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Based on the most relevant answer above (SPAIN), we also found 152 clues that are similar or possibly related to 4,200 feet, for the Golden Gate Bridge.

Count Answer
1 1955 UN joiner
2 1982 World Cup site
3 1992 Summer Olympics country
4 2010 World Cup champ
5 2010 World Cup winner
6 2010 World Cup winners
7 '30s civil war site
8 America's foe in an 1898 war
9 Barcelona's country
10 Barcelona's home
11 Barcelona's land
12 Barcelona's site
13 Andalusia's locale
14 Andorra neighbor
15 Andorra's neighbor
16 Basque homeland
17 Basques' home
18 Bilbao's country
19 Bilbao's land
20 Avila locale
21 Alhambra land
22 Alhambra locale
23 Alhambra setting
24 Alhambra's land
25 Home of Galicia
26 Home of many ancient Celts
27 Home of the Alhambra
28 Home of the flamenco
29 Cervantes' homeland
30 Cervantes' land
31 Cervantes's land
32 Home to La Sagrada Familia
33 Homeland of Plácido Domingo and Pablo Casals
34 Host of the 1992 summer Olympics
35 Figaro's land
36 Eliza's rainy land
37 Financial backer for Magellan
38 Costa Brava and Costa del Sol setting
39 Costa Brava is here
40 Costa Brava's land
41 Costa del Sol's locale
42 Hard word for Eliza Doolittle
43 Its capital is Madrid
44 Country across from Morocco
45 Country between Portugal and France
46 Country mentioned often in "My Fair Lady"
47 Country of Juan Carlos
48 Country on the Iberian Peninsula
49 Country that owns the Canary Islands
50 Country where Catalan is spoken
51 Country where the Ebro flows
52 Country where you could see the Running of the Bulls
53 Country with many tapas bars
54 Iberia
55 Iberian component
56 Iberian country
57 Iberian land
58 Iberian nation
59 Iberian Peninsula country
60 Ibiza's country
61 Its plain attracts rain
62 Cádiz's country
63 Escorial's country
64 European country
65 European nation bordering Portugal that won the World Cup in 2010
66 Canaries owner
67 Canaries' owner
68 Canary Islands country
69 Canary Islands owner
70 "Don Quixote" setting
71 "For Whom the Bell Tolls" setting
72 "Carmen" setting
73 Juan Carlos' domain
74 Juan Carlos's realm
75 Dali's homeland
76 Castles country?
77 Falangist's home
78 Where rain falls mainly on the plain
79 Where Rioja wine comes from
80 Most of Iberia
81 Most of the Iberian Peninsula
82 Where tapas are enjoyed
83 Where the Abraham Lincoln Brigade fought in Europe
84 Where the Ebro flows
85 Where the rain falls mainly on the plain?
86 Where the rain stays mainly in the plain, in song
87 Where the Tagus flows
88 Seville locale
89 Place with a rainy plain?
90 Place with rainy plains, in song
91 Oviedo is here
92 Owner of the Canaries
93 Plain rain terrain
94 View from Gibraltar
95 Pamplona's country
96 Pamplona's place
97 The Prado's locale
98 The rain here falls mainly on the plain
99 'The rain in -- ...'
100 ''The rain in ___ falls . . .''
101 "The Rain in ___"
102 ``The Rains in ___''
103 Rafael Nadal's homeland
104 Nadal's birthplace
105 Nadal's homeland
106 Rainy-plain place
107 Mediterranean land
108 Part of Iberia
109 Land of La Mancha
110 Land of paella
111 Land of Sancho Panza
112 Land of the paella
113 Land of the rainy plain
114 Land on the Strait of Gibraltar
115 Land with rainy plains
116 Nation next to Portugal
117 NATO member since 1982
118 Navarre setting
119 Port of __: Trinidad and Tobago's capital
120 Portugal neighbor
121 Portugal's neighbor
122 Neighbor of Andorra
123 Neighbor of Portugal
124 Prado's country
125 New World colonizer
126 Madrid locale
127 Madrid's country
128 Madrid's nation
129 Onetime colonial power in the Philippines
130 Onetime colonial power
131 Picasso's birthplace
132 Picasso's homeland
133 Malaga wine country
134 Sierra Nevada's location
135 Welty's "Music from ___"
136 Site of plain rain
137 Sixteenth-century power
138 United States foe of 1898
139 U.S. foe of 1898
140 Segovia setting
141 Whence Columbussailed
142 Whence Cugat came
143 Whence sherry comes
144 Where a Toledo is
145 Where an emirate once ruled in Europe
146 Where Avila is
147 Where Barcelona is
148 Where Bilboa is.
149 Toledo setting
150 Toledo's country
151 Toledo's location
152 Where feet are pies

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