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Count Answer
1 1938 Robin portrayer
2 ___ Childress (serial killer on "True Detective")
3 ___ Spence Jr. (welterweight champion)
4 Barnett of CNN
5 Basil's "Captain Blood" co-star
6 A famous film Robin
7 Actor Flynn.
8 Actor Flynn with a sword
9 Actor Flynn
10 Actor Leon
11 Actor Leon ___: 1881-1951
12 Actor Leon ___: 1881–1951
13 Actor Leon ___
14 Dashing actor Flynn
15 Dashing Flynn of film
16 Dashing Flynn of films
17 Dashing Flynn of old films
18 Dashing Flynn
19 CBS news anchor Barnett
20 Cedric ___, Little Lord Fauntleroy.
21 Cedric ___ (Little Lord Fauntleroy)
22 Cedric ___ of "Little Lord Fauntleroy"
23 Cedric _____ of "Little Lord Fauntleroy"
24 Boy's name
25 Frequent costar of Olivia
26 Early movie star Flynn
27 Hollywood first name
28 Greer's co-star in "That Forsyte Woman"
29 Fauntleroy
30 Fauntleroy's real name
31 "Edge of Darkness" star Flynn
32 Hot Chocolate frontman Brown
33 Film director Morris
34 Film Robin of Locksley
35 Film star Flynn
36 Film swashbuckler Flynn
37 Filmdom's Flynn
38 Garner of the keyboard
39 Garner or Flynn
40 Filmmaker Morris
41 Children's author ___ Le Cain
42 "Gentleman Jim" portrayer
43 ''Gentleman Jim'' portrayer
44 First name in movie lore
45 First name in swashbucklers
46 First name in swashbuckling
47 ''Harry Potter'' owl
48 "Harry Potter" owl
49 Harry Potter series owl
50 Flamboyant Flynn of film fame
51 Flamboyant Flynn of old films
52 Flamboyant Flynn
53 Flashy Flynn
54 Idol Flynn
55 Classic Flynn
56 He fought Basil in "Robin Hood"
57 He playd Robin
58 Documentarian Morris
59 Documentary filmmaker Morris
60 "Dodge City" star Flynn
61 He played Robin and Don Juan
62 He played Robin in 1938
63 He played Robin to Olivia's Marian
64 He played Robin
65 Fly of film
66 Flynn
67 Flynn born in Tasmania
68 Flynn famous for playing Robin Hood
69 Flynn of ''Captain Blood''
70 Flynn of "Captain Blood"
71 Flynn of early films
72 Flynn of film
73 Flynn of film fame
74 Flynn of film
75 Flynn of filmdom
76 Flynn of films
77 Flynn of flicks
78 Flynn of former flicks
79 Flynn of "Gentleman Jim"
80 Flynn of ''Gentleman Jim''
81 Flynn of Hollywood
82 Flynn of old film
83 Flynn of old films
84 Flynn of old Hollywood
85 Flynn of old movies
86 Flynn of "Robin Hood"
87 Flynn of swashbucklers
88 Flynn of the flicks
89 Flynn of "The Sea Hawk"
90 Flynn on screen
91 Flynn or Fauntleroy
92 Flynn or Garner
93 Flynn the swashbuckler
94 Flynn, the swashbuckling film hero
95 Flynn who played Custer
96 Flynn who played Don Juan
97 Flynn who played Robin Hood
98 Flynn with dashing roles
99 Flynn, with the dashing roles
100 Clumsy owl in the Harry Potter books
101 "Captain Blood" star Flynn
102 Jim's portrayer in "Gentleman Jim"
103 Former character actor Leon ___
104 Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker Morris
105 Rival of Clark and Gary
106 Man's name
107 "The Adventures of Robin Hood" name
108 Kicker Mann who played for the Lions and Raiders in the 1970s
109 "Kim" actor Flynn
110 "Vernon, Florida" director Morris
111 Robin Hood player Flynn
112 Robin Hood portrayer Flynn
113 Robin in "The Adventures of Robin Hood"
114 Robin of Locksley portrayer Flynn
115 Robin player of 1938
116 Robin portrayer of 1938
117 Robin portrayer
118 Robin's portrayer
119 Mr. Flynn of film
120 Mr. Flynn
121 Owl in Harry Potter novels
122 Owl in Harry Potter tales
123 Owl in the "Harry Potter" books
124 Owl in the ''Harry Potter'' series
125 "The Fog of War" director ___ Morris
126 "The Fog of War" director Morris
127 "The Fog of War" documentarian Morris
128 "The Fog of War" filmmaker Morris
129 Ron Weasley's owl
130 "My Wicked, Wicked Ways" author Flynn
131 "The Thin Blue Line" director ___ Morris
132 "The Thin Blue Line" director Morris
133 "The Unknown Known" documentary director Morris
134 The Weasley family owl, in "Harry Potter"
135 The Weasley's family owl
136 The Weasleys' owl, in the "Harry Potter" series
137 Name that rhymes with Meryl
138 Little Lord Fauntleroy
139 Little Lord Fauntleroy's last name.
140 Old heartthrob Flynn
141 Memorable Robin of Locksley
142 Olivia's "Captain Blood" co-star
143 Olivia's co-star, often
144 Olivia's frequent co-star
145 Olivia's leading man, often
146 Portrayer of Don Juan and Robin
147 One of the Weasleys' owls in "Harry Potter"
148 Leon of film fame
149 Leon of films
150 Leon of movies
151 Leon of old flicks
152 Leon or Flynn
153 Morris or Flynn
154 Morris who directed "Fog of War"
155 Morris who directed "The Fog of War"
156 Morris who directed "The Unknown Known," 2013
157 Morris who makes documentaries
158 Silver screen swashbuckler Flynn
159 Swashbuckler Flynn
160 Swashbuckling actor Flynn
161 Swashbuckling Flynn
162 Weasley family owl, in Harry Potter books
163 Weasley family owl in the Harry Potter books
164 Weasley family owl
165 Weasley family's owl, in Harry Potter books
166 Weasley family's owl
167 Weasleys' owl courier
168 Weasleys' owl
169 Sword-waving Flynn
170 "Standard Operating Procedure" director Morris
171 Screen legend Flynn
172 Tasmanian-born Flynn

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