46th name in the Hall of Fame. crossword clue answers

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Count Answer
1 19th-century abolitionist
2 19th century American writer.
3 "A Key to Uncle Tom's Cabin" author
4 Abolitionist-author
5 Abolitionist author
6 Abolitionist/author
7 Best-selling author who was a neighbor of Twain in Hartford
8 Best-selling author who wrote "I did not write it. God wrote it. I merely did his dictation"
9 Actress Madeleine
10 Author buried on the Phillips Academy campus in 1896
11 Author Harriet Beecher __
12 Author of influential book, 1852.
13 Author of "Oldtown Folks": 1869
14 Author of the 19th century's best-selling novel
15 Authorial abolitionist
16 Hot spot in Vermont when it's cold
17 Harriet Beecher --
18 Harriet Beecher ___ ("Uncle Tom's Cabin" author)
19 Harriet Beecher ____
20 It's near Mount Mansfield, Vermont's highest peak
21 Creator of Simon Legree
22 Creator of Topsy
23 Her pen name was Christopher Crowfield
24 Her pseudonym was Crowfield.
25 "Dred" novelist (1856)
26 “Dred” novelist
27 Serial writer of 1851.
28 Mount Mansfield is near it
29 Novelist Harriet Beecher ___
30 Topsy's creator
31 Vermont hot spot when it's cold
32 Vermont resort town
33 Vermont resort
34 Vermont Ski and Snowboard Museum locale
35 Vermont Ski and Snowboard Museum town
36 Vermont ski center
37 Vermont ski mecca
38 Vermont Ski Museum's home
39 Vermont ski resort town
40 Vermont ski resort
41 Vermont ski spot
42 Vermont ski town
43 Vermont tourist town, home to the Trapp Family Lodge
44 Vermont winter destination
45 Place to ski
46 Town packed with skiers
47 She wrote "Dred"
48 She wrote of Topsy
49 She wrote "The Minister's Wooing": 1859
50 "The Last of the Mohicans"' Madeleine
51 Trapp family home
52 "The little woman who wrote the book that started this great war!" (supposed words from Lincoln)
53 "The Minister's Wooing" author
54 ''The Minister's Wooing'' author
55 "The Minister's Wooing" writer
56 Von Trapps' Vermont home
57 Vt. ski center
58 Vt. ski resort
59 Little Eva's creator
60 "Old Town Folks" author Harriet Beecher
61 "Oldtown Folks" author
62 New England skiing destination
63 Legree creator
64 Legree's creator
65 Madeleine of "Revenge"
66 Resort in the Green Mountains
67 Resort that hosts the annual Sugar Slalom
68 Resort town in the Green Mountains
69 Simon Legree's creator
70 Ski mecca featuring Mount Mansfield and Spruce Peak
71 Ski resort
72 Ski resort in Vermont
73 Ski resort near Montpelier
74 Ski town near Mount Mansfield
75 ''Uncle Tom's Cabin'' author
76 'Uncle Tom's Cabin' author
77 Uncle Tom's Cabin author
78 "Uncle Tom's Cabin" author
79 "Uncle Tom's Cabin" novelist
80 "Uncle Tom's Cabin" penner
81 "Uncle Tom's Cabin" writer
82 Uncle Tom's creator
83 Teardrop Trail setting

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