49ers' div. crossword clue answers

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Most relevant answers

Below are the most relevant crossword answers we have found for the clue 49ers' div.. You can check the letter length field to check which answers are likely to be correct for your crossword.

Answer Letters Clue Relevance
NFC 3 49ers' div. 100%
WESTWARDS 9 49ers' headings 69.230769230769%
ORE 3 49ers' goal 63.636363636364%
LODE 4 49er's goal 54.545454545455%
LOTT 4 49ers great Ronnie 48.275862068966%
JED 3 49ers CEO York 48%
MONTANA 7 49ers great Joe 46.153846153846%
PCT 3 1/100th div. 43.478260869565%
KYLE 4 49ers coach Shanahan 38.709677419355%
CAV 3 1st Air __ Div. 38.461538461538%
JERRYRICE 9 49ers Hall of Famer who was MVP of Super Bowl XXIII 19.354838709677%

Related crossword clues

Based on the most relevant answer above (NFC), we also found 71 clues that are similar or possibly related to 49ers' div..

Count Answer
1 16-team grid gp.
2 16-team gridiron grp.
3 16-team grp.
4 49ers' org.
5 ___ East (Dallas Cowboys' division): Abbr.
6 ___ South (divsion for the Falcons and Panthers): Abbr.
7 ___ West (Arizona Cardinals' division): Abbr.
8 ___ West (St. Louis Rams' division): Abbr.
9 Bears' and Lions' org.
10 Bears' gp.
11 Bears' group
12 Bears' home
13 Bears, Lions, etc.
14 Bears' org.
15 Blue Pro Bowler's team
16 Gp. with Lions and Bears, but not Tigers
17 Eagles div.
18 Eagles' org.
19 Gridiron gp.
20 Gridiron grp.
21 Gridiron playoff gp.
22 Grp. with East and West divisions
23 It has Giants but not Titans: Abbr.
24 George Halas Trophy league
25 George Halas Trophy org.
26 Its champion receives the George Halas Trophy: Abbr.
27 Cowboys compete in it: Abbr.
28 Cowboys compete there
29 Cowboys' conf.
30 Cowboys' div.
31 Cowboys' gp.
32 Cowboys gp.
33 Cowboys' grp.
34 Giants' domain, briefly
35 Giants' grp.
36 Cardinals org.
37 Dallas is in it, for short
38 Org. with Eagles and Falcons
39 N.Y. Giants' gp.
40 N.Y. Giants' org.
41 Packers' gp.
42 Vikings' grp.
43 The Minn. Vikings belong there
44 The N.Y. Giants are in it
45 Panthers home: Abbr.
46 The Rams' gridiron gp.
47 Lions domain, briefly
48 Lions play in it: Abbr.
49 Rams home, for short
50 One Super Bowl team is always in it: Abbr.
51 Pro Bowl side
52 Pro Bowl team: Abbr.
53 Org. for Cardinals and Saints
54 Org. for Cowboys, Giants et al.
55 Org. for Lions and Bears
56 Org. for Lions and Vikings
57 Org. for Packers and Panthers
58 Org. where Dallas is in the East and St. Louis is in the West, for some reason
59 Org. whose logo is a blue letter with white stars
60 Super Bowl side: Abbr.
61 Super Bowl side
62 Super Bowl winner more than 50% of the time: Abbr.
63 Saints' gp.
64 Saints' grp.
65 Saints' org.
66 Sports div. since 1969
67 Sports div. that awards the George Halas Trophy
68 Skins org.
69 Seahawks' div.
70 Seahawks' grp.
71 Seahawks' org.

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