1938 Nobel-winning physicist Enrico crossword clue answers

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Count Answer
1 1938 Nobel physicist
2 1938 Physics Nobelist Enrico
3 1938 Physics Nobelist
4 Big name in nuclear physics
5 Atom physicist
6 Atom-splitting Nobelist
7 Atomic physicist Enrico
8 Atomic pioneer
9 Bomb architect Enrico
10 Famed atomic physicist
11 Famed Italian physicist
12 Famed physicist from Rome
13 Famed physicist
14 Chain reaction pioneer
15 Designer of the first working nuclear reactor
16 Element 100 eponym
17 Element #100 is named for him
18 Italian physicist
19 It's another name for a femtometer
20 Enrico -- Institute
21 Enrico the physicist
22 Eponym for a Batavia, IL particle physics lab
23 Eponym of a physics lab near Chicago
24 Eponymous physicist
25 Pioneer atom splitter
26 Pioneer in the development of nuclear power
27 Noted Italian physicist
28 Noted physicist
29 Manhattan Project member Enrico
30 Manhattan Project member
31 Manhattan Project notable
32 Manhattan Project participant
33 Manhattan Project physicist born in Rome
34 Manhattan Project physicist Enrico
35 Manhattan Project physicist
36 Manhattan Project scientist Enrico
37 Manhattan Project scientist
38 Manhattan Project VIP
39 Noted US physicist
40 Nuclear distance unit
41 Nuclear physicist Enrico
42 Nuclear pioneer Enrico
43 Nuclear reactor creator
44 Rome-born physicist
45 Winner of the 1938 Nobel Prize in Physics
46 Los Alamos scientist
47 One quadrillionth of a meter
48 Onetime American Physical Society president
49 Nobel physicist: 1938
50 Nobel-winning physicist Enrico
51 Nobelist in Physics: 1938
52 Nobelist in physics
53 Oppenheimer's colleague on Project Y
54 Physicist Enrico
55 Physicist who coined the word "neutrino"
56 Physicist who left Italy in 1938 to protect his Jewish wife
57 Physicist with a unit of distance named after him
58 Physicist's unit of length
59 Physics Nobelist Enrico
60 Physics Nobelist of 1938
61 Physics unit
62 Unit of length that's roughly the diameter of a proton
63 Unit of length used for measuring nuclear distances
64 Tiny distance unit

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