1939 over-the-rainbow movie role for cairn terrier Terry crossword clue answers

Are you struggling with the 1939 over-the-rainbow movie role for cairn terrier Terry crossword clue? We have found 12 possible answers which might help you solve this clue on your crossword.

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Most relevant answers

Below are the most relevant crossword answers we have found for the clue 1939 over-the-rainbow movie role for cairn terrier Terry. You can check the letter length field to check which answers are likely to be correct for your crossword.

Answer Letters Clue Relevance
TOTO 4 1939 over-the-rainbow movie role for cairn terrier Terry 100%
TOTO 4 1939 movie canine 43.835616438356%
TARA 4 1939 movie mansion 35.135135135135%
OHARA 5 1939 Leigh role 33.802816901408%
IGOR 4 1939 Lugosi role 33.333333333333%
THEWIZARDOFOZ 13 1939 MGM Technicolor movie 31.707317073171%
CAIRN 5 -- terrier 30.30303030303%
SKYE 4 -- terrier 30.30303030303%
GOING 5 -- -over (thorough examination) 29.885057471264%
LHASA 5 -- apso (terrier) 27.397260273973%
ITS 3 '-- over!' 15.151515151515%
CASTA 5 -- pall over 14.705882352941%

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2 1930s film dog
3 1939 film role for Terry
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13 Baum barker
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19 Baum yelper
20 Baum's canine
21 Baum's terrier
22 Any young animal
23 "As soon as my heart stops breaking" band
24 Bike basket barker
25 Bike basket escapee of film
26 Bike-basket rider of note
27 "Africa" band, 1982
28 "Africa" band
29 "Africa" group
30 "Africa" rockers
31 Biter of Miss Gulch
32 Almira Gulch's bugbear
33 Altogether, after "in"
34 Band that shares its name with a film canine
35 Band that won a Record of the Year Grammy for "Rosanna"
36 Band who felt the rains down in Africa
37 Band whose name comes from the Latin for "all-encompassing," not from a movie character
38 Band with a self-named 1978 debut album
39 Band with the 1980s hits "Africa" and "Rosanna"
40 Band with the 1983 #1 hit "Africa"
41 Band with the 1986 hit album "Fahrenheit"
42 Band with the hit "Africa"
43 Famous cairn terrier
44 Famous film pooch
45 Bowser in a Baum book
46 Debunker of the Wizard
47 Early escapee in "The Wizard of Oz"
48 "Hold the Line" band
49 "Hold the Line" rock group
50 "Hold the Line" rockers
51 Friend of Dorothy
52 Completely, after "in"
53 Echoing Baum canine
54 Group with the 1983 #1 hit "Africa"
55 Furry visitor to Oz
56 Gulch biter
57 Fictional canine
58 Fictional dog from Kansas
59 Fictional Kansan canine
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62 Fictional terrier from Kansas
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64 Gale pooch
65 Hairy Oz visitor
66 Film dog
67 Film pooch in a tornado
68 Film pooch
69 Emerald City barker
70 Emerald City pooch
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73 Film terrier
74 Cinema canine
75 Cinematic curtain puller
76 Cinematic pet
77 Displaced dog of fiction
78 Entirely, after "in"
79 Iconic terrier in "The Lego Movie 2"
80 Cairn terrier of film
81 Cairn terrier of moviedom
82 Cairn terrier on screen
83 Cowardly Lion harasser
84 Cowardly Lion tormentor
85 "I'll Be Over You" band
86 Classic film curtain tugger
87 Escapee from Miss Gulch's basket
88 Escapee from Miss Gulch's bicycle basket
89 He accompanied Dorothy to Oz
90 He bit Miss Gulch in a 1939 film
91 He bit Miss Gulch
92 He escapes from Almira Gulch
93 He got Miss Gulch's goat
94 He reveals the Wizard
95 He was chased by the Cowardly Lion
96 Dog attacked by flying monkeys
97 Dog captured by the Wicked Witch of the West
98 Dog captured by winged monkeys
99 Dog confiscated by Miss Gulch
100 Dog from Kansas
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106 Dog in "The Wizard of Oz"
107 Dog native to Kansas
108 Dog on the Yellow Brick Road
109 Dog put in a basket
110 Dog role that reportedly paid more than a Munchkin
111 Dog star
112 Dog that bit Miss Gulch
113 Dog that harassed a lion
114 Dog that survived a tornado
115 Dog that traveled from Kansas to Oz
116 Dog that traveled from Kansas to the Emerald City
117 Dog that traveled to Oz
118 Dog that traveled with the Scarecrow and the Tin Man
119 Dog that visited Oz
120 Dog that visited the Emerald City
121 Dog that went over the rainbow?
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123 Dog threatened by Almira Gulch
124 Dog visiting Oz
125 Canine from Kansas
126 Dog who exposed a wizard
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128 Dog who met a wizard
129 Dog who reveals he can speak in "Tik-Tok of Oz"
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131 Canine in Oz
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136 In __ (completely)
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142 In ___ (completely)
143 In ___ (entirely)
144 In ___ (fully)
145 In ___ (not piecemeal)
146 In ___ (wholly)
147 In ____ (completely)
148 In ____ (wholly)
149 In ________, as a whole
150 In ___:all
151 Dorothy Gale's dog
152 Dorothy Gale's pet
153 Dorothy Gale's pooch
154 Dorothy took him to Oz
155 Dorothy's barker
156 Dorothy's basketful
157 Dorothy's Cairn terrier
158 Dorothy's canine companion
159 Dorothy's canine friend
160 Dorothy's canine
161 Dorothy's companion
162 Dorothy's dog, in a 1939 movie
163 Dorothy's dog in the Oz books
164 Dorothy's dog in The Wizard of Oz
165 Dorothy's dog in "The Wizard of Oz"
166 Dorothy's dog
167 Dorothy's pet
168 Dorothy's pooch
169 Dorothy's pup
170 Dorothy's pupper
171 Dorothy's terrier in "The Wizard of Oz"
172 Curtain puller of film
173 Curtain puller of Oz
174 Exposer of the Wizard of Oz
175 He's carried off by a flying monkey
176 Four-footed adventurer from Kansas
177 Four-footed visitor to the Land of Oz
178 Kansan dog of moviedom
179 Four-legged Emerald City visitor
180 Four-legged friend of Dorothy
181 Kansas canine of film
182 Kansas canine
183 Four-legged Oz traveler
184 Four-legged Oz visitor
185 Four-legged visitor to Oz
186 Kansas dog
187 Kansas pooch
188 Kansas yapper
189 Noted dark film star of the 1930s
190 Noted movie terrier
191 Noted terrier in a 1939 film
192 Storied dog
193 Storied Kansan canine
194 Tornado-riding dog
195 Tornado-riding pooch
196 Tornado-riding terrier
197 Tornado survivor of film
198 "Stranger in Town" rockers
199 Movie character who brought the curtain down
200 "Over the Rainbow" observer
201 Movie dog captured by a flying monkey
202 Movie dog carried off by Miss Gulch
203 Movie dog played by a cairn terrier named Terry
204 Movie dog
205 Movie pooch
206 Movie terrier
207 Wicked witch pursuer
208 The dog who played him earned $125 per week
209 Oz animal
210 Oz barker
211 Oz-book dog
212 Oz canine
213 Oz canine
214 "Oz" dog
215 Oz dog
216 Oz pup
217 Oz-story dog
218 Oz tag-along
219 Oz-visiting dog
220 Oz visitor
221 Ms. Gale's dog
222 Ms. Gale's pet
223 The Gales' pet
224 Role for Terry the terrier
225 Role played by Pepe the Prawn in "The Muppets' Wizard of Oz"
226 The "him" in the 1939 film line "I won't let you take him!"
227 Wind-borne pet
228 She's held at the end of "The Wizard of Oz"
229 Traveler to Oz
230 Visitor to Oz
231 "Rosanna" band
232 “Rosanna” pop group
233 "Rosanna" rock group
234 "Rosanna" rockers
235 "Pamela" band
236 W. S. Gilbert's "Princess ___"
237 L. Frank Baum barker
238 "Wizard of Oz" barker
239 "Wizard of Oz" cast credit below Auntie Em
240 ''Wizard of Oz'' dog
241 "Wizard of Oz" dog
242 "Wizard of Oz" pooch
243 Wizard of Oz revealer
244 Wizard of Oz unmasker
245 Wizard revealer of film
246 Wizard revealer
247 Wizard-revealing dog
248 Wizard visitor
249 Wizard's unveiler
250 Little Oz visitor
251 Pooch from "The Wizard of Oz"
252 Pooch in black-and-white and then color
253 Pooch in Oz
254 Pooch on the yellow brick road
255 Pooch that bit Almira Gulch
256 Pooch that bit Miss Gulch
257 Memorable wizard debunker
258 "Love isn't always on time" band
259 People of "Africa"
260 Miss Gale's dog
261 Miss Gulch biter
262 Miss Gulch's bane
263 Miss Gulch's bête-noire, somewhat literally
264 Miss Gulch's bête noire
265 Miss Gulch's bugbear
266 Miss Gulch's capture
267 Miss Gulch's nemesis
268 Nonspeaking part in "The Wiz"
269 Nonspeaking part in ''The Wizard of Oz''
270 Revealer of the man behind the curtain
271 Revealer of the Wizard
272 "Not quite a year since she went away, Rosanna" band
273 ''The Wizard of Oz'' canine
274 "The Wizard of Oz" character
275 ''The Wizard of Oz'' dog
276 "The Wizard of Oz" dog
277 "The Wizard of Oz" pooch
278 "The Wizard of Oz" role
279 "The Wizard of Oz" terrier
280 "The Wizard of Oz" VID?
281 The Wizard of Oz's exposer
282 The Wizard's revealer
283 The Wizard's unmasker
284 The Wizard's unveiler
285 They "bless the rains down in Africa"
286 Twister-tossed pooch
287 Twister-traveling terrier
288 Sang of "Africa"
289 Thorn in Miss Gulch's side
290 Threatener of Miss Gulch
291 Talker in "Tik-Tok of Oz"
292 Talking beast in a 1917 novel
293 Screen pooch of 1939
294 Yacht Rockers with the hit "Africa"
295 Yellow Brick Road dog
296 Yellow brick road follower
297 Yellow Brick Road pooch
298 Yellow brick road traveler
299 Small role in "The Wizard of Oz"
300 Young animal.
301 Young animal
302 To whom Dorothy says, "I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore"
303 Self-titled debut album of 1978
304 Terrier in "The Wizard of Oz"
305 Terrier of film
306 Terrier on the Yellow Brick Road
307 Terrier who terrorized the Cowardly Lion
308 Terry's role in the original "Wizard of Oz"
309 Steve Lukather band
310 Steve Porcaro band

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