45-r.p.m. recs. crossword clue answers

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Count Answer
1 15-minute CDs
2 7-in. platters
3 Albums that are around 25 minutes long: Abbr.
4 Baker's dozen for the Beatles, for short
5 Alternatives to 45s
6 Installments of a show, for short
7 Bottom line for stockholders, briefly
8 Graphics suffix
9 Debut music releases, at times
10 Computer file suffix
11 Brief albums, briefly
12 Brief albums, in brief
13 Brief options between 45s and albums
14 Brief records, in brief
15 Image file format
16 Carly Rae Jepsen's "Emotion: Side B," and others
17 JPEG alternative
18 Dance records, for short
19 "Come on Pilgrim" and "Interpol," for two
20 Four-song albums, perhaps: Abbr.
21 Four-song CDs, perhaps
22 Four-song CDs
23 Four-song collections, briefly
24 Four-song discs, briefly
25 Four-song records, perhaps
26 Four song releases, typically
27 Most bands' first releases
28 Most bands's demos, for short
29 Series installments, for short
30 Series installments, informally
31 Some 45-rpm records
32 Some 45's, briefly
33 Some 45s
34 Some albums, briefly
35 Some CDs
36 Seven-inch records: Abbr.
37 Some dance records, briefly
38 Some dance records, for short
39 N.T. letters
40 N.T. writings: Abbr.
41 N.T. writings
42 Many of Elvis's RCA releases
43 Some indie releases
44 Some iTunes downloads, briefly
45 Some live iTunes tracks
46 Some N.T. writings
47 Some records (Abbr.)
48 Some records, briefly
49 Some records, for short
50 Some vinyl, briefly
51 Pair from "Glee" that hit #1
52 Music releases such as "See.SZA.Run" and "S"
53 Short albums: Abbr.
54 Short albums, briefly
55 Short albums, for short
56 Short musical releases
57 Short recordings on vinyl: Abbr.
58 Short records: Abbr.
59 Short records, for short
60 Short Spotify releases, briefly
61 Short vinyl recordings: Abbr.
62 Live iTunes recordings, often
63 Paul's ltrs.
64 Records somewhat longer than singles, briefly
65 Records that are not meant to be broken
66 Midlength CDs
67 Midlength records, for short
68 PC graphics format
69 Pre-album albums, briefly
70 Pre-album collectibles
71 Pre-album releases, for short
72 Pre-album releases
73 Pre-album samplers: abbr.
74 Mini-albums
75 Mini-albums: Abbr.
76 Mini-albums, briefly
77 Mini albums, for short
78 Mini-albums, for short
79 Mini-albums, in brief
80 Mini-albums, informally
81 Mini-CDs
82 Mini-LPs
83 Minirecord albums, briefly
84 Relatively cheap iTunes offerings
85 Not many tracks are found on them, for short
86 The Weeknd's "My Dear Melancholy," et al.
87 Sources of rare cuts, often?
88 TV show installments, casually
89 They may be released between albums
90 They may include club mixes
91 They're longer than 45s
92 They're longer than singles, briefly
93 They're longer than singles, for short
94 They're longer than singles
95 They're often released before the album
96 They're shorter than full-lengths
97 They're shorter than LPs
98 St. Paul's writings: Abbr.
99 St. Paul's writings

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