1940's conflict, for short crossword clue answers

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Count Answer
1 1940s conflict, for short
2 20th-c. upheaval
3 20th-cen. calamity
4 Battle of the Bulge conflict, briefly
5 Big conflict, briefly
6 Axis and Allies conflict
7 Axis-vs.-Allies conflict
8 Axis vs. Allies conflict, briefly
9 Axis vs. Allies conflict
10 Axis/Allies conflict: Abbr.
11 Axis/Allies event, briefly
12 Allies vs. Axis
13 "Band of Brothers" conflict, briefly
14 D.D.E. concern
15 DDE focus
16 Intl. 1940s conflict
17 Intl. conflict of 1939-45
18 Hitler started it: Abbr.
19 "Hogan's Heroes" setting, briefly
20 Frequent documentary subj.
21 FDR's conflict
22 Chapter in 20th-century hist.
23 Depression follower, for short
24 Conflict in FDR's presidency
25 Conflict that ended in 1945, briefly
26 Conflict with the European Theater of Operations, for short
27 It ended Aug. 14, 1945
28 It ended in 1945
29 It ended on V-J Day
30 It ended with V-J Day
31 It had theaters in Europe and the Pacific, for short
32 Huge chapter in 20th cent. history
33 James Jones book: 1975
34 E.T.O. period
35 Event in FDR's presidency
36 Event of the '40's
37 Global conflict, briefly
38 Global conflict of the 1930s and 1940s: Abbr.
39 Global conflict that ended in 1945: Abbr.
40 "Captain America: The First Avenger" setting, briefly
41 In which D.D.E. headed E.T.O.
42 D-Day conflict
43 D-Day's conflict, briefly
44 D-Day's conflict
45 V-E Day setting
46 V-J Day ended it
47 VE Day setting
48 Setting for many movies, for short
49 The Big One: Abbr.
50 "The Big One," briefly
51 "The Big One," to vets
52 ''The Big One,'' to vets
53 "The Big One"
54 "The Enemy Below" setting, briefly
55 "The Greatest Generation" subj.
56 VJ Day ended it
57 "McHale's Navy" backdrop
58 RAF's finest hour
59 The U.S. entered it in 1941
60 Olympics-canceling event, briefly
61 Reason for ETO
62 Period of rationing (abbr.)
63 Period of rationing: Abbr.
64 Major 20th-century conflict, briefly
65 "Saving Private Ryan" conflict: Abbr.
66 "Saving Private Ryan" setting: Abbr.
67 "Slaughterhouse-Five" subject, briefly
68 What some vets recall: Abbr.
69 What V-J Day ended
70 When D-Day happened
71 When DDE oversaw the ETO
72 When the O.S.S. was formed
73 When the USA and USSR joined forces
74 Tom Brokaw subject

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