1936 Summer Olympics track star Jesse crossword clue answers

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Count Answer
1 1936 Berlin Olympics star
2 1936 Olympian Jesse
3 1936 Olympic hero
4 1936 Olympics champ
5 1936 Olympics great
6 1936 Olympics hero Jesse
7 1936 Olympics hero
8 1936 Olympics record-breaker
9 1936 Olympics standout
10 1936 Olympics star Jesse
11 1936 Olympics star
12 1936 Summer Olympics icon
13 1936 track gold medalist
14 2018 NFL Hall of Famer Terrell
15 2018 Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee Terrell
16 '36 Olympics star
17 __ Corning Corporation
18 __ Corning (fiberglass giant)
19 __ Corning (insulation company)
20 __ Corning, maker of Fiberglas
21 __-Illinois Inc.
22 ___ Corning
23 ___ Corning, fiberglass maker
24 ___ Corning (insulation maker)
25 American athlete Jesse
26 Announcer Gary of "Laugh-In"
27 Berlin Olympics hero
28 Berlin Olympics standout
29 Berlin Olympics star Jesse
30 Berlin Olympics star
31 Athlete Jesse
32 Holder of two Olympic records, since 1936.
33 Fiberglass giant __ Corning
34 Buck for a song?
35 Buck for a tune?
36 Buck from "Hee Haw"
37 Buck in country
38 Buck in the Country Music Hall of Fame
39 Buck in the jukebox
40 Buck of country music
41 Buck of country's Buckaroos
42 Buck of "Hee Haw"
43 Buck of note
44 Buck or Jesse
45 Buck who covered Dylan's "Love Minus Zero/No Limit"
46 Gary or Buck
47 Country bumpkin Buck
48 Country singer Buck
49 Country's Shane
50 Eponym of USA Track & Field's highest award
51 He humbled Hitler in '36
52 Jesse ___, great runner
53 Jesse known as the "Buckeye Bullet"
54 Jesse of the 1936 Olympics
55 Jesse of the Berlin Olympics
56 Jesse of track fame
57 Jesse or Buck
58 Jesse tearing up the track
59 Jesse who shined in Berlin
60 Jesse with four 1936 Olympic golds
61 "Hee Haw" co-host, 1969-86
62 "Hee Haw" cohost Buck
63 Hee Haw host
64 "Hee Haw" host
65 Hero of 1936 Olympics
66 Hero of 1936
67 Hero of the 1936 Olympics
68 Former NFL wide receiver Terrell ___
69 Former Olympic star
70 Dallas Cowboys receiver Terrell
71 Dana, a.k.a. Queen Latifah
72 "Catch This!" autobiographer Terrell
73 Top "SportsCentury" track star
74 Wide receiver Terrell
75 Track and field athlete Jesse
76 Track great Jesse
77 Track legend Jesse
78 Track star given the Medal of Freedom
79 Track star Jesse who brought home four gold medals from the 1936 Olympics
80 Track star Jesse who won four gold medals in 1936
81 Track star Jesse
82 Track star of the 1936 Olympics
83 Quadruple gold medalist, 1936
84 Quadruple-gold winner in Berlin
85 Winner of four gold medals at the Berlin Olympics
86 Winner of four gold medals in 1936
87 Winner of four gold medals in Berlin
88 Subject of the 2016 film "Race"
89 Subject of the 2016 sports biopic "Race"
90 Voice actor Gary
91 The ''O'' in the Dallas Cowboys' T.O.
92 The O in the NFL's T.O.
93 Running legend
94 Olympian Jesse
95 Olympian who received the 1976 Presidential Medal of Freedom
96 Olympian who stunned Hitler
97 Olympian who won four gold medals in 1936
98 Olympic hero Jesse
99 Olympic legend Jesse
100 Olympic star in 1936
101 Olympic-star Jesse
102 Olympic star Jesse
103 Olympic track legend Jesse
104 Olympic track legend
105 Olympics champ: 1936
106 Olympics legend Jesse
107 Long-jump champ: 1936
108 Long jump legend Jesse
109 Latifah, at birth (I would have used T.O. but there's already too much football in this shiznit)
110 Receiver Terrell of the Dallas Cowboys
111 Receiver Terrell
112 Legendary Olympian Jesse
113 Singer Buck
114 Singer of the #1 country hit "Tall Dark Stranger"
115 Six-time Pro Bowl player Terrell
116 Sprinter Jesse who embarrassed Hitler
117 Sprinter Jesse
118 Star of the 1936 Berlin Olympics
119 Star of the 1936 Olympics
120 Star of the 1936 Summer Olympics
121 Terrell with the good hands

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