47th U.S. vice president crossword clue answers

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Count Answer
1 1987-95 Senate Judiciary Committee head
2 #2 for #44
3 2008 Palin counterpart
4 2017 recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom
5 2020 candidate
6 47th Vice President
7 "Amtrak Joe"
8 Author of the memoir "Promises to Keep"
9 Delaware senator since 1973
10 Delaware senator
11 Delaware's longest-serving senator
12 Delaware's senior senator
13 Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee
14 Cheney successor
15 Cheney's follower
16 Cheney's successor as vice president
17 Cheney's successor
18 Half of a winning ticket in 2008 and 2012
19 End of the letter: "Thanks for the laugh. I'm voting for Obama/__."
20 First Catholic vice president of the U.S.
21 First vice president to have a Facebook page
22 He announced he wouldn't run in 2016
23 He has 2020 visions
24 Candidacy announcer of April 25, 2019
25 Head of the Senate's Foreign Relations Committee
26 Ex-senator known as "Amtrak Joe"
27 Joseph of the Senate
28 Former senator known as "Amtrak Joe"
29 Veep after Cheney
30 Veep under Obama
31 Whom Trump nicknamed "Sleepy Joe"
32 Vice president after Cheney
33 Vice president before Pence
34 Vice President Joe ___
35 Obama's right-hand man
36 Obama's running mate
37 Obama's veep
38 Obama's vice president
39 Palin's 2008 counterpart
40 The other half of a winning team in 2012
41 Name on 2008 and 2012 campaign posters
42 Politico with the 2007 autobiography "Promises to Keep"
43 Longtime Delaware senator
44 Pence's predecessor
45 President of the U.S. Senate starting January 2009
46 "Promises to Keep "memoirist
47 "Promises to Keep: On Life and Politics" author
48 Ryan debater in 2012
49 Six-term Delaware senator
50 US Vice President born in Scranton
51 Senate Judiciary Committee chair after Thurmond
52 Senate president
53 Senator at 30 (1973)
54 Senator from Del.
55 Senator/campaigner Joe from Delaware

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