48th state: Abbr. crossword clue answers

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Most relevant answers

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Answer Letters Clue Relevance
ARIZ 4 48th state: Abbr. 100%
CAL 3 31st state: Abbr. 82.352941176471%
OREG 4 33rd state: Abbr. 76.470588235294%
ARIZONA 7 48th state 74.074074074074%
ARIZ 4 Apache State: Abbr. 72.222222222222%
ALA 3 1965 march state: Abbr. 70%
WVA 3 Appalachian state: Abbr. 68.292682926829%
ORE 3 Beaver State: Abbr. 66.666666666667%
OREG 4 Beaver State: Abbr. 66.666666666667%
NEV 3 Battle Born State: Abbr. 63.414634146341%
MINN 4 Amy Klobuchar's state: Abbr. 62.222222222222%
ILL 3 Barack Obama's home state: Abbr. 57.142857142857%

Related crossword clues

Based on the most relevant answer above (ARIZ), we also found 83 clues that are similar or possibly related to 48th state: Abbr..

Count Answer
1 Apache State: Abbr.
2 Best Western's HQ
3 Grand Canyon Natl. Pk. site
4 Grand Canyon St.
5 Grand Canyon state: Abbr.
6 D'backs' home
7 East of Calif.
8 Home of Organ Pipe Cactus Natl. Mon.
9 Home of Saguaro Natl. Park
10 Home of Snowflake, which, ironically, gets very little snow: Abbr.
11 Home of the D-backs
12 Home of the D'backs
13 Home of the Diamondbacks: Abbr.
14 Home of the Hopis: abbr.
15 Home state of the 1964 and 2008 Rep. presidential candidates
16 I-10 goes through it
17 Flagstaff's state: Abbr.
18 Calif. neighbor
19 Gila R. site
20 D-backs' home: Abbr.
21 Fort Apache loc.
22 Forty-eighth st.
23 Four Corners st.
24 Where PHX airport is
25 Where to find Phoenix, for short
26 Where Yuma and Tucson are: Abbr.
27 The Grand Cyn. State
28 Painted Desert site (abbr.)
29 Painted Desert st.
30 Painted Desert state: Abbr.
31 McCain's st.
32 McCain's state: Abbr.
33 McCain's state (abbr.)
34 Rte. 66 state
35 N Mex neighbor
36 N. Mex. neighbor
37 London Bridge loc.
38 London Bridge's home now: Abbr.
39 Mesa's state: Abbr.
40 Mex. neighbor
41 Neighbor of Calif. and N.M.
42 Neighbor of Calif.
43 Neighbor of Mex.
44 Neighbor of Nev.
45 Neighbor of N.M.
46 Neighbour of Nev.
47 Nev. neighbor
48 One of five sts. yet to have a centennial
49 One of the Four Corners states: Abbr.
50 N.M. neighbor
51 MLB spring training locale
52 Petrified Forest Natl. Park setting
53 Petrified Forest's st.
54 Only non-Southern state won by the G.O.P. in '64
55 Phoenix loc.
56 Phoenix's home: Abbr.
57 Phoenix's st.
58 Phoenix's state: Abbr.
59 PHX airport locale: Abbr.
60 Tucson's loc.
61 Tucson's state: Abbr.
62 Saguaro Natl. Pk. setting
63 Site of Petrified Forest Natl. Pk.
64 Western US state
65 St. that turned 100 in February
66 Scottsdale's state (Abbr.)
67 Union mem. since 2/14/1912
68 State along I-10
69 State for Snowflake, a town founded by Mormon pioneers E. Snow and W.J. Flake
70 State that touches Colo. at one point
71 State with a lot of MLB spring training
72 State with controversial ID laws
73 Tempe's state: Abbr.
74 U.S. terr until 1912
75 Sen. Kyl's state
76 Sen. McCain's state: Abbr.
77 Terr. until 1912
78 Where Carefree is: abbr.
79 Where Coconino Co. is
80 ZIP codes starting 85- and 86-: Abbr.
81 Tombstone locale: abbr.
82 Tombstone's state (Abbr.)
83 Tex. neighbor

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