1937 Shirley Temple role crossword clue answers

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Related crossword clues

Based on the most relevant answer above (HEIDI), we also found 81 clues that are similar or possibly related to 1937 Shirley Temple role.

Count Answer
1 1881 novel "for children and those who love children"
2 1937 role for Shirley Temple
3 1937 Shirley Temple title role
4 "America's Got Talent" judge Klum
5 Alp-Öhi's granddaughter in an 1880 novel
6 Alpine classic
7 Alpine gal
8 Alpine girl of fiction
9 Alpine girl of kiddie lit
10 Alpine heroine
11 Alpine moppet
12 Alpine protagonist
13 Friend of a goatherd named Peter
14 Fictional Alpine heroine
15 Fictional Alpine miss
16 Fictional friend of Peter the goatherd
17 Fictional girl of the Alps
18 Fictional orphan of the Alps
19 Fictional Swiss girl
20 Fictional Swiss miss
21 Dete's niece, in a beloved 1880 novel
22 Gardner on "SNL"
23 Film that famously interrupted a 1968 NFL telecast
24 Emmy winner Klum
25 Children's book about a girl in the Swiss Alps
26 Children's book
27 Children's classic
28 Howdy Doody's sister
29 First name on the "America's Got Talent" panel
30 Clara's title friend in a classic novel
31 Classic children's heroine once played in film by Shirley Temple
32 Girl of children's literature who lives in the Alps
33 Girl of fiction
34 Girl of the Alps
35 Girl who preempted the Jets
36 Heitkamp of North Dakota politics
37 Johanna Spyri character
38 Johanna Spyri classic
39 Johanna Spyri novel
40 Judge Klum of "Project Runway"
41 Judging colleague of Howard, Howie, and Mel B
42 Former senator Heitkamp
43 Orphan of Swiss literature
44 Noted Swiss miss
45 Novel whose first chapter is titled “Up the Mountain to Alm-Uncle”
46 Storied Swiss miss
47 Storybook friend of goatherd Peter
48 Klum of "America's Got Talent"
49 Klum of "Project Runway"
50 Klum on magazine covers
51 Klum who was the first German Victoria's Secret Angel
52 Shirley Temple role
53 Shirley Temple title role
54 Literary heroine whose best friend is a goatherd
55 Reality star Montag
56 Model Klum
57 Montag of "The Hills"
58 "Project Runway" host Klum
59 Supermodel Klum
60 Swiss girl of children's literature
61 Swiss girl of fiction
62 Swiss girl played by Shirley Temple
63 Swiss lass of fiction
64 Swiss miss
65 Swiss miss in a children's story
66 Swiss miss in kid-lit
67 Swiss miss of fiction
68 Swiss miss of kid-lit
69 Swiss miss of kid lit
70 Swiss miss of literature
71 Swiss miss who was the bête noire of 1968 Jets fans
72 Spyri heroine
73 Spyri opus
74 Spyri young heroine
75 Spyri's Alpine heroine
76 Spyri's Alpine lass
77 Spyri's children's story
78 Spyri's Swiss miss
79 Title heroine played by Shirley Temple in 1937
80 Temple title role
81 Statuesque Klum

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