1939 debut crossword clue answers

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Based on the most relevant answer above (BATMAN), we also found 69 clues that are similar or possibly related to 1939 debut.

Count Answer
1 1960s TV icon whose name follows a pair of letters found, appropriately, 16 times in this puzzle's Across answers
2 2016 movie opponent of Superman
3 A hit movie of 1989
4 Ben Affleck superhero
5 Adam West role
6 Billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne...or is he?
7 Bale role
8 Bane of Bane
9 Dark Knight
10 Comic-strip hero created by Bob Kane
11 Comics crime-fighter in his action mode
12 Comics debut of 1939
13 Comics hero
14 Comics vigilante
15 Dynamic Duo member
16 Bruce Wayne's alter ego
17 Half of the Dynamic Duo
18 Christian Bale role
19 Foe of Black Mask
20 Foe of Poison Ivy
21 Foe of Two-Face
22 Cape wearer
23 Caped Crusader
24 For whom Alfred Pennyworth is a butler
25 Joker battler
26 Hero assisted by Alfred Pennyworth
27 Hero with a mask
28 Good guy of Gotham City
29 Gotham City do-gooder
30 Gotham City hero
31 Gotham City protector
32 Gotham City V.I.P.
33 Gotham hero
34 Justice League member
35 Noted utility belt wearer
36 Top film of 1989
37 Who said "The joke's on you, Riddler!"
38 The Caped Crusader
39 Robin's companion
40 Robin's crime-fighting partner
41 Robin's friend
42 Robin's partner
43 Role for Keaton and Kilmer
44 The Joker's nemesis
45 Masked superhero
46 Officer's personal servant
47 Poison Ivy's enemy
48 Show where Alfred helped out
49 Member of the Dynamic Duo
50 Member of the Justice League
51 Michael Keaton title role, 1989
52 Nemesis of The Joker
53 Penguin foe
54 Penguin's enemy
55 Penguin's nemesis
56 Repeated role for Christian Bale
57 Warner franchise
58 Super "POW!"-er?
59 Superhero ally of Commissioner Gordon
60 Superhero from Gotham City
61 Superhero pal of Robin
62 Superhero portrayed by Val Kilmer and Michael Keaton
63 Superhero — Turkish province and city
64 Superhero whose headquarters is below Wayne Manor
65 Wayne alter ego
66 Wayne Manor resident
67 Wayne's alter-ego
68 West role
69 Three-time Christian Bale role

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