40's-50's music crossword clue answers

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Count Answer
1 1940s-'50s jazz style
2 1940s-'50s jazz
3 1940s jazz style
4 1940s musical innovation
5 '40s jazz style
6 '40s jazz
7 “___ is no love child of jazz”: Charlie Parker
8 "Be-___-a-Lula" (Gene Vincent song)
9 Assault from Little Bunny Foo Foo, e.g.
10 Bird Parker's music
11 Bird specialty
12 Bird's jazz style [solve great indie xwords at avxwords.com]
13 Awesome song, in modern slang
14 Blow
15 Bob Seger "The Horizontal ___"
16 Bonk
17 Bonk or conk
18 Hit hard
19 Hit on the bean
20 Hit on the head playfully
21 Hit on the head
22 Hit on the noggin
23 Hit
24 Brain or bean
25 Early jazz
26 Fast music
27 Fast-paced jazz style
28 Early modern jazz
29 Fast-tempo jazz style
30 Fast-tempo jazz
31 Certain jazz
32 Certain jazz style
33 Bravura jazz
34 Charlie Parker forte
35 Charlie Parker genre
36 Charlie Parker's jazz style
37 Charlie Parker's style
38 Conk on the bean
39 Conk on the head
40 Conk on the noggin
41 Conk
42 Dizzy genre
43 Dizzy Gillespie genre
44 Dizzy Gillespie music
45 Dizzy Gillespie specialty
46 Dizzy Gillespie's forte
47 Dizzy Gillespie's genre
48 Dizzy Gillespie's jazz, for short
49 Dizzy Gillespie's style
50 Dizzy jazz?
51 Dizzy music?
52 Dizzy's genre
53 Dizzy's jazz, for short
54 Dizzy's jazz style
55 Dizzy's jazz
56 Dizzy's music
57 Gillespie's genre
58 Gillespie's music
59 Jazz form
60 Jazz genre
61 Jazz music
62 Jazz of the '40s
63 Jazz of the late 40's
64 Clobber
65 Jazz style
66 Jazz type
67 Jazz variety
68 Jazz with rapid chord changes
69 Jazz
70 Cannonball Adderley's specialty
71 Jazzy style
72 Go (along)
73 Form of jazz from the 1940s
74 Form of jazz
75 Cyndi Lauper "She ___"
76 Cyndi Lauper's "She ___"
77 Good song
78 Dance — hit (informal)
79 Dance, informally
80 Dance
81 Catchy tune
82 Sock
83 Punch lightly
84 Punch
85 Kidz ___ (album series for tweens)
86 Kidz ___ Kids
87 Kidz ___ (series of more than 30 albums)
88 Some jazz
89 Strike with a stick, say
91 Some of that jazz
92 Kind of jazz
93 "She ___" (1984 Cyndi Lauper hit)
94 Style of jazz Dizzy Gillespie was known for
95 Style of jazz
96 Music since the '40s
97 Music since the 40's
98 Knock on the head
99 Knock on the noggin
100 Knock
101 The Ramones' "Blitzkrieg ___"
102 Poison "Unskinny ___"
103 Wallop
104 Nerf-ball-to-the-noggin blow
105 Monk music
106 Monk's music
107 Monk's style
108 Pillow-fight impact
109 Pillow fight sound
110 Syncopated rhythm
111 Whack or thwack
112 Whack
113 Thwack or whack
114 Thwack, whack, bonk, or conk
115 Thwack
116 "Yardbird Suite" genre
117 Tiger Beat alternative
118 Up-tempo jazz genre
119 "To Be or Not to __" (Dizzy Gillespie memoir)
120 Snowball fight sound

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