43rd star crossword clue answers

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Most relevant answers

Below are the most relevant crossword answers we have found for the clue 43rd star. You can check the letter length field to check which answers are likely to be correct for your crossword.

Answer Letters Clue Relevance
IDAHO 5 43rd star 100%
BODEREK 7 '10' star 55.555555555556%
BODEREK 7 "10" star 55.555555555556%
DEREK 5 "10" star 55.555555555556%
DUDLEYMOORE 11 "10" star 55.555555555556%
GWB 3 43rd POTUS 52.631578947368%
BODEREK 7 "10" co-star 47.619047619048%
DEREK 5 "10" co-star 47.619047619048%
DUDLEYMOORE 11 "10" co-star 47.619047619048%
DEREK 5 "10" star Bo 47.619047619048%
DEREK 5 '10' star Bo 47.619047619048%
BOMB 4 0-star movie 38.095238095238%
FLO 3 -- -Jo ('80s track star) 36.363636363636%
BOS 3 "10" star and others 34.48275862069%
DECAGRAM 8 10-point star polygon 33.333333333333%

Related crossword clues

Based on the most relevant answer above (IDAHO), we also found 360 clues that are similar or possibly related to 43rd star.

Count Answer
1 43rd of 50
2 43rd state
3 43rd U.S. state
4 ___ Falls
5 American state
6 A kind of potato
7 Bear Lake State Park locale
8 A neighbor of British Columbia
9 A panhandle state
10 A Rocky Mountain state
11 About 1% of Yellowstone
12 About 45 miles of it touch Canada
13 Area explored by Lewis and Clark
14 Big Sky conference team
15 Admission of 1890
16 Birth state of skier Picabo Street
17 Bitterroot Mountains locale
18 Bitterroot Range state
19 B-52s have a "Private" one
20 B-52s' is "Private"
21 B-52's "Private ___"
22 B52s have a "Private" one
23 BoDeans song about state
24 Baking potato
25 Boise is its capital
26 Boise locale
27 Boise site
28 Boise state
29 Boise's home
30 Boise's locale
31 Boise's state
32 Borah Peak locale
33 Frankie Valli song about northwestern state
34 "Famous potatoes" place
35 "Famous Potatoes" state
36 Certain panhandle state
37 Home of Hells Gate State Park
38 Home of most of Sawtooth National Forest
39 Home of Shoshone Falls
40 Home of Sun Valley
41 Home of the City of Rocks National Reserve
42 Home of the Nez Perce Reservation
43 Home of the Nez Perce
44 Home of the Sawtooth National Forest
45 Home of the Sawtooth Range
46 Home to Moscow
47 Home to part of Yellowstone National Park
48 Home to part of Yellowstone Park
49 Home to Shoshone Falls
50 Home, to some potatoes
51 Home to the Craters of the Moon
52 Home to the Nez Perce Tribe
53 Home to Twin Falls
54 It became a state in 1890
55 It borders British Columbia
56 British Columbia neighbor
57 It has a 45-mile border with Canada
58 It holds a bit of Yellowstone
59 Continental Divide state
60 Chief Joseph's home
61 It separates Washington and Montana
62 It shares a 45-mile border with British Columbia
63 It shares a 45-mile border with Canada
64 It takes an ID to get mail there
65 Gem of the Mountains
66 Gem State
67 Its area code is 208
68 Its border with Canada is less than fifty miles long
69 Its capital is Boise
70 Its counties include both Lewis and Clark
71 It's east of Oregon
72 Its flag depicts a miner
73 Its flag depicts an elk's head
74 Its highest point is Borah Peak
75 Its license plates have the motto "Famous Potatoes"
76 Its license plates say "Famous Potatoes"
77 Its motto is "Esto perpetua"
78 Its panhandle adjoins British Columbia
79 Its panhandle borders Canada
80 Its panhandle is in the Pacific Time Zone
81 Its plate says "Scenic"
82 It's roughly the size of New England
83 City of Rocks state
84 Its southeasternmost county is Bear Lake
85 Its southern border is about seven times longer than its northern one
86 Its state capital is Boise
87 Its state quarter depicts a peregrine falcon
88 It's west of Montana
89 It's west of Wyoming
90 Craters of the Moon locale
91 Craters of the Moon monument site
92 Craters of the Moon National Monument locale
93 Craters of the Moon setting
94 Craters of the Moon state
95 "Esto Perpetua" state
96 Clearwater Mountains setting
97 Clearwater National Forest locale
98 Clearwater River state
99 Hell's Canyon is here
100 Hells Canyon is on its border
101 Hells Canyon is on its western border
102 Hells Canyon locale
103 Hells Canyon state, in part
104 Hells Canyon state
105 Hells Gate State Park location
106 Doug Martsch home state
107 Coeur d'Alene locale
108 Coeur d'Alene's home
109 "Here We Have ___" (state song)
110 Josh Ritter song for potatoes?
111 Josh Ritter's home state
112 Heyburn State Park site
113 College football's Famous __ Potato Bowl
114 Ezra Pound birthplace
115 Ezra Pound's birthplace
116 Ezra Pound's home state
117 Just 45 miles of it borders Canada
118 Forty-third of 50
119 Gov. Evans' state
120 Governor Otter's domain
121 Moscow locale
122 Moscow setting
123 Moscow site
124 Moscow's home
125 Moscow's locale
126 Moscow's location
127 Moscow's milieu
128 Moscow's setting
129 Moscow's state
130 Where Moscow is
131 Where Mt. Borah is
132 Where Pocatello is.
133 Where Pocatello is
134 Where Sarah Palin was born
135 Where Shoshone Falls falls
136 Most of its panhandle is in the Pacific Time Zone
137 Where Sun Valley is
138 Where the Salmon flows
139 Where the Snake flows
140 Where the Snake River flows
141 Where the Snake slithers
142 Where the Spokane River begins
143 Vandals' state
144 Where to find an American in Moscow?
145 The 43rd state
146 Where to find the Snake and the Salmon
147 Top potato-producing state
148 Toponym that's a bogus Shoshone word invented by a lobbyist
149 Where you may use ID to get mail
150 Where you may use ID to get mail?
151 Place for potatoes?
152 Many of its license plates say "Famous potatoes"
153 Over three-fifths of its land is owned by the federal government
154 Rocky Mountain state
155 Rocky Mountains state
156 Kind of potato
157 Pacific Northwest state between Washington and Montana
158 "The Gem State"
159 The Gem State
160 Quality potato
161 Panhandle state
162 The Oregon Trail crossed it
163 Pocatello locale
164 Pocatello's locale
165 Pocatello's place
166 Pocatello's state
167 Pocatello’s state
168 "My Own Private ---"
169 "My Own Private ---" (1991)
170 "My Own Private ___" (Van Sant film)
171 "My Own Private ___"
172 My Own Private ____
173 L.A. band. Yes, L.A.
174 The Snake flows along much of its border with Oregon
175 The Snake River snakes through it
176 The Snake snakes through it
177 Shoshone Falls setting
178 Shoshone Falls site
179 Shoshone Falls state
180 The Vandals of the Western Athletic Conference
181 The Vandals' school
182 Nampa is its second-largest city
183 Lake Coeur d'Alene state
184 Lake Pend Oreille is in its panhandle
185 "Napoleon Dynamite" setting
186 Part of an address before and after "Falls"
187 Lana Turner's birthplace
188 Landlocked state with a seaport
189 Locale of America's deepest gorge
190 Locale of Craters of the Moon National Monument
191 Locale of Pend Oreille Lake
192 Locale of the Sawtooth Range
193 Location of about 1% of Yellowstone National Park
194 Location of part of the Oregon Trail
195 Popular potato
196 Popular potato, or its source
197 Meridian setting
198 Meridian's state
199 Larry Craig's state
200 Neighbor of British Columbia
201 Neighbor of Montana
202 Postal ID
203 Potato
204 Potato choice
205 Potato country
206 Potato exporter
207 Potato grower
208 Potato growers' home
209 Potato-growing state
210 Potato ID?
211 Potato name
212 Potato-producing state
213 Potato source
214 Potato state
215 Potato territory
216 Potato type
217 Potato variety
218 Potatoland, USA
219 Potato's ID?
220 Nevada neighbor
221 One of fifty
222 Redfish Lake locale
223 One of the Mountain States
224 Pend Oreille Lake site
225 One of three Hells Canyon states
226 Nez Perce National Forest locale
227 Nez Perce National Forest state
228 One side of the Snake River
229 One-time part of the Oregon Territory
230 Only state never under a foreign flag
231 Only state that borders six states and Canada
232 Lewis and Clark are counties in it
233 Lewis and Clark are two of its counties
234 Lewis and Clark crossed it
235 Lewis-Clark State College locale
236 Lewis-Clark State College site
237 Major potato-growing state
238 Major potato producer
239 Northwestern Rockies state
240 Northwestern state
241 Montana neighbor
242 Producer of potatoes
243 Oregon neighbor
244 Oregon Trail state
245 Mormon state
246 Russet potato
247 Sun Valley is here
248 Sun Valley locale
249 Sun Valley setting
250 Sun Valley site
251 Sun Valley state
252 Sun Valley's locale
253 Sun Valley's state
254 Sacajawea's birthplace, today
255 Southern neighbor of British Columbia
256 Washington neighbor
257 Washington/Montana separator
258 Salmon River locale
259 Silver-mining state
260 Twin Falls' home
261 Twin Falls locale
262 Twin Falls setting
263 Twin Falls site
264 Twin Falls' state
265 Twin Falls state
266 Twin Falls's home
267 Twin Peaks state
268 Sarah Palin's birthplace
269 Sawtooth Mountains locale
270 Sawtooth Mountains setting
271 Sawtooth Mountains state
272 Sawtooth Range's state
273 Sawtooth Wilderness location
274 Syringa state
275 Site of Hell's Canyon
276 Site of Hells Canyon
277 Western neighbor of Wyoming
278 Western potato
279 Western state
280 Western state Nikki Sixx grew up in
281 Spud-growing state
282 Spud hub
283 Spud spot
284 "Spud" state
285 Spud state
286 Spud variety
287 Spuds spot
288 Spuds state
289 What an ID may substitute for?
290 Wyoming neighbor
291 Wyoming's statehood predecessor
292 Union admission of 1890
293 Union member since 1890
294 Slowcore L.A. band
295 University of ___, Moscow
296 Tater state
297 Tater type
298 Yellowstone state
299 You can cross it in about an hour on I-90
300 State
301 State bordering British Columbia
302 State bordering Canada for 45 miles
303 State bordering Canada
304 State bordering six others and the Canadian mainland
305 State bordering six others
306 State east of Oregon
307 State east of Washington
308 State famous for potatoes
309 State home to the Sawtooth Range
310 State ID?
311 State in both the Pacific and Mountain time zones
312 State in which Craters of the Moon monument is located
313 State just east of Washington and Oregon
314 State known for its potatoes
315 State known for its taters
316 State known for potatoes and probably other things
317 State known for potatoes
318 State known for spuds
319 State north of Utah
320 State of Boise
321 State since 1890
322 State that Dan Quayle is obviously not from, based on a famous misspelling of 1992
323 State that is roughly 42% forest
324 State that produces taters
325 State that shares a 48-mile border with British Columbia
326 State that's famous for potatoes
327 State that's home to the Nez Perce Reservation
328 State west of Montana
329 State whose capital is Boise
330 State whose highest point is Borah Peak
331 State whose license plate says "Famous Potatoes"
332 State whose license plates say "Famous Potatoes"
333 State whose panhandle touches Canada
334 State with a 45-mile Canadian border
335 State with a narrow top
336 State with a northern panhandle
337 State with a panhandle
338 State with a Sawtooth Range
339 State with "Famous Potatoes" plates
340 State with just two area codes
341 State with the most millionaires per capita
342 State with the shortest Canadian land border
343 State with the shortest international land border
344 Stately potato?
345 US border state
346 Snake River locale
347 Snake River Plain locale
348 Snake River site
349 Snake River state
350 Snake state
351 US Rockies state
352 US state, capital Boise
353 U.S. state since 1890
354 Whence Sen. Borah hailed
355 Where a person uses an ID to get mail?
356 Sen. Walker's state.
357 Sen. Welker's state.
358 Where Boise is
359 Where Borah Peak is
360 Utah neighbor

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