1936 Oscar winner for his Pasteur portrayal crossword clue answers

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Count Answer
1 1936 Pasteur portrayer
2 A 1936 Oscar winner
3 Best Actor for "The Story of Louis Pasteur"
4 Actor in "The Good Earth"
5 Actor Paul
6 Actor who played Zola
7 Bond category, for short
8 Bond category, informally
9 Bond nickname
10 Bond that's often tax-exempt, for short
11 Bond that's often tax-free, for short
12 Bond type, briefly
13 Bond type, for short
14 Bond variety, briefly
15 Famed actor
16 Certain bond, briefly
17 Certain bond, for short
18 Certain bond, informally
19 Certain bond, slangily
20 Early "Scarface" star
21 Certain tax-free investment, for short
22 Emile Zola's portrayer
23 "Counter-Attack" star: 1945
24 Cinema's Zola
25 City bond, briefly
26 City bond, familiarly
27 City bond, for short
28 City bond, in brief
29 City bond, informally
30 City bond, slangily
31 City-related, for short
32 City-run, as a bus system
33 City-run, for short
34 He played Pasteur and Zola.
35 He played Pasteur
36 He played Zola, Pasteur et al.
37 He played Zola.
38 He portrayed Pasteur
39 He portrayed Zola
40 Govt. financing vehicle
41 Oscar winner: 1936
42 Oscar-winning Pasteur portrayer
43 Mr. Weisenfreund
44 "The Good Earth" star
45 "The Last Angry Man" actor
46 "The Last Angry Man" star: 1959
47 Short bond?
48 L.A. bond, e.g.
49 Name in Hollywood lore
50 Local bond, briefly
51 Local bond, familiarly
52 Local govt. bond
53 Oldtime actor Paul
54 Portrayer of Zola in a 1937 movie
55 Portrayer of Zola
56 Pasteur portrayer
57 Pasteur's portrayer
58 Paul in "Scarface"
59 Paul of "The Story of Louis Pasteur" (2,7)
60 Paul who played Emile
61 ''We Are Not Alone'' star
62 Type of tax-advantaged bond, for short
63 "Scarface" actor Paul
64 ''Scarface'' actor Paul
65 "Scarface" actor
66 "Scarface" portrayer
67 Scarface portrayer
68 "Scarface" star, 1932
69 "Scarface" star
70 "Scarface" star Paul (1932)
71 "Scarface" star Paul
72 ''Scarface'' star Paul
73 Scarface star
74 Stage and screen name
75 Stage great
76 Star of "Scarface" in 1932
77 Star of "The Good Earth"
78 Star who played Pasteur
79 Tax-exempt bond, briefly
80 Tax-exempt bond, for short
81 Tax-exempt investment, for short
82 Tax-free bond, briefly
83 Tax-free bond, for short
84 Tax-free govt. bond
85 State-issued bond, for short
86 Zola portrayer of 1937
87 Zola portrayer Paul
88 Zola portrayer

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