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Count Answer
1 1940's-50's All-Star who got his nickname from a kind of marble
2 1940s-'50s Dodger who was a 10-time All-Star
3 American poet Lizette
4 Base-stealing leader: 1952
5 Baseball great
6 Baseball great Pee Wee
7 Baseball Hall of Famer Pee Wee
8 Baseballer Pee Wee
9 Baseball's Little Colonel
10 Baseball's Pee Wee
11 Baseball's Peewee
12 ____ Witherspoon of "Just Like Heaven"
13 ____ Witherspoon of "Legally Blonde"
14 ____ Witherspoon of "Pleasantville"
15 ____ Witherspoon of "Sweet Home Alabama"
16 ____ Witherspoon of "Walk the Line"
17 Angel player Della
18 Angel portrayer
19 "Angels Along the Way" autobiographer Della
20 ___'s Puffs
21 A boy of summer, once
22 A Boy of Summer
23 A teammate of Hodges
24 A teammate of Jackie Robinson
25 A teammate of Roe
26 Academy Award winner for playing June
27 Artful Dodger?
28 Artful Dodger
29 Actress ____ Witherspoon
30 Actress Della ____
31 Actress Della
32 Actress Witherspoon
33 Actress Witherspoon of "Four Christmases"
34 Actress Witherspoon of "Legally Blonde"
35 Actress Witherspoon of "Walk the Line"
36 Actress Witherspoon who starred in "Wild"
37 Actress Witherspoon
38 "Big Little Lies" star Witherspoon
39 Actress/singer Della
40 Big name at The Hershey Company
41 Big name in cups
42 Big name in peanut butter cups
43 A.F.B. in Tex.
44 A.F.B. in Texas
45 Author of "A Victorian Village"
46 Air base near Lubbock
47 Air Force Base in Texas
48 Airbase near Lubbock
49 Famed ex-Dodger
50 Famed shortstop
51 His 1 was retired by the Dodgers
52 Famous Dodger
53 Famous shortstop
54 Durocher's shortstop
55 Inventor of consumable cups
56 "Boys of Summer" figure
57 ''Boys of Summer'' subject
58 Certain cup maker
59 "Home Again" star Witherspoon
60 Ebbets Field great
61 Ebbets Field hero
62 Ebbets Field name
63 Ebbets Field star Pee Wee
64 Ebbets Field star
65 Della ____ of "Touched by an Angel"
66 Della from Detroit
67 Della from Motown
68 Della of pop
69 Della of song
70 Della of songdom
71 Della of “Touched by an Angel”
72 Della of "Touched by an Angel"
73 Della of TV
74 Della or ex-Dodger
75 Della or Pee Wee
76 Della or PeeWee
77 Della, the chanteuse
78 Della, the singer
79 Della the TV angel
80 Della who sang "Don't You Know?"
81 Della with seven NAACP Image Awards
82 Della
83 Confectioner H.B.
84 Confectioner who created the peanut butter cup
85 Confectioner/inventor who once worked for Hershey
86 "Election" star Witherspoon
87 Brooklyn Dodgers great
88 Brooklyn Hall of Famer
89 Brooklyn hero, once
90 Brooklyn star of yore
91 Brooklyn's "Kentucky Colonel"
92 "Hot Pursuit" actress Witherspoon
93 Brother of Malcolm on "Malcolm in the Middle"
94 Detroit Della
95 Elle in "Legally Blonde"
96 Elle in ''Legally Blonde''
97 Elle portrayer in "Legally Blonde"
98 Hall of Fame Dodger
99 Hall of Fame Dodgers shortstop
100 Hall-of-Fame shortstop
101 Hall of Fame shortstop
102 Hall-of-Famer Pee Wee
103 Cooperstown Pee Wee
104 Chip ___, whom many consider the greatest cash game poker player of all time
105 Chocolate cup inventor H. B. ___
106 Chocolate cup maker
107 First name in the ''Pleasantville'' cast
108 Counterpart of Rizzuto
109 Harold the ex-shortstop
110 Entertainer Della
111 Entrepreneur inspired by Hershey
112 Eponym for a peanut butter cup
113 Eponym for candy "Pieces"
114 Eponym in a candy store
115 Eponymous candy company founder
116 Eponymous candy man
117 Eponymous candy manufacturer Harry
118 Eponymous cup maker
119 Flatbush hero of yore
120 Giants G.M. Jerry
121 H.B. in the Candy Hall of Fame
122 Creator of many pieces?
123 Creator of tasty cups
124 Creator of yummy "pieces"
125 He played all 44 of his World Series games against the Yankees
126 Dodger captain.
127 Dodger great
128 Dodger Hall of Famer
129 Dodger Hall-of-Famer
130 Dodger legend Pee Wee
131 Dodger name
132 Dodger of the 40's
133 Dodger of yore
134 Dodger Pee Wee
135 Dodger shortstop in Hall of Fame
136 Dodger shortstop of old
137 Dodger star.
138 Dodger star
139 Dodger teammate of Robinson
140 Dodger who befriended Jackie Robinson
141 Dodgers great Pee Wee
142 Dodgers Hall-of-Famer whose #1 has been retired
143 Dodgers Hall of Famer
144 Dodgers legend Pee Wee
145 Dodgers' Pee Wee
146 He roomed with Ruth
147 He wears #1 in "42"
148 He wore #1 in Brooklyn
149 He worked for Hershey in the 1910s-'20s
150 Candy company mogul Harry
151 Candy counter eponym
152 Candy counter name
153 Candy maker H. B. ___
154 Candy-maker H.B. who worked for Hershey
155 Candy man
156 Candy man Harry
157 Candy man H.B.
158 Candy manufacturer Harry
159 Candy mogul Harry
160 Candy mogul H.B. __
161 Candy mogul H.B. ___
162 Candy mogul H.B.
163 Candy pioneer H. B. ___
164 Candy pioneer H.B.
165 Candy wrapper surname
166 Candymaker H. B. ___
167 Candymaker Harry
168 Jazzy Della
169 Ex-Dodger
170 Ex-Dodger captain
171 Ex-Dodger star
172 Captain of the Brooks.
173 "Don't You Know" hitmaker, 1959
174 "Don't You Know?" singer, 1959
175 ''Don't You Know'' singer
176 "Don't You Know" singer Della
177 "Don't You Know" singer
178 "Don't You Know" songstress
179 Joaquin's 'Walk the Line' co-star
180 Joaquin's "Walk the Line" co-star
181 Joaquin's "Walk the Line" costar
182 Joaquin's wife in "Walk the Line"
183 Hello Sunshine founder Witherspoon
184 Cup creator
185 Downey's Touched By an Angel costar
186 Downey's "Touched by an Angel" costar
187 Downey's TV co-star
188 Her "Don't You Know" was a #1 R & B hit
189 Former artful Dodger
190 Hershey-based entrepreneur
191 Hershey contemporary
192 Hershey rival
193 Hershey subsidiary
194 Former Dodger
195 Former Dodger great
196 Former Dodger shortstop
197 Dressen’s shortstop.
198 June portrayer in "Walk the Line"
199 June star?
200 June's Oscar-winning portrayer
201 June's portrayer in "Walk the Line"
202 Former teammate of Campanella
203 Former vocalist for Erskine Hawkins
204 Columnist Charley
205 "Four Christmases" actress Witherspoon
206 Man known for his cups and pieces
207 Man known for his pieces and cups
208 Originator of a popular peanut butter cup
209 Man with cups and pieces
210 Oscar actress Witherspoon
211 Oscar recipient as June
212 Oscar winner as June
213 Oscar-winner Wither-spoon
214 Oscar-winner Witherspoon
215 Oscar winner Witherspoon
216 Oscar-winning actress Witherspoon
217 Oscar-winning Witherspoon
218 Rival of Rizzuto
219 Motown celebrity
220 River in Nev.
221 Rizzuto's Brooklyn counterpart
222 "White April" poet
223 "Touched By an Angel" co-star
224 "Touched by an Angel" costar
225 "Touched by an Angel" star
226 "Touched By an Angel" star Della
227 Touched By An Angel star
228 "The Boys of Summer" shortstop
229 Robert's "Water for Elephants" co-star
230 Robinson teammate Pee Wee
231 Robinson's keystone partner
232 She beat out Judi, Charlize, Keira, and Felicity for Best Actress of 2005
233 "Wild" Oscar nominee Witherspoon
234 "Wild" star Witherspoon
235 Roger Kahn subject
236 Ms. Witherspoon
237 She played Elle in "Legally Blonde"
238 She played June in "Walk the Line"
239 She played June to Joaquin's Johnny
240 She was an angel on TV
241 Player in "The Boys of Summer"
242 She's an angel on TV
243 The Little Colonel
244 Roommate of Babe Ruth in 1930-31
245 "Pleasantville" star Witherspoon
246 Musical Della
247 Vocalist Della
248 Matthew's "Mud" co-star
249 Songstress Della
250 Soprano Sarah of the Met
251 Poet Lisette
252 Poet Lizette ___
253 Poet Lizette Woodworth ___
254 Poet Lizette
255 Kyle ___ ("Terminator Genesis" hero)
256 Kyle ___, "The Terminator" hero
257 Kyle ___, "The Terminator" protagonist
258 Kyle ___, time traveller in "The Terminator"
259 The second-oldest brother on "Malcolm in the Middle"
260 Witherspoon in movies
261 Witherspoon in "Mud"
262 Witherspoon in "Pleasantville"
263 Witherspoon nominated for Best Actress for "Wild"
264 Witherspoon of 2012's "Mud"
265 Witherspoon of "A Wrinkle in Time"
266 Witherspoon of "Big Little Lies"
267 Witherspoon of cinema
268 Witherspoon of "Election"
269 Witherspoon of "Fear"
270 Witherspoon of film
271 Witherspoon of "Four Christmases"
272 Witherspoon of Hollywood
273 Witherspoon of "Legally Blonde"
274 Witherspoon of ''Legally Blonde''
275 Witherspoon of "Little Fires Everywhere"
276 Witherspoon of movies
277 Witherspoon of "Mud"
278 Witherspoon of "Pleasantville"
279 Witherspoon of "Rendition"
280 Witherspoon of "Sweet Home Alabama"
281 Witherspoon of ''Sweet Home Alabama''
282 Witherspoon of "The Morning Show"
283 Witherspoon of Tinseltown
284 Witherspoon of "Vanity Fair"
285 Witherspoon of ''Walk the Line''
286 Witherspoon of 'Walk the Line'
287 Witherspoon of "Walk the Line"
288 Witherspoon of "Water for Elephants"
289 Witherspoon of 'Wild'
290 Witherspoon of "Wild"
291 Witherspoon who played an angel in "Little Nicky"
292 Witherspoon who played Cheryl Strayed
293 Shortstop alongside Robinson
294 Shortstop known as Pee Wee
295 Shortstop of fame
296 Shortstop Pee Wee
297 Shortstop who played for Durocher
298 "Walk the Line" actress Witherspoon
299 "Walk the Line" cast first name
300 "Walk the Line" Oscar winner Witherspoon
301 Pokey or Pee Wee of Major League Baseball
302 "The Terminator" good guy
303 "The Terminator" man Kyle ___
304 Old Ebbets Field hero
305 Name on some Hershey candies
306 Name on sweet pieces
307 "Little" Dodgers Hall of Famer
308 "Little Fires Everywhere" star Witherspoon
309 National League shortstop.
310 Older brother of Malcolm on "Malcolm in the Middle"
311 Longtime double-play partner of Robinson
312 "Pastures" poet: 1933
313 Peanut-butter-and-chocolate innovator H. B. ___
314 Peanut butter cup creator Harry Burnett
315 Peanut-butter cup creator
316 Peanut butter cup inventor H.B.
317 Peanut-butter cup inventor
318 Peanut butter cup magnate
319 One of Brooklyn's Boys of Summer
320 One of Dewey's older brothers
321 New member of baseball's Hall of Fame
322 One of Malcolm's brothers on TV
323 Pee Wee _____
324 "Pee Wee" born Harold Peter Henry
325 Pee Wee in Brooklyn
326 Pee Wee in Cooperstown
327 Pee Wee, in Cooperstown
328 Pee Wee of baseball fame
329 Pee Wee of baseball
330 Pee Wee of Cooperstown
331 Pee Wee of Ebbets Field
332 Pee Wee of old baseball
333 Pee Wee of the 1940s-'50s Dodgers
334 Pee Wee of the '40s-'50s Dodgers
335 Pee Wee of the big league
336 Pee Wee of the diamond
337 Pee Wee of the Dodgers
338 Pee Wee or Della
339 Pee Wee who befriended Jackie Robinson
340 Pee Wee who was nicknamed The Little Colonel
341 Pee Wee whose '1' was retired
342 Pee Wee
343 Peewee ___.
344 Peewee of baseball
345 Peewee of the Dodgers.
346 Peewee or Della
347 Peewee who wasn't so small
348 Peewee
349 One of the Boys of Summer
350 Milton Hershey colleague
351 Milton Hershey contemporary
352 Milton Hershey rival
353 One-time Dodger
354 One-time TV angel
355 Legendary Pee Wee
356 Lyrical Lizette
357 'Person of Interest' character
358 "Rendition" actress Witherspoon
359 One with piece offerings?
360 "Made in Chocolate Town" sloganeer (c. 1950)
361 "Made in Chocolate Town" sloganeer
362 Onetime teammate of Robinson
363 Maker of candy "pieces"
364 Maker of pieces?
365 Maker of tasty "pieces"
366 Piece designer
367 Piece maker
368 Piece-maker?
369 Piece maker?
370 Piece provider?
371 Malcolm and Dewey's brother
372 "Malcolm in the Middle" boy
373 "Malcolm in the Middle" brother
374 ''Malcolm in the Middle'' brother
375 Warbler from Detroit
376 "Water for Elephants" actress Witherspoon
377 Surname on an orange candy wrapper
378 Singer-actress Della
379 Singer Della
380 Singer from Detroit
381 Two-time Gold Glove second baseman Pokey
382 Sarah ___, Met soprano
383 "This Means War" actress Witherspoon
384 Schonfeld who was the first anchor on CNN
385 Tea for Two singer Della
386 Teammate of Campanella
387 Teammate of Hodges and Robinson
388 Teammate of Hodges and Snider
389 Teammate of Robinson and Hodges
390 Teammate of Robinson of the 1940s-'50s Dodgers
391 Teammate of Robinson
392 Teammate of Snider and Hodges
393 "Tears" poet
394 Snider teammate
395 Terminator battler Kyle
396 Texas A.F.B.

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