4th century nomad crossword clue answers

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Count Answer
1 5th-century European invader
2 5th-century invader
3 Barbarian of old
4 Barbarian
5 Barbaric dude
6 Barbarous brute
7 Barbarous one
8 Barbarous person
9 Barbarous sort
10 Ancient invader
11 Ancient marauder
12 Ancient Mongolian menace
13 Ancient nomad
14 Ancient nomadic warrior
15 Ancient pillager
16 Ancient steppe warrior
17 Ancient warrior
18 Asiatic ravager
19 Atilla, for one
20 Atli, for one
21 Attila
22 Attila, e.g.
23 Attila follower
24 Attila, for instance
25 Attila for one
26 Attila for one
27 Attila, for one
28 Attila, notably
29 Attila or one of his followers
30 Attila the __
31 Attila the ___ (5th-century ruler)
32 Attila the ___
33 Attila the ____
34 Attila, to his wife?
35 Attila was one
36 Attila's tag (with "The")
37 Fourth-century sacker
38 Caucasian native
39 Historical nomad
40 Invader of Gaul
41 Great Migration nomad
42 Early Asian
43 Early marauder
44 Horde member
45 Destructive one
46 Destructive person
47 Destructive sort
48 Fifth-century attacker of Gaul
49 Fifth-century barbarian
50 Fifth-century conqueror
51 Fifth-century invader
52 Fifth-century marauder
53 Fifth-century nomad
54 Fifth-century pillager
55 Fifth-century sacker of Rome
56 Fifth-century sacker
57 Fifth century warrior
58 Fifth-century warrior
59 Gaul invader
60 German
61 German person
62 Germanic person
63 Ephthalite
64 Follower of Attila
65 Jerry
66 Infamous horde member
67 Catalaunian Plains combatant, 451 AD
68 Goth foe of long ago
69 Goth subjugator
70 Goth's kin
71 Combative nomad
72 Vandal
73 Ostrogoth enemy
74 Ostrogoth's enemy
75 Ostrogoth's foe
76 Marauder of yore
77 Marauder
78 Marauding horde member
79 Marauding type
80 "Mulan" invader
81 Roman foe
82 Villainous person who sounds like a sweetheart?
83 Roman scourge
84 Subject of Attila
85 Plunderer of old
86 Raider of old
87 Old barbarian
88 Old Eurasian raider
89 Part of Attila's legion
90 Member of a historical horde
91 Member of a horde
92 Member of Attila's army
93 Member of Attila's horde
94 Old-time marauder
95 Ravager
96 One defeated at Châlons in 451
97 One in Attila's army
98 One of Attila's men
99 One of Attila's people
100 Minion of Attila
101 Nomad such as Attila
102 Nomadic barbarian
103 Nomadic conqueror
104 Nomadic invader of yore
105 Nomadic vandal
106 Mongol invader
107 Pillager
108 Pillager, maybe
109 Pillager of the past
110 Pillager of yore
111 Pillaging figure
112 Wanton destroyer
113 Ruthless raider
114 Sacker of ancient Rome
115 Sacker of Rome
116 Savage sort
117 Savage
118 What his wife called Attila?
119 Unsparing warrior

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