48th state crossword clue answers

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Based on the most relevant answer above (ARIZONA), we also found 64 clues that are similar or possibly related to 48th state.

Count Answer
1 1997 March Madness champion
2 2001 World Series winner
3 "Baseball, it is said, is only a game. True. And the Grand Canyon is only a hole in ___." (George Will)
4 A Four Corners state
5 A state
6 Big name in iced tea
7 Grand Canyon locale
8 Grand Canyon state
9 Historic battleship, or this puzzle's theme
10 Brand name whose middle letter is capitalized for no apparent reason
11 Brand that sells Arnold Palmers
12 Home for Cochise
13 Home of Carefree Highway
14 Home of the Diamondbacks
15 Home of the Hopi
16 Home of the Pac-12's Wildcats
17 It doesn't follow Daylight Savings Time
18 Hopi home
19 Diamondback's place
20 Bullhead City's state
21 Flagstaff's place
22 Flagstaff's state
23 Cardinal point?
24 Cardinals home
25 Cardinals' home
26 Douglas's locale
27 Four Corners state
28 Where Meteor Crater is.
29 Where Peoria is
30 The 48th star
31 The Apache State
32 The Grand Canyon State
33 Painted Desert locale
34 O.K. Corral's state
35 "Raising ---" (Coen brothers film)
36 Popular retirement destination
37 London Bridge locale
38 Nevada neighbor
39 Pearl Harbor ship
40 Pearl Harbor shrine
41 Petrified Forest site
42 Reservation holder?
43 Major copper exporter
44 Phoenix's state
45 Tucson's state
46 Saguaro National Park locale
47 Site of Horse Mesa Dam
48 Site of Saguaro National Park
49 Spring-training locale
50 Team playing at 4:30 this Saturday
51 Team that won the 2001 World Series
52 State #48
53 State ranking 30th in population
54 State represented by Senators Barry Goldwater and John McCain
55 State that doesn't observe daylight saving time
56 State where bolo ties are common
57 State with lax firearm laws
58 US state, capital Phoenix
59 US state, home to the Grand Canyon
60 US state
61 Tombstone locale
62 Tombstone setting
63 Tombstone site
64 Tombstone territory

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