106 When round one of a PGA Tour event is typically played
107 When Thanksgiving falls: Abbr.

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