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Count Answer
1 '50s quartet "Brothers"
2 ___ Brothers ('50s group that sang "Rag Mop")
3 ___ Brothers (early singers)
4 ___ Brothers of 40's-50's music
5 ___ Brothers of songdom
6 ___ Brothers ("Rag Mop" singers)
7 ___ Brothers, who sang "Rag Mop"
8 ___ Building, first skyscraper in Boston
9 ___ Research Center (NASA lab in Silicon Valley)
10 ___ Research Center (NASA laboratory)
11 ___ Research Center
12 ___ Straw Poll
13 Bankrupt discount store
14 An Ed with aspirations?
15 ____ Brothers ("Rag Mop" quartet)
16 ____ Brothers singers
17 Academic Iowa city
18 Ben ___ Williams
19 Ben Williams's middle name
20 Actor Ed of "Daniel Boone"
21 Actor Leon
22 Actor Leon of "Life With Father"
23 Actor Leon of "The Postman Always Rings Twice"
24 Big 12 college town
25 Big 12 Conference city
26 Big Twelve Conference city
27 Billy Sunday's birthplace
28 Billy Sunday's Iowa birthplace
29 Author Ben ___ Williams
30 Aldrich ___ (ex-CIA agent serving a life sentence for espionage)
31 Aldrich ___ of spydom
32 "Aldrich ___: Traitor Within"
33 Aldrich of spydom
34 Aldrich or Nancy
35 Aldrich who was a spy for the K.G.B.
36 Bob ___, young man in Dreiser's "Sister Carrie"
37 Famed compiler of almanacs: 1708–64
38 Central Iowa city
39 French souls
40 Early American orator Fisher ___
41 Iowa campus city
42 Iowa campus site
43 Iowa campus town
44 Iowa city near the Skunk river
45 Iowa city on I-35
46 Iowa city on the Skunk River
47 Iowa city, once called College Farm
48 Iowa city with a GOP straw poll
49 Iowa city with the motto "Smart Choice"
50 Iowa city
51 Iowa college city that isn't Iowa City
52 Iowa college city
53 Iowa college town.
54 Iowa college town
55 Iowa Department of Transportation city
56 Iowa home of the Cyclones
57 Iowa State city
58 Iowa State home
59 Iowa State is here
60 Iowa State locale
61 Iowa State location
62 Iowa State setting
63 Iowa State site
64 Iowa State U. site
65 Iowa State Univ. locale
66 Iowa State University city
67 Iowa State University home
68 Iowa State University locale
69 Iowa State University location
70 Iowa State University setting
71 Iowa State University site
72 Iowa State University's city
73 Iowa State University’s home
74 Iowa State's city
75 Iowa State's home
76 Iowa State's locale
77 Iowa State's location
78 Iowa State's place
79 Iowa State's setting
80 Iowa State's site
81 Iowa State's there
82 Iowa State's town
83 Iowa Straw Poll city, once
84 Iowa straw poll city
85 Iowa town
86 Iowa university town
87 Home city of the Big 12's Cyclones
88 Home city of the Cyclones
89 Home of a Big 12 school
90 Home of college football's Cyclones
91 Home of Iowa State U.
92 Home of Iowa State University
93 Home of Iowa State
94 Home of Iowa's Cyclones
95 Home of the Big 12's Cyclones
96 Home of the Cyclones
97 Home of the Iowa State Cyclones
98 Home of the Iowa State Daily
99 Home of the N.C.A.A.'s Cyclones
100 Home to Iowa State University
101 Home to Iowa State
102 Home to Jack Trice Stadium
103 Ed of "Daniel Boone"
104 Ed or Leon
105 Ed or Nancy
106 Ed, portrayed Mingo on "Daniel Boone"
107 Ed, singer of "My Cup Runneth Over"
108 Ed who played Mingo on "Daniel Boone"
109 Ed who played Mingo
110 Ed who sang "My Cup Runneth Over"
111 Ed with the 1967 hit "My Cup Runneth Over"
112 Hometown of the Cyclones
113 ISU site
114 Character actor Leon
115 Des Moines neighbor
116 Brothers' name of 40's-50's music
117 Brothers of '50s music
118 Brothers of song
119 Brothers who sang "Rag Mop"
120 Brothers who sang ''Rag Mop''
121 Brothers who sang "You, You, You"
122 Convicted spy Aldrich
123 Corn Belt city on I-35
124 Corn Belt city
125 End of Stepquote
126 It's about 200 miles south of Minneapolis on I-35
127 It's between Mason City and Des Moines on I-35
128 It's between Minneapolis and Kansas City on I-35
129 CIA agent turned spy
130 C.I.A. betrayer Aldrich
131 C.I.A. betrayer arrested in 1994
132 CIA mole Aldrich
133 CIA spy Aldrich
134 CIA turncoat Aldrich
135 Harry of the novel "The Man Who Cried I Am"
136 City 30 miles north of Des Moines
137 It's north of Des Moines
138 It's north of Kansas City on I-35
139 City about 30 miles from Des Moines
140 "I-State News" broadcast site
141 City half an hour north of Des Moines
142 City in central Iowa
143 City in Iowa.
144 City in Iowa, pop. 22,898.
145 City in Iowa
146 City in the Midwest's Story County
147 City near Des Moines
148 City near the Skunk River
149 City north of Des Moines.
150 City north of Des Moines
151 City of 22,898 in Iowa.
152 City of central Iowa
153 City of Iowa
154 City on the Skunk River
155 City on the Skunk
156 City on the South Skunk River
157 It's south of Mason City on I-35
158 It's south of Minneapolis on I-35
159 City once called College Farm
160 City southeast of Fort Dodge
161 City that's home to Iowa State University
162 City that's home to Iowa State
163 Gets under control
164 City west of Cedar Rapids
165 City where Iowa State University is
166 It's west of Cedar Rapids
167 Hawkeye State city
168 Canadian golf pro, Stephen
169 Double agent Aldrich
170 Golfer Stephen
171 Former CIA agent/spy Aldrich ___
172 Former CIA agent/spy Aldrich
173 Cyclones' city
174 Cyclones play here
175 Infamous Aldrich
176 Infamous name in spying
177 College city on I-35
178 Former Iowa Straw Poll city
179 College town in Iowa.
180 College town in Iowa
181 College town north of Des Moines
182 College town of George Washington Carver
183 College town
184 Collegiate Iowa city
185 Colonial almanac compiler Nathaniel
186 Former singing brothers
187 Columnist and graphic novelist Jonathan
188 Innovative Broadway producer: 1871–1937
189 "Daniel Boone" actor Ed
190 ''Daniel Boone'' actor Ed
191 "Daniel Boone" actor
192 "Daniel Boone" co-star Ed
193 "Daniel Boone" costar Ed
194 "Daniel Boone" star Ed
195 Cathy ___, "East of Eden" wife
196 Cathy of "East of Eden"
197 "Tonight Show" tomahawk tosser Ed
198 Where the Big 12's Cyclones play
199 Where the Iowa Straw Poll is done
200 The ___ Brothers of songdom
201 Novelist Ben ___ Williams
202 Setting of the Big 12's Jack Trice Stadium
203 KGB mole Aldrich
204 Straw poll city
205 Town on the Skunk River
206 "The Girls from ___" (2009 Jeffrey Zaslow best-seller)
207 “The Girls From ___” (2009 nonfiction best seller)
208 Traitor Aldrich ___
209 Traitor Aldrich
210 Traitorous Aldrich
211 Subject of the 2012 book "Circle of Treason"
212 Treasonous Aldrich
213 Musical brothers
214 ''My Cup Runneth Over'' singer
215 "My Cup Runneth Over" singer Ed
216 ''My Cup Runneth Over'' singer Ed
217 "My Cup Runneth Over" singer
218 Rachel of "General Hospital"
219 Souls to Serge
220 "Rag Mop" brothers
221 "Rag Mop" brothers' last name
222 ''Rag Mop'' brothers
223 "Rag Mop" singers the ___ Brothers
224 "Rag Mop" singing brothers
225 Nancy or Ed of songdom
226 Nancy or Ed
227 NASA ___ Research Center
228 NASA’s ___ Research Center
229 NASA's ___ Research Center
230 Old-time actor Leon
231 National Animal Disease Center's locale
232 Longtime Iowa straw poll city
233 Neighbor of Des Moines
234 Middle name of novelist Williams.
235 Middle West college town.
236 Midwest city about nine miles west of Nevada
237 Midwest city which lends its name to a Republican straw poll
238 Midwest city whose name is always spelled in Vietnamese?
239 Midwest college town
240 Midwest university site
241 Midwestern campus site
242 Midwestern city with the motto "Smart Choice"
243 Midwestern college town
244 Midwestern site of a presidential straw poll
245 Reformer Jessie
246 Mingo of TV's "Daniel Boone"
247 Mingo on "Daniel Boone"
248 "Mingo" player Ed
249 Mingo portrayer Ed
250 Mingo portrayer
251 Mingo's actor Ed
252 Nice souls in Iowa?
253 ''Mister Ed'' actor Leon
254 Leon in ''Mister Ed''
255 Leon of "Meet Me in St. Louis"
256 Leon of "Mister Ed"
257 Leon or Ed
258 Presidential straw poll city
259 "Peyton Place" denizen: 1957
260 "Life With Father" co-star Leon
261 South Skunk River city
262 Soviet spy Aldrich
263 Silicon Valley's NASA __ Research Center
264 Surname of singing brothers Joe, Gene, Vic, and Ed
265 Singer Ed
266 Singer Ed ___
267 Singer Ed from Boston
268 Singer from Boston
269 Singer Nancy
270 Singer/actor Ed
271 Singing "Brothers"
272 Singing brothers in the 50's
273 Singing brothers' name
274 Singing brothers of "Rag Mop"
275 Singing brothers' surname
276 Singing brothers
277 Singing family name
278 Site of atomic laboratory in Iowa.
279 Site of Iowa State campus
280 Site of Iowa State U.
281 Site of Iowa State University
282 Site of Iowa State
283 Site of the Cyclones' stadium
284 Spy Aldrich ___
285 Spy Aldrich arrested in 1994
286 Spy Aldrich
287 Spy in 1994 headlines
288 Skunk River city
289 Writer Ben ___ Williams
290 "Undecided" Brothers
291 University city in the Hawkeye State
292 University city north of Des Moines
293 University town near Des Moines
294 University town west of Cedar Rapids
295 Stephen ____ ( Canadian PGA player )
296 Where Carver taught in Iowa
297 Tom and Jerry, e.g.

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