1940s-'60s singer Frankie crossword clue answers

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Related crossword clues

Based on the most relevant answer above (LAINE), we also found 67 clues that are similar or possibly related to 1940s-'60s singer Frankie.

Count Answer
1 "Blazing Saddles" singer
2 "Blazing Saddles" theme singer
3 Grammy-winner Cleo who recorded as Bess to Ray Charles's Porgy
4 Frankie from Chicago
5 Frankie of singing fame
6 Frankie of song
7 Frankie of songdom
8 Frankie or Cleo of songdom
9 Frankie or Cleo
10 Frankie who sang "Love Is a Golden Ring"
11 Frankie who sang "Moonlight Gambler"
12 Frankie who sang "Mule Train"
13 Frankie who sang "Rawhide"
14 Frankie whose song "That Lucky Old Sun" topped the charts for eight weeks
15 Frankie
16 Denny, formerly of Wings and The Moody Blues
17 Denny of the Moody Blues and Wings
18 British jazz singer Cleo
19 "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" actress MacNeil
20 "I Believe" singer, 1953
21 "I Believe" singer Frankie
22 "I Believe" singer
23 "I'll Take Care of Your Cares" singer
24 Cleo of jazz
25 Cleo of song
26 Cleo of songdom
27 Cleo or Frankie of songdom
28 Cleo or Frankie
29 Crooner Cleo
30 Crooner Frankie.
31 Crooner Frankie or adult film actress Charlie
32 Crooner Frankie
33 Jazz singer Cleo
34 Jazzy Cleo
35 "Jezebel" belter Frankie
36 "Jezebel" popularizer
37 "High Noon" singer, 1952
38 "High Noon" singer
39 ''High Noon'' singer
40 "That Lucky Old Sun" singer, 1949
41 "That Lucky Old Sun" singer Frankie
42 ''Mule Train'' singer
43 "Mule Train" singer, 1949
44 ''Mule Train'' singer Frankie
45 'Mule Train' singer Frankie
46 Mule Train singer Frankie
47 "Mule Train" singer Frankie
48 "Mule Train" singer
49 Wings guitarist Denny
50 Musical Frankie.
51 Musician Frankie
52 Label on a French garment
53 ''Rawhide'' singer
54 "Rawhide" singer Frankie
55 "Rawhide" singer
56 Popular singer Frankie ___.
57 Popularizer of "Mule Train"
58 Moonlight Gambler singer
59 "Moonlight Gambler" singer
60 Woolen cloth
61 Singer Cleo or Frankie
62 Singer Cleo
63 Singer Frankie.
64 Singer Frankie or Cleo
65 Singer Frankie
66 Singer of the "Blazing Saddles" theme
67 Scat singer Cleo

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