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Count Answer
1 Annual 34-wk. observance
2 Annual cause of losing an hr.'s sleep hidden in this puzzle's 10 longest answers
3 Annual cause of losing an hr.'s sleep, perhaps
4 Annual energy-saving meas.
5 Annual reason for losing sleep: Abbr.
6 Annual reason to reset clocks: Abbr.
7 A period from late Apr. to late Oct.
8 Apr. changeover
9 Apr. clock setting, for many
10 Apr. clock setting
11 Apr. setting
12 Apr.-to-Oct. setting
13 April letters
14 Apr.–Oct. schedule
15 Ben Franklin proposal (Abbr.)
16 Ben Franklin proposal: Abbr.
17 Ariz. doesn't observe it
18 Ariz. hasn't observed it since 1967
19 Ariz. is never on it
20 Aug. hours
21 Aug. hrs.
22 Aug. setting
23 August hrs.
24 Autumn casualty: Abbr.
25 Autumnal casualty
26 AZ doesn't observe it
27 Cause of a clock change twice a yr.
28 Cause of a lost hr. in spring
29 Cause of a Mar. clock change
30 Cause of a one-hr. shift
31 Cause of many hand movements: Abbr.
32 Daylight saving arrangement, abbr.
33 Certain clock setting: Abbr.
34 From Apr. to Oct., for most
35 It begins in March (Abbr.)
36 It begins near the end of winter: Abbr.
37 It causes you to lose one hr. of sleep
38 It creates an annual 25-hr. day
39 It ended in the first week of Nov. 2008
40 It ended on Nov. 4 in 2007
41 It ends 11/6/2016 in the U.S.
42 It ends end of Oct.
43 It ends every Nov.
44 It ends in early Nov.
45 It ends in late Oct.
46 It ends in Nov.
47 It ends in Oct.
48 It ends in the fall: Abbr.
49 It ends on the last Sunday in Oct.
50 It ends when you "fall back": abbr.
51 It gives extra sunlight: Abbr.
52 It lasts 29 or 30 wks.
53 It lasts 34 wks.
54 It lasts 5,711 hrs.
55 It lasts almost eight mos.
56 It lasts nearly eight mos.
57 Hours that start in Mar.
58 It now starts before the end of winter: Abbr.
59 It returns just before spring: Abbr.
60 It starts by "springing forward": abbr.
61 It starts in Apr.
62 It starts in early Apr.
63 It starts in Mar.
64 It starts in March: Abbr.
65 It starts on Mar. 11th this year
66 Hr. deleter
67 It will end on Nov. 3
68 Hrs. that begin when we "spring forward"
69 Hrs. that end next month(!): Abbr.
70 Energy Policy Act of 2005 topic: Abbr.
71 It's not observed in P.R.
72 It's over in Oct.
73 Fla. summer hrs.
74 Haw. doesn't observe it
75 Evening brightener, briefly
76 Clock change abbr.
77 Clock change inits.
78 Clock change letters
79 Clock change not observed in much of Ariz.
80 Clock rdg. after a spring forward
81 Clock-resetting abbr.
82 Clock-resetting time: Abbr.
83 Clock-setting abbr.
84 Clock setting: abbr.
85 Clock setting in summer
86 Clock-watcher's abbr.
87 HI doesn't observe it
88 Jul. clock setting
89 June hrs.
90 Forward-moving occasion?: Abbr.
91 Sept. clock setting
92 Sept. hours
93 Va. summer hours
94 Most of Ariz. doesn't observe it
95 Most of AZ doesn't observe it
96 Setting eschewed by Hawaii: Abbr.
97 Mar.-Nov. clock setting
98 Mar.-Nov. hours
99 Mar.-Nov. period
100 Mar.-Nov. system
101 Mar. switch-over
102 Mar.-to-Nov. hours
103 Mar.-to-Nov. hrs.
104 Mar.-to-Nov. period
105 Mar.-to-Nov. setting
106 Mar. weekend shortener
107 March adjustment, briefly
108 March-to-Nov. period
109 March-to-November hrs.
110 N.Y. time, at times
111 N.Y. time in Aug.
112 NYC summer hrs.
113 Much-anticipated spring thing: Abbr.
114 Observance that begins in March: Abbr.
115 Observance through Oct.
116 Occasion to do a late shift?: Abbr.
117 Oct. casualty
118 Something the Navajo Nation observes that the Hopi Reservation doesn't (Abbr.)
119 Shifted hrs.
120 Subj. of the book "Spring Forward"
121 Something to fall back from: Abbr.
122 Something you might lose a little sleep over?: Abbr.
123 May hrs.
124 P.M. brightener
125 Short summer time
126 Summer at MIT, e.g.
127 Summer clock initials
128 Summer clock observance: Abbr.
129 Summer clock schedule: Abbr.
130 Summer clock setting: Abbr.
131 Summer clock setting (abbr.)
132 Summer clock setting, briefly
133 Summer clocks are set to it: Abbr.
134 Once-a-yr. reason for oversleeping?
135 Reason for a late shift?: Abbr.
136 Reason for a semiannual shift: Abbr.
137 Reason for a shift of hrs.
138 Reason to do a 2 a.m. shift
139 Reason to move forward annually?: Abbr.
140 Reason to reset the clocks: Abbr.
141 Reason to "spring forward" (Abbr.)
142 Period after springing forward: Abbr.
143 Period that ends Nov. 3rd, requiring a shift, and letters that shift in this puzzle's theme entries
144 Letters associated with March
145 Letters that change hands in April?
146 Resetting of an hr.
147 Nonreligious observance: Abbr.
148 Phoenix doesn't observe it: Abbr.
149 Light saving arrangement, abbr.
150 Result of an annual "spring forward" (abbr.)
151 Result of "spring forward"
152 Summer feature: Abbr.
153 Summer hours: Abbr.
154 Summer hours
155 Summer hrs. in most states
156 Summer hrs. in N.Y.C.
157 Summer hrs.
158 Source of addl. evening light
159 Summer in N.Y.C.
160 Summer letters
161 Summer NYC hrs.
162 Summer observance: Abbr.
163 Summer setting: Abbr.
164 Summer setting, briefly
165 Summer-setting letters
166 Summer setting
167 Summer time
168 Summer-time abbr.
169 Summer time: Abbr.
170 Summer time, but not in Ariz.
171 Summer time, for short
172 Summer time in N.Y.
173 Summer time in NYC
174 Summer time in N.Y.C.
175 Summer time initials
176 Summertime clock abbr.
177 Summertime hrs.
178 Summertime in N.Y.C.
179 Summertime setting: Abbr.
180 Sask. doesn't observe it
181 Switch-over invented by Benjamin Franklin (abbr.)
182 Syst. first implemented during W.W. I
183 ''Spring ahead'' abbr.
184 "Spring ahead" abbr.
185 "Spring ahead" clock abbr.
186 "Spring ahead" hours: Abbr.
187 'Spring ahead' hrs.
188 "Spring ahead" hrs.
189 ''Spring ahead'' letters
190 Spring ahead letters
191 Spring-ahead letters
192 "Spring ahead" letters
193 Spring clock adjustment: Abbr.
194 'Spring forward' abbr.
195 "Spring forward" acronym
196 "Spring forward" clock abbr.
197 "Spring forward" clock adjustment: Abbr.
198 "Spring forward" clock setting: Abbr.
199 "Spring forward, fall back" abbr.
200 "Spring forward, fall back" inits.
201 "Spring forward, fall back" letters
202 "Spring forward, fall back" period (abbr.)
203 "Spring forward, fall back" syst.
204 'Spring forward' hrs.
205 "Spring forward" hrs.
206 "Spring forward" inits.
207 "Spring forward" letters
208 ''Spring forward'' letters
209 "Spring forward" period: Abbr.
210 "Spring forward" syst.
211 "Spring forward" to this: Abbr.
212 Spring forward/fall back inits.
213 Schedule-shifting syst.
214 This year, it ends Nov. 3rd
215 What Ariz. and Hawaii are the only two states not to have
216 Time abbr.
217 Time change abbr.
218 Time in Jul.
219 Time to lose an hr.
220 Time zone letters
221 Timely letters found "across" the 10 longest answers
222 Timezone letters
223 What to spring to when springing ahead: Abbr.
224 When a one-hr. clock adjustment occurs
225 When clocks are set ahead: Abbr.
226 When the clocks shift: abbr.
227 When to spring forward (Abbr.)
228 When we "spring ahead"

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