42 extra-long and 8 petite crossword clue answers

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Count Answer
1 10E and 40 long, e.g.
2 5, 7, 9, etc., for juniors' dresses
3 9W and others
4 ___ up (judges)
5 Analyzes, with "up"
6 Appraises, with up
7 Appraises, with "up"
8 Assesses, as a situation, with "up"
9 Assesses, with "up"
10 Agate and elite, e.g.
11 All ___ (store sign)
12 Graduated measurements of clothing
13 Family and economy
14 Grande and Venti at Starbucks, say (but really, I just call 'em "medium" and "large")
15 Economy and medium, for two
16 Economy and medium
17 EEE and XL, e.g.
18 Haberdashery array
19 Garment gradations
20 Dimensions
21 Fitting numbers
22 Hat stats
23 Hats' stats
24 Covers a wall before papering
25 Giant, jumbo, colossal, etc.
26 Estimates, with "up"
27 Estimates, with ''up''
28 Canadian rock band Shapes and ___
29 Evaluates, with "up"
30 Gluey substances
31 Clothing rack array
32 Clothing rack divisions
33 Clothing rack gamut
34 Clothing rack range
35 Clothing store data
36 Extra-large and others
37 Dresses lumber
38 Jumbo and colossal
39 Jumbo and petite
40 Forms an opinion with up
41 Soft-drink choices
42 Soft-drink options
43 Soft drink options
44 Store selection
45 Store selections
46 Venti and grande, at Starbucks
47 Venti and grande, e.g.
48 Venti and trenta, at Starbucks
49 Numbers on clothing tags
50 Numbers on the backs of bowling shoes
51 King and queen, but not prince
52 King and queen, e.g.
53 Shoe and hat stats
54 Shoe box numbers
55 Shoe measurements
56 Shoe store array
57 Shoebox data
58 Shoebox figures
59 Label data
60 Medium, large and extra-large
61 Large and medium
62 Large and petite
63 Large and small
64 Large and XL, e.g.
65 Regular and long
66 M, L, XL and others
67 Magnitudes
68 Petite and four, e.g.
69 Options in a catalog
70 Makes fit, as a ring
71 S and M
72 S, M and L
73 S, M, L, and XL
74 S, M, L and XL
75 T-shirt data
76 Tag notations
77 Tag numbers
78 Tag numbers?
79 Takes hold of then takes direction from kings and queens, say (5)
80 What clothing tags often show
81 What concert shirts come in
82 XS and XL, for two
83 Small and large
84 Small and medium
85 Small, medium and large
86 Stats for hats

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